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Maybe Scientology Does Do the Body Good

2/4/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise showed off his ripped top guns while on his Brazilian press tour for that Hitler movie on Tuesday.

Looks like all that time jumping on couches has really paid off for the 46-year-old.


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Jealous much people? He looks terrific for 46 heck even 36! While you couch potatos sit behind your computers eating nachos and trying to figure out how to pay your mounting bills... TC is enjoying his life and his family. Mmmm maybe it's time to lighten up and work through your own troubles. Tom seems just fine and looks just fine, so who cares what you haters think. Live and let live.

2086 days ago


Doesn't look right to me.... trick photograph? He looks like he has two bellybuttons!! Ha ha...

2086 days ago


33. You people are IDIOTS if you think TMZ takes all these pics. See the photo credit at the bottom?


Posted at 11:29AM on Feb 4th 2009 by John


Who here said they give a sh!t who took the pics? Do you think it's some secret TMZ is keeping? They gave credit you azz wipe!

2086 days ago


Ewww...does he own his own lipo machine as well?

2086 days ago


I'll always appreciate a 21 yr old Tom dancing in his skivvies while the parents are away.

2086 days ago

hey kimmi all these people are in CALI!!    

Posted at 11:37AM on Feb 4th 2009 by dontworrybehappy

35. "TC is enjoying his life and his family."

TC doesnt really look all that happy at ALL - his face says it all - he looks miserable & angry - he looks as if he needs some serious rage medication something - anger has made his face very ugly.

2086 days ago

hey kimmi all these people are in CALI!!    

what the hell does he have to looks so mad for - he has it all - money, fame, beautiful young wife, gorgeous, healthy daughter, the world for his enjoyment yet he looks like he is ready to kill someone -just anyone.

& it cant be the photogs he is po'd about - he doesnt even appear to notice them....he & every other celebrity knows that staying in the public eye is their livelihood -they know that going into this, as their chosen careers - I just hate it when celebrities boo hoo about being "stalked" by fans or the paps - they would probably be on the verge of suicide if they didnt get treated like that.

What a shame he cant enjoy his life.

2086 days ago


This isn't hard work ... it's liposuction. And it looks like he's had a rib removed. There isn't even a six-pack present, just a sucked-in stomach. Who's he kidding anyway? Not you, TMZ?

2086 days ago


He is not manly enough....where's the hair on his chest? He looks like a little boy....gross for Katie!

2086 days ago

Robert Lindblad    

Looks he just realized how much of a scam his existance is devoting his life to the whimsical erroneous views of a scienceifiction writer
and calling it a religion.

2086 days ago


i think tom looks pretty good for almost 50. so what, his stomach is a little sucked in so it looks weird in that one spot...and one moment of anger does not sum up his life - he looks pretty happy to me most times...though i know it makes most of you bitches happy to believe otherwise because he's rich, has a great career and a beautiful family

2086 days ago


Defintely surgery, he pulled a dissappearance and came back with the governator look..we all knew something was different but couldnt plac eyour hand on exactly what..face and bosy has been surgically enhanced....
Same thing when they dissapeared a while back to get kaite a new nose asn some kind of cheek sculpting..
Too bad with all his powers he cant think up a good body but has to go under teh knife..shouldnt he be questioning the powers of Xeneu by now ????

2086 days ago


tell him it's ok to exhile and breathe now!

2086 days ago

hey kimmi all these people are in CALI!!    

but why does he seem so full of rage all the time??? & it is NOT just this one picture---he obviously is just a sad, miserable, self-centered, egotistical, sick with anger, little man. but why???

2086 days ago


If this was Tara Reid, you guys would've been all over it about how gross she looks. He looks nasty, and as the previous poster said, he's obviously sucking in his gut. NASTY.

2086 days ago
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