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David Archuleta Gets Malled

2/5/2009 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta is enjoying the spoils of having not won "American Idol" ... by performing in the parking lot of a mall. Tiffany would be so proud!

Somewhere there's a local balloon festival, opening of a housing development or a chicken wing joint with his name on it!


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For a runner-up in American Idol, David is doing well (thank you very much!) in his chosen career...A gold record for his self-titled album, Platinum for his 1st single (close to double platinum)..invited to sing the National Anthem in various important events..Radio/magazine interviews...Soon to embark on his solo tour (12 of 20 venues SOLD all of these coming his way, he remains the humble, ever adorable young man his fans have supported & loved from the start. Too bad for all cannot put a good person down...if you have nothing good to say for anyone...just keep your mouth will just stress yourself...Do not have that crab want to pull someone down if you know he is on his way up...

2084 days ago


This young man will be appearing at Pro Bowl on Sunday and around Honolulu this week here. Maybe you should do your homework and now downplay David like this. It's sort of insulting in a back handed way and he's actually working and doing television!

2084 days ago


Why didn't you show the picture of 400-500 people gathering there just to see him?. He is doing the radio tour in Florida because he is not going to have a concert in Florida this time, and this apprearance is a small token of his appreication to Florida fans. His popularity is getting bigger everyday. I couldn't buy his concert tickets in Chicago because they sold out in 15 min. I am waiting for his next concert anywhere in Illinois. Maybe this summer?

2084 days ago


As an older fan, he is still my favorite American Idol. Best thing that could have ever happened to him was not win American Idol. He is awesome and TMZ again, with their remarks are so predictablys stupid, after all what do you expect from the TMZ stalkers?

We love you David Archuleta. Your CD is awesome you voice is incredible no matter what.

2084 days ago


Well TMZ what better comments do we expect from you. By the way, stalkers you should do some homework. His first single CRUSH reached the No 1 spot within 24 hours and went plantinum already, his CD sold over 800,000 copies already. He will be on his first solo tour as an artist all over the country starting two weeks. Cook will only be doing solo concerts at college campus's...and needless to say was invited to sing at the Pro-Bowl. Oh yes and I am an older fan too. Not related to Archuleta either. TMZ morons still jealous because they can't find enough negativity to discuss with David Archuleta. TMZ's only talent is! I bet you can't even get a job at McDona'ds drive through. They usually hire people with nice personalities not losers...GO DAVID ARCHULETA you have so many fans. You are incredible.

2084 days ago


For the TMZ Staff who did this article...why don't you reveal your name here...afraid you don't have your facts straight? Funny how you make up stories...if I am reading this and not a fan of David Archuleta...maybe I will be misled by what you claim here:
Posted Feb 5th 2009 11:29AM by TMZ Staff
David Archuleta is enjoying the spoils of having not won "American Idol" ... by performing in the parking lot of a mall.

I am presuming then that you are not a fan of David and you're only reason for having that claim is you have to beat a deadline and make up a story....pathetic for Harvey's staff...well..I guess it's a no brainer because most of the "TMZ staff" do not act act more like stalkers...ambush interviews...come unprepared for those questions thrown to celebrities...Harvey should assign professionals to make the interviews...let your paparazzis just take the pictures and not open their mouths to ask sometimes insulting questions!!!

2084 days ago


Ugh, I can already see what is happeneing here, now that Clay Aiken finally came out of the closet, all his crazy fans are glommed onto the next person to pretend to be a wholesome awww-shucks kinda singer. Ugh, it's all the same obsessive paranoid type of talk. When David finally admits he's gay I have no doubt that all of you will move on to the next shy Idol semi-finalist.

2084 days ago


Why does TMZ want to make him performing somewhere low key a bad thing?

The jonas brothers played a free concert in a parking lot in arizona once.

so what where he is, hes enjoying himself and entertaining others aswell.

2084 days ago

chris t    

It is too bad that this guy is another AI closet case. Once he comes out he will lose many of his teeny bopper girly fans. DC's career will not last once the teeny girls grow up. Having a fan base of mainly tweenies can not help anyone.

Outta Closet------->Career Over
Teens Grow Up------->Career Over

Either way------->Career Over

2084 days ago


TOTALLY AGREE with both of spindoc's

2084 days ago


i thought it was really nice to have a free performance in florida since he won't be there on tour. he's been doing a lot of promo things in florida this week, and i think you forgot to mention (on purpose) what a great turnout these events are getting.

2084 days ago


Archie is going to appear on iCarly. His song Crush was featured on a commericial for the movie "New in Town". Archie is gonna sing the National Anthem at this weekend at the Hawaii Bowl. Archie is going on his own tour where tickets sold out in 6 minutes.

He was a doing a tour of radio stations to promote his cd when he was at the mall. What is wrong with that? David loves to meet this fans and there were plenty there.

2084 days ago


Wow, I feel sorry for David. His first single is coming up on double platinum, his first album is certified Gold and he has his own tour starting that is almost sold out.

Such a failure!!! LOL!

2084 days ago

Citizen Strange    

Ridin' down the highway
Goin' to a show
Stop in all the by-ways
Playin' rock 'n' roll
Gettin' robbed
Gettin' stoned
Gettin' beat up
Broken boned
Gettin' had
Gettin' took
I tell you folks
It's harder than it looks
It's a long way to the top
If you wanna rock 'n' roll

2084 days ago


You people are so pathetic! He is an awesome singer and will be around alot longer than your toilet bowl worthy reporting!

2084 days ago
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