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David Archuleta Gets Malled

2/5/2009 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta is enjoying the spoils of having not won "American Idol" ... by performing in the parking lot of a mall. Tiffany would be so proud!

Somewhere there's a local balloon festival, opening of a housing development or a chicken wing joint with his name on it!


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I wish people would stop saying that he is gay, He is just a typical young mormon boy and for him there is nithing wrong with that. From a person that was raised in Utah, and being a mormon, having a girlfreind is not the end all. Just accept that he is a good kid with more morals than most people, including TMZ.

2055 days ago


How low does TMZ have to go to get a story A FAKE STORY! You think that they would have checked their facts before wrighting such crap. David is a thriving singer that has even co-wrote his new single "A Little Too Not Over You" and as u said pixiechic he has........

(his solo tour starts on Feb.24 up to Mar. 21 covering 20 venues half of which are already SOLD OUT!!! Since they finished the Idol tour..he launched his 1st single (now PLATINUM); his self-titled album is already certified GOLD; have been invited to various important events to have the honor of singing the National Anthem (ACAPELLA - NO ACCOMPANIEMENT!!!); landed various magazine articles; radio interviews from all over to promote his singles)

This really lowers TMZ in my eyes.

2055 days ago


David you are amazing!! Can't wait to hear you sing again on tour in PA!!

2055 days ago


TMZ Staffs,
Always find something negative to talk about David A. I don't understand it. What do you get from doing that to 18 years old singer who is just starting his carrer? It seems to me that you want him to be failed. Remember.....what goes around comes around. David doesn't care even if you write negative things about him, but we (his fans) do!!! God doesn't like people doing that to other people. Is there anything else you can do except trying to find something negative about David. You never wrote good things about David because you are busy trying to find something negative to write about him, you misssed the good things about him. You completely ignored about how amazing his voice, how loyal and dedicated his fans to him, etc, etc...... there are tons of good things about David A. to write if you are willing to do that.

2055 days ago


i love David, he is so modest..I'm glad that he's still the same boy that i met before, heis still David from the block!!
I pray for him so that he doesn't change, because fame and money can change a person..
I'm so proud of him, and i'm so glad because he's very successful..With only 18, he's achieved great things in his early career..I don't care what the haters say, but as long as David got his true fans, we don't care about the stupid haters..
i think tmz is jealous of David, but secretely admire him too, because he's famous/popular and rich..and he is not a drugadict like michael phelps, or the poor Britney spears..for TMZ, those people are the "good models.."
whre are the values TMZ??
David is the real deal!! and a good example for all those who have lost their way because of Hollywood..
Thanks David for being real, for being modest, for being YOU!!
that's the reason we love you, and for being like that, your popularity is unstoppable!!
they can't handle your success and popularity!!!
God Bless You forever!!!!

2054 days ago

al loanese    

Give the lil boy some space...after all HE WILL BE COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET SOON< FRIGGING HOMO

2054 days ago


TMZ and some people here with the homo remarks you sound very envious. Must be so green with envy because here is a wonderful and talented 18 year old who is not only talented but loved by sooooooooooooooooo many fans worldwide. Must be tough competition since you are still LOSERS! If you do not like someone it does not mean they are automatically gay, or perhaps you are in a closet and you wish you were gay so that people will recognize you and the lack of talent you must have. How sad to be so angry, lonely and still a loser with no family support.

David Archuleta is here to stay. I am sure he is way to busy to read this crap you write, but we his fans of all ages, are disgusted with so hate. Yes, even YOU CAN learn to have some respects for others.

DAVID ARCHULETA is a WINNER and all you negative people and haters. Get an education and a talent and needless to say, change your freaking bad attitude, perhaps that is your failure in your life. Take a look in the mirror you see a big L on your foreheads...> David is a winner and his fans will support him now and for many years. GO DAVID ARCHULETA

2054 days ago


I was there and he was ah-mazing! He is so nice doing a free concert for all of his fans who might now have the chance to see him perform (since florida isnt on his tour) He was very funny and adorable i loved it!

2054 days ago


Well TMZ sounds envious again. What is the matter the girls are not paying enough attention to you people. Can't get an audience for the talentless life you live. Fans of all ages, can't get enough of David Archuleta and he is nice enough for charity to perform at various locations for FREE. You get paid to publish TRASH, Archuleta entertains all his fans for much bigger and greater causes and WE LOVE HIM. Here is more information on that day...Eat your hearts out haters...Fans, ENJOY! I bet you have something to also write about his upcoming performance in Hawaai for the Pro-Bowl. While you eating chips and turning green with envy his fans will enjoy his incredible voice. GO DAVID ARCHULETA.

2053 days ago


David is in the hands of the Good God above...his life will always be forever blessed..WE LOVE YOU DAVID

2053 days ago


Broadway, an Idol graveyard? I don't think so!!! The actors on Broadway get more respect than in the music industry. People going to see Broadway shows have much more class than anyone who believes these "slanted" TMZ reports. I think it is a step-up to be able to perform in a Broadway show. David Archuleta is one classy singer. At least he doesn't cuss, have sex with anyone who comes around, or has to be admitted into rehab every month. So what if he is or isn't gay, does that make him a bad person? Does his sexuality define him? NO

2053 days ago


Maybe this is something David Archuleta is experimenting on with performing in malls before he performs on his first tour this month. He might be doing this for the radio stations around the country with promoting his album, A lot of artists do this, this bare bones way of performing without the excesses of lights and massive live sets. Your TMZ people make it sound like his star is fading when he's really thinking forward with his music c areer.

2053 days ago


21. It is too bad that this guy is another AI closet case. Once he comes out he will lose many of his teeny bopper girly fans. DC's career will not last once the teeny girls grow up. Having a fan base of mainly tweenies can not help anyone.
Outta Closet------->Career Over
Teens Grow Up------->Career Over
Either way------->Career Over
Posted at 1:45PM on Feb 5th 2009 by ChrisT

Thank least you're not referring to Archie here...DC is not for David Archuleta obviously!!! A typo? NAH AH!!!! It's your subconscious mind that has claimed this....BTW..."Having a fan base of mainly tweenies can not help anyone" is a sweeping statement....who are going nuts with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato, Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCarthy, etc.??? Dirty old men & women??? So you mean their fame will be all shortlived????? awwwww.....SAD!!!!!

David Archuleta's fan base is not limited to kids his age...there is no age range...there's no sexual orientation limitation...male, female, heteros, gays....It is not only his talent that people love about's his being humble,his charisma, his good-natured, sweet self.....ah...naysayers will never appreciate him...they are by nature "built" to negativity against anyone trying to live a dream...naysayers are people who have the crab mentality--you want to pull people down when you see they succeeding...naysayers want everyone else to be like them ..a bunch of LOSERS....

2052 days ago


Just so TMZ staffers (who remains unnamed due to lack of complete
knowledge of the articles they are writing about) know somethings
about David Archuleta:
*His self-titled debut album came out in November of last year, and
was certified gold on Jan. 29.
*The event was sponsored by PGA Commons and 97.9 WRMF, and is part of
Archuleta’s radio station promotional tour.
*David Archuleta, last year's American Idol runner-up, will sing the
national anthem. He will be joined by football fans and more than 200
military volunteers, and there'll be a flyover by Hawaii Air National
Guard helicopters.
*David Archuleta is flying from Florida to Hawaii to open the Pro
Bowl , and then it’s back to Florida to open a Disney attraction!
That’s a total of 12,000 air miles in less than 10 days!!!
*Archuleta springs onto the stage starting Feb. 24 in Virginia Beach,
VA, and plays 20 dates through March 21

and in case you didn't know..
*David Archuleta CRUSH...19 Entertainment, LLC ... 13,416,732 views
in YouTube as of 02-08-09
*In this record breaking sales week (all of the songs in the Top 10
sold over 200k in downloads), ‘CRUSH’ increased 315% to sell
128,226 downloads (30,929 last week) which moved him from 39 to 22 on
the Hot Digital Songs chart. Grand total is now 1,304,665 downloads (on it's way to DOUBLE PLATINUM!!!)


2052 days ago


I once met Kelly LeBrock and Steven Segall in a Mall. They were promoting their new movie. So why shouldn't Archulet promote his new CD this way? SOOO... still think that's pathetic and only for "going nowhere nobodys?"

2052 days ago
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