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Might Blow Off 2012

After Bonggate

2/5/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

phelps9-1Michael Phelps is thinking twice about competing in the 2012 Olympics because the media scrutiny is drowning him.

The golden boy tells the Baltimore Sun he "clearly made a mistake" inhaling from a bong in that now-infamous shot, and he might even reconsider swimming in London. "This is a decision of mine that I'm not going to make today," he says. "But it is something I need to think about."

Meanwhile, Phelps says the paps have been all over him, even waking him up at 7:00 AM at his bedroom window.

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One more thing. If weed was legalized I bet half of you goody two shoes will smoke it since it wont be such a big deal anymore. If it does become legal I hope you goody two shoes take a big hit of it and cough your lungs out.

2051 days ago


Leave the poor guy alone and let him enjoy himself after being a hermit for the last 12 years. He spent his time in the water 8 to 10 hours a day just so he could go out and win all those golds for his country. After 12 years, I think he is entitled to a little freedom for 6 months and then he will get back into the water and win more golds for his country. If he doesn't compete in the Wolrd Championships or in 2012, it is not his fault, it is all those people that are complaining about him having a little life. Give the guy a break. And then when the U.S. doesn't come up with all those golds again, blame yourselves.

2051 days ago


Wonder if the *itch southerner who set-up the exposure for money enjoys rolling in the green she got from ruining the Olympic career of one of the greatest athletes in history? Might be a good idea to take a long swim in the ocean once her own name is exposed!

2051 days ago

Wow-lay off!    

I agree with everyone who says let it go! Seriously! The kid is in his early 20's and is doing what a ton of other 20-somethings do. As for qutting swimming, I'm sure he made that statement out of emotion. Everyone forgave and forgot his DUI, this will pass too. Plus, smoking pot at a party is not nearly as bad as drinking and driving! Also, I don't think he has Aspergers. I'm a huge fan of this guy and I've never heard that. I know he has ADHD, but that is way different. I have teenagers and they heard about this. They were fine after he apologized. Give kids some credit! They don't look up to athletes THAT much! I don't think one of my kids is going to run off and smoke pot now b/c MP did it!!!!!!!

2051 days ago


No doubt, Phelps, as any olympic gold medalist wannabe, worked hard. And he was subsidized, by contributors, probably did not finance his training by himself, or just with family help. He worked hard, had a talent.but no doubt in my mind, that the glory for his country was NOT at the forefront.............but Fame Sponsors & Money, no doubt again, figured strongly in his equation. He owes something to those who financially supported & sponsored him.........& I don't mean in monetary return. There is a shame in what he has done., because despite his talent, he could not have done it without th financial support of those who gave him respect, trust.and again the financial support..& that includes the general public. It is not the fault of the papparazi who photographed Phelps smoking the bong..........they bear no fault, the fault lies squarely with Phelps. Smoking up is not Phelp's first mistake..........D.U.I for example. There is more coming. As for youth.I know many, younger than him who exhibit more charater maturity & intelligence. Not everyone smokes pot.Lucy..not everyone is dependent upon a psychotropic. Speak for youself. Obama will not legalize marijuana. He has important issues to contend with. Weed may be a priority for you.....but your primitive need carries a negligible to minus weight in view of global issues, financial & humanitarian.

2051 days ago


FYI: Mike has 8 gold medals. He doesn't need to compete in anything anymore. So all this crap about that bong photo tanking his chances are just that...crap. So what if he smoked some cheeba through a bong? BIG WHOOP!!!

2051 days ago


Wow, Lay Off............."not nearly as bad as drinking & driving, " , you say. You virtually admit that it is bad. Pot is smoked for a reason. If it had no effect, physiologically, people wouldn't smoke it. .......... it does have negative & harmful side effects........So he is young...your point is what.........? He already has had a D.U.I. offense. He didn't kill anyone....including one of your teenagers. ......Would that turn your head around ?? " You have the "I am alright, Jack, what about you " attitude.

2051 days ago


Lets all move on. He smoked weed. Whoop-de-damn-do. His mom, coach, sisters, endorsers, friends, other celebs and athletes and probably his gal caz have forgiven him. The world is in crisis and everyone's panties are in a bunch over him tokin' up on a bong. Go 'head on Phelps. Continue to swim and go on to 2012. And continue to have a good time with your friends and with Caz.

2051 days ago


I think Phelps has a genuine sense of remorse and is saying it might be better for him not to compete if it throw a bad light on the Olympics. It's not an easy life. He has obviously given up a lot of his childhood, took a little shot at having some fun and got caught. He's a kid. At least Phelps apologized. Am I disappointed, yes. But, I would have been more disappointed if he had taken the route of some of the mature professional athletes out there who make millions in salary AND millions in endorsements. Some of those guys seem to have a sense of entitlement to act out.

2051 days ago


You play, you pay. Celebrities need to learn that if they get caught, they are NOT ABOVE THE LAW. Look at what happened to Paris Hilton. She learned her lesson after putting time in the pokey.

2051 days ago


#13, It is so laughable that you point out a spelling error to another as if they are an idiot and you can't spell yourself. "quiet is not spelled "quite". Maybe your judgmental opinion should be used on yourself. I can't stand people that look down on others as if they are better and are morons themselves. As for your comment on Phelps and his mother, I'm sure you have never used bad judgment in your perfect life. It must be lonely way up there on your pedestal.

2051 days ago


I don't understand why some of the posters here think that smoking pot is amoral. It doesn't seem to have negatively effected M.P.'s health. Why aren't people as offended that he was doing the much more "hard core" and damaging drug, alcohol? I suppose a long term habit of smoking anything out of a bong would be bad for a guys lungs, but if he just made up some brownies and ate them with his Kellogg's corn flakes in the morning what's wrong with that? Is it just because it's illegal? Are we that afraid of our government?

2051 days ago

Robert Felthaus    

Michael, get out of the pool do something, anything else. The media that worshipped you can't wait to take you down, its the American way. You have your personal achievements, your medals, they should be enough. Fame is what you don't want--it will consume you and destroy your life. Its time to close that door and wait for all the wonderful doors that will open for you.Good luck with your real life.

2050 days ago


Phelps is a phool!

2050 days ago


Phelps has become a DRINKER and a DOPER and a PLAYBOY, partying till dawn with busty wild women in Vegas and elsewhere. One of the THREE is illegal. He has become a lousy role model and should have been charged and arrested or fined for his illegal behavior. This Man is not a teenager. His face shouldn't be endorsing anything anymore, except, maybe condoms.

2050 days ago
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