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'Sober' Backstreet Boy:

Gimme Another Shot!

2/6/2009 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Nick Carter really wanted the public to believe him when he told People magazine that alcohol could literally end his life, he probably shouldn't have been pounding booze onstage with Steel Panther at the Key Club the other night.

Nick Carter
Granted it was his birthday, but for someone who's battled serious alcohol abuse, you can't claim a "sober" life when you're taking down a shot of 151.


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Not sure if TMZ has posted it but it is on the net... anyone seen the footage of him leaving the key club?? PLEASE tell me I'm not hallucinating and the woman in the brown leather jacket is in fact one of the actresses that plays an army wife on 'Army Wives'. She's the one who is holding his hand as they exit, while wearing her wedding ring mind you, and THEN gets into the SUV with him?? Married cougar??

2010 days ago


Nick Carter has to appear like the good guy and then turn around and have a drink, he's a desperate man in need of publicity. His comment "I don't want to die" was a pathetic lame excuse to show off his ugly tattoos and flaunt a bunch of touched up photo's, 'cause he's one ugly mf. I mean is it just me or do others see his pimply face. It's disgusting. He is a loser, always has been and always will be. Sad he has to resort to any crazy type of publicity to get in the media coincidentally right before the next leg of their world tour. Like Hello?????? The loss of Paris Hilton must drive him crazy because he can't even get into teeny bop magazines anymore - he grew up to be an ugly old fart. I remember what a nasty pig he was gossiping about all the girls he'd banged just to promote House of Carter's, he's a disgrace. Nick Carter is a lost soul desperately seeking attention. I agree with the other person who said BSB are finished and only love their fans when it's time to do a tour and pull in the cash. No wonder Kevin left the band. I think the only decent members left are Brian and Howie, now they have class and should dump the other two's ass and keep on truckin' solo.

2005 days ago


Shannon: Catherine Bell starred on 'Jag' for 9 seasons before joining Armie Wives, she is a beautiful actress and Nick Carter wishes he had a chance with her. The girl in the brown jacket is Lauren Kitt another winner using him 'cause he uses everyone else.

2005 days ago



2024 days ago


Anyone having a River Phoenix flashback as well?
Stay away from the alcohol for gods sake if you know that it could kill you.
You won't be the first nor the last celebrity dying from an overdose.
Do it for yourself, man!

2024 days ago


sorry arse!

2024 days ago

The Dude    

toofastforyou, When I got home from my night job at 6 PST am this morning, you were posting on every single page. It looks as though you kept going through out the day on every single posting. You're still posting at 2:48 am PST You are almost 24 into it. Look, Meth is a bad drug. If you're snorting piles of the stuf, you need help. Being up 2 or 3 days straight will only make you dimented. Go out, take some shots like Nick, bring yourself down and get some sleep then see an chemical dependency specialist tomorrow. Don't destroy yourself like that.

2024 days ago


so i haven't read the People article yet, but does Nick have a problem with alcohol? I mean, a lot of people drink on their birthdays (i'll be doing that tonight! 21!) but they don't have drinking problems. I know AJ does, and has fallen off the wagon, and I'm so sad about that, but I didn't think Nick had (has?) a problem too...

2024 days ago


He's a BOOZER LOSER, Gods just please die already Your lungs are wasting MY good freash air

2024 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

What a mess! Followed by a train wreck. Can we say rehab 3 peat repeat?

2024 days ago


The article was written before Thanksgiving, and his party was a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, alcoholism is an addiction-very hard to kick when your career requires constant exposure to it, and your friends/family don't support that by finding OTHER things to do on your birthday but to celebrate in a club. Nick has admitted he has lapsed before, he probably will again. Unfortunately, AJ has lapsed too. Be a little more least like you were with AJ.

2024 days ago


I read the article yesterday and he also has a heart problem. Fool!

2024 days ago


Like I keep saying.. Alcoholism is a disease. Nick is obviously sick and in his disease. Surprised?

2024 days ago


Hey The Dude......Finally someone else posts telling this person to STOP!!! I did it yesterday. I wasn't so nice, I called him a special kind of LOSER!!!!! ....... toofastforyou GO TO BED YOU RETARD!!!!!!!!!!

2024 days ago


Did he come out of the closet yet?

2024 days ago
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