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Jessica Simpson -- Unplugged and Unglued

2/7/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While trying to convince the world she's a country singer in Grand Rapids, MI last Thursday, Jessica Simpson made a fatal error -- no lip-synching!

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch!
Seen in this video from, nearly every song was a disaster while Simpson fought with her earpiece monitor, mumbled through most of her lyrics, and at one point talked through tears. On a brighter note, she didn't look fat!


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5'5 and 110 pounds is hardly unhealthy, you jealous biatch!

2021 days ago


I don't give a damn about what she looks like or how much she weighs. She's an amateur singer who refuses to learn her craft.

2021 days ago


my ears and eyes are bleeding after attempting to listen to/watch that for a good laugh

when I was in HS, 15 year olds could put on a better show then that worthless crap

I do love when all 5 of her fans clap and cheer though

2021 days ago


I am not a fan, but I used to find Jessica Simpson refreshing because she seemed to know her place in the world.
I guess I was wrong, I hope she gets happy and healthy again.

2021 days ago


She is a fat girl with a butt chin who happens to be a horrible singer. We should all just forget about her and aside from her death nothing she could do would be newsworthy.

2021 days ago


People paid money for that??? Okay. I'm a little cash poor these days. Maybe I should put on some ill fitting denim shorts and scream out a song off key. And it shouldn't matter that I have a wicked cold right now. Hey, times are hard!

2021 days ago


She is nowhere near fat. She just looks really lost and could definitely use some rest and recuperation. It's such a shame that these performers feel like they can't take time off for themselves, just to be happy and healthy. They seem to need to be in the public eye at all times.

2021 days ago


The majority of the people on here are weird haters. You people get pleasure in talking so mean about her. It's very pathetic. I feel sorry for her - obviously she does have emotions just like you or me. In my opinion, I think she acted like this on stage because she probably has a lot of anxiety due to all the negative press she's been getting. It's not fun to feel panick or anxiety - and people should be FAR MORE UNDERSTANDING. Only she knows what it's like to live her life - NOT ANY OF YOU - DON'T JUDGE! Certain people get sick pleasure out of watching others that they're jealous of suffer...That's disguisting and evil. You people should work on your souls...

2021 days ago

Who Dat!!!    

How sad that so many people are willing to kick her while she's down, she's human, give her a break. She clearly has some issues that she needs to deal with. If HOMOlicious is causing her that much pain, then she should kick him to the curb. No man is worth your career.

While I do feel sorry for her, Jessica needs to deal with her issues before she expects people to go out and pay good money to see her in concert. It's not fair to her fans.

2021 days ago


Magdalaine~ I pity you! People see in others what they hate about themselves.

No, I am far from fat. I am 5'5 and weigh 117. I also don't have any children so, I have even a harder body!

Have a lovely day.................

2021 days ago


As I posted the other day, I don't like Jessica particularly, certainly not a fan and never have thought she could sing, BUT she's obviously having a Brittney breakdown and eveyrone seems hell bent on helping her fall.

The media needs to back off and everyone else does too. Leave her alone!

As I also said the other day, I wouldn't want my daughter being under the constant scrutiny she and other young people are. None of us would either. Stars may be stars but IMHO at least they deserve SOME privacy and the don't get it. Every move is snapped or filmed and I'm sure most of us here aren't angels. We all do, say and go to places we shouldn't at some point in our lives, especially when we are (or were) young. How would you guys like to have every moment of YOUR life monitored, photographed by everyone with a cell phone or taped by every tv tab, not to mention the regular paps and tabs!

Also the media (and so-called fans, not the real ones, the "on the bandwagon" ones) build up these kids and then once they reach the top or so-called top in some of these cases even if there's no real talent there and then they proceed to tear them down and drive them into drugs, alcohol or worse. Why IS that?

Does this country get some perverse pleasure out of that? Apparently some do.

They do that with "stars" in every genre: acting, music, dance, artists, sports figures...doens't matter

As soon as they get them boosted to the upper tier of "stardom" they start tearing them down and actually enjoy watching them implode.

Well I don't enjoy it and I'm sure a LOT of you here and throughout the country/world don't either. It's sick.

Ok, so I'm speaking as a mom and lecturing you guys I guess lol. Sorry. It just makes me mad to see people, especially these young people built up so high and then torn down and some of them destroyed by the very same people who built them up. It's sick and wrong.


2021 days ago


She has got to be at least a size 12 or 14 in that did they find short shorts to fit her huge ass?! That's just gross.

2021 days ago


Her and her sister are no talent ass clowns! Jess is a attention whore who needs to get a real job and stop taking money from hard working fans. Pack it in sweatheart and I don't mean that extra pancake in the morning.

2021 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Welllll, she didn't look very thin either, did she? Mischa Barton/Beyonce thighs. And she's happy with her why the flubs and the tears and the mental lapses. Ahhh, must be luv:))

2021 days ago


TMZ, she does so look fat in this video, but I think she' pretty. Anyways, you don't need to know how to sing to be a singer, you don't need to know how to act to be an actor in Hollywood anymore.

2021 days ago
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