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Fan Spits On WWE Star

WWE Star Hits Back

2/8/2009 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't scripted -- WWE superstar Chris Jericho was involved in a crazy, expletive-filled mini-brawl with fans yesterday ... and one of the people involved was a woman.

Chris Jericho fan spit detained.
It all went down after a WWE event at the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria, BC -- an angry crowd began heckling Chris Jericho as he was driving out of the parking lot. When Jericho stared down a female fan, that's when things got violent...

In the video, it appears she spit on the wrestler -- Jericho flipped out and the woman was knocked to the ground. At that point, one of the dudes in the crowd rushes in to attack Chris.

Jericho managed to shove that guy away -- and others who got close. During the melee, Chris can be heard screaming at security to "do your f***ing job." Finally, security tackled one of the men to the ground and Chris was able to get in his ride and take off.

Cops in Victoria -- who are currently investigating the incident -- called it a "minor event."

UPDATE: Two people who were allegedly involved in the incident were arrested and later released without being charged, according to the Times Colonist.

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jericho is nothing but a selfish son of a beach who shouldnt even be in the business...if thats what you want to call it he needs to get beaten by a mob this guy also said that obama will eventually take his abs? WTF? he is a stupid moron canuck who is a waste of space! Go beat on your wife some more Chris Irvine i mean chris jericho i mean y2j lol dude has issues he don't even probally remember what his real name is. FAKE!

To you critics: I put beach on purpose so i can get the point across!

2038 days ago


...another fool...if this nimrod can do this to someone of whom he has no idea of who it is and in the public...makes you wonder what he would do behind closed doors...nothing says woman beater more then jericho...what a knob

2032 days ago

Its Me =]    

Ha Ha. Roid Rage.
So your for sure telling me that IF someone woman came up to you and spit on you while you were jumping into your ride you wouldn't turn around and give her what she was asking for? I would. I'd for sure just go ahead and give her what she was asking for. I'd do it to a man too! [ I'm a woman ]
If someone has enough balls to come and spit or punch what ever she did, then that person male or female has the sole right to knock her the eff out!

Bravo Chris!
No better way to handle it then you did. =]

2072 days ago



2084 days ago


Save on Foods Memorial Centre is actually in Victoria, BC.

2084 days ago


This was in Victoria, BC - looks as though the police aren't taking it any further, which is good news.

2084 days ago


BOYS WILL BE BOYS............

2084 days ago



2084 days ago


I'm a woman, and if I ever acted like a little bitch the way she did, I'd have earned that punch too. Stupid little spoiled twit!!! Chris Jericho should have punched her one more time just for good measure. I bet you she won't be goading any more wrestlers.

2084 days ago


Some HIV infected who** who thought she was important. Who the f#@% does she think she is? How disgusting! Now he needs to get tested for up to God knows how long. This wasn't a lovers quirrel, just some skanky who** who doesn't know boundries. That bit** spit on me I would have blacked her eyes.

2084 days ago


ROID RAGE. This guy always has trouble.....ROID RAGE for sure. Hope he doesn't kill someone someday, like the others have done.

2084 days ago

Miss Tina    

Nasty b****. I cant stand it when people spit. And really, security needs to keep people further away than that, but people should have more sense then try to just get all up on people too. Just gross. She needed her ass beat.

2084 days ago

Mr. Seaver    

They're attacking the character of Chris Jerricho, not even realizing he's just a regular guy. Those morons got what they deserved. Sad there are still people that buy into wrestling as being real.

2084 days ago

Rip It Up    

Those wacky Canadians know how to mix it up. Chris Jericho is a top wrestler from Canada that is currently playing a heel, but this kind of fan attack is silly. It's FAKE people, he'll probably be a babyface after Wrestlemania. Get a grip!

2084 days ago


Wow! What an a$$hole! The woman just wanted to get a picture with him and Im sure the other ppl were fans that just wanted to get autographs and pics. Also, Save-on-Foods Memorial Center is in Victoria, BC. You know TMZ, there ARE other cities in BC then Vancouver. Victoria is actually the Capital of BC.

2084 days ago
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