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Chris Brown Could Do

9 Years in Prison

2/9/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nine Years in PrisonSo why, you ask, was Chris Brown booked for making criminal threats rather than domestic abuse, given the victim -- we're told Rihanna -- had "visible injuries"?

Law enforcement sources tell us they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with -- it's then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.

Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.


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Lover girl Erin    

Everyone knows that Chris isn't doing real time for that BS. And honestly i don't think he should. She should have just left him the first time he hit her. But anyway, celebs don't do time, although it's wrong. Look at TI, he should have been in jail for thrity-six years, but he's only doing a year and a day. Are you serious? The most time Chris would do is six months at the most. I just want those two to just STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!

2079 days ago

annmarie from Texas    

he's nothing but a phoney.
he claimed his stepfather hit his mom and it broke his heart when he was a kid.

hope he sits in jail for the full 9 years.
he should be the poster boy for learning a lesson about how to treat people the way you want to be treated.

i don't care who he is or what he does for a living.
i don't like bullies. and a bully who hits on women? what a stupid ass.

2079 days ago


First...#12, you need to grow up. How would you like it if someone knocked you mother around or your sister. Chris Brown is a homo for sure. If a man can't handle his business without hitting a woman he's no man at all...period. And as much as Obama shows how much he loves his wife, do you really think he would even step in on something like this? Get real.

2078 days ago


You know games women play

2078 days ago



2078 days ago


Criminal Threats is punishable by 16, 2 or 3 years in State Prison, not 9 years

2077 days ago


For one, this isnt anyone's business what happened between Chris Brown & Rihanna, everyone is just adding more fuel to the fire and making the situation bigger than what it actually is(TMZ) Noone has seen Rihanna's "horrific" bruises, etc and the funny thing about this situation is, they're trying any way possible(the media) to damage Chris Brown's Career because of the image that he portrays. "Chris Brown Beats up Rihanna" ..sure. Why not .."Chris Brown & Rihanna had a fight" or whatev. situation that occured. but since people feed off every single little thing that they hear and give ear into it, tht's what intrigues them the most and they cont. to feed off of it. Chris Brown, awhile back made a statement about how is (step)father would abuse his mother and how it affected him as a young child, now tht Chris Brown is caught up in this devastating situation, his (step)father feels, nonetheless, like great this is my time to get back at him for how he displayed me nationally, and so now he says a statement "im not suprised" if Chris Brown has just been a troubled kid from the start, who knows.. his stepfather couldve been paid for this, and then finally says ..he's never touched his mom ever. but anyhow, Chris Brown & Rihanna just needs time alone, away from the media, drama ..etc n order for them to pick up from where the left off at(referring to their career) aprt frm tht, my prayers goes out to (both) of them and I wish them the best. . .God wont put you through anything you can't handle

2077 days ago

Adabale Olamide    

I dont think we should blame Chris because no one is perfect moreover,what Rihanna did was right and lawful.

1582 days ago

frank Nwara    

hi,i think brown acted stupidly laying his hand on rihanna,but justice be tamped with mercy,i think is should be a warning to those who have taken law into their hand by hiting some woman,

1511 days ago


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858 days ago



857 days ago
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