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Rihanna Bloody and Bruised

2/9/2009 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Rihanna's injuries were severe -- two "huge contusions" which swelled up on both sides of her forehead. We're told she also suffered "a bloody lip and nose."

Rihanna , Chris Brown
One of the law enforcement people put it this way -- the contusions "look like an MMA fighter or something ... [It] looked like she was growing devil's horns."

We've also heard that Rihanna may have suffered bite wounds on one of her legs and arms, however, one source close to the situation tells us he doubts that is the case.

Chris Brown has been booked on a felony criminal threats charge. If the D.A. files the case, domestic violence charges could be added.


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Stephanie Kistler    

I really do not see why everyone is making such a big deal out of this.
I mean this happens everyday, and no one dose anything, or ignore the fact and act likes it not happening when they see a women getting beat.
What she choses and to do, is her own business.
Most people are making comments who don't know what happen,
and don't know either Chris or Rhianna.
So I belive this whole thing was taken way out of proportion.

2021 days ago


Sorry but rihannn has take take charge of her own life and not Chris Brown ...........forget about letting him off the hook let the SOB learn his leason in jail and make him go through some sensativaty lessons. Buy getting back so soon she's an enabler and she has to take responsablty for her actions going forward.. real "man" would ever hit a "lady" and if he's allowed back into your life then he'll kill you then next time.....just look at the coverage HE'S getting from this incident. Rihanna if you really love yourself then get rid of this loser and women BEATER !! And if he did it ONCE HE'LL DO IT AGAIN !!

2014 days ago

Da Princess    

I Think thats good for rihanna ! she deserved it ! she beats him first .. wtv chris doesnt deserve to go to jail just because of RIHANNA pfffff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 days ago

Let's Reflect on Life    

Even this story has questionable information. Let's wait for more details before making judgments. It has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Chris Brown caused any or all of Rihanna's bruises. Also what exactly was Rihanna's part in all of this? Was she the aggressive party? Did she hit him? Was she drinking that night? Where exactly was she found in the street? Could she or someone else or something else caused any of her bruises? If she knew he was so violent, then why did she get in the car with him in the first place? If she threw his phone out the car, why would she commit an act likely to anger most people? There are far to many questions pertaining to this situation that have not been answered for anyone (general public or celebrity or other) to cast judgment at this point. Please, let's wait for more facts.

2038 days ago


(two sides to a story )don't put the blame on him just because he's the man in the relationship.

2038 days ago


I heard, earlier today, she wants him back...

2037 days ago


I dont agree with what chris did but he is only 19 and to already be hitting a women at this age he has got some serious problems i like both they are good singers and that. My daughter use to love him until he did that she is now shocked even her boyfriend said the same you just dont hit a female or vice a versa yer there are two sides to every story.
We live in Melbourne Australia and everybody here is really shocked about what went on but now we dont hear much about it but alot of people are disappointed in what went on. At lease he is going to get help and try and get a fresh start wihout violence maybe jail time will make him realise that you cant use violence towards another human being regardless of who they are.

2036 days ago


do you know whats sad is that in this day and age it takes a Celeb to Shed light on Domestic Violence, its truly sad that this could happen to Her and her family,and just watch the Justic system will let him off light because of his celeb status. most likely money will be paid out to settle the cases, but if Rihanna is Smart she will Persue with the lawsuit against him and charge him with assault. this world is full of sick people and they should not be condoned for their nasty behavior.

2036 days ago

Beaten But Not Defeated    

Hello all, I'd like to say to all the prior ignorant posters about Rhianna deserving a wooping or Chris Brown being innocent, or him not seeming like he could have done it....Believe this.....ANYONE CAN PUT ON A SUIT AND GET A HAIR CUT AND SING ANS SMILE AND DANCE THEIR WAY INTP PPL'S HEARTS. It's called conning. Clearly chris has an image to maintain and would not come out all at once brawling in the public. He has to keep his dirty deeds under atight wrap. The Bible says, that every thing that is done in secret will come to light. Others would say it's karma, which ever way you view it, time will certainly tell. Another question to ponder....why would Chris turn himself in if he wasn't guilty? To look like the nice guy? Nope. to get the whole ordeal over and done with. He didn't have time to be chased down by po po. He just wanted to get it over and done with. Also criminals who turn themselves are supposedly given leniency. I've lived with someone who everyone swore was a saint. They did not know him at all. He was an angel by day and a devil by night. No one could believe the things he was doing because they were looking at how he looked and the way he carried himself. The bible also says that Man looks at outward appearances, but God looks at the heart. The Bible has also promised to give you the ability to see people's true characters if you will let Him annoint your spiritual eyes. Yes, it's true that love is sometimes blind. I was blind, but b/c of this anointing, I and a few others were able to clearly see this "gentleman's" agenda. Whether you believe in God or not, there are some very plain common sense indicators that reveal signs of domestic abuse and/or violence. Please follow this link for more information about abuse from the Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
My Blog here:

2036 days ago


If you lay down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas. THe shocking thing is that this didn't happen sooner. His fans will forgive him because he said he was sorry, and besides, she probably egged him on. That's the mentality of the male dominated hip hop world. Women are sexual objects(ho's and bithces) and Men are "bad boys" who don't know any better becuase "the man" has beaten him down. Keep fighting the good fight Chris!

2036 days ago


well i am a big chris brown fan but i do feel kind of srry for rihanna but i dnt kno how true dis is but i heard she gave him herps, and if dat is true she deserve to get what she got because you dnt play with anybody like that but if its not true i kno every relationships have problems but DAMNNNN it dnt hve to be like dat but chris brown i love u and ur music and i pray dat u get through dis with out destroying ur career

2036 days ago


How did we go from Chris Brown an Rihanna to blaming Obama.. People still mad Obama won so so sad lol lol he isnt going anywhere haters lol I think Chris Brown should get beat up an thrown in jail . my 12 year old i made take his posters down what a poor example nuff said!

2036 days ago


What is the DA waiting for? Chris is a BULLY and bulls go in a pen a very secure one.

2036 days ago


What does herps have to do with hitting someone in the face or anyhere for that matter. IF CHRIS WAS A MAN HE SHOULD HAVE ACTED LIKE ONE. Yes there are two sides to a story but disfiguring someone is not one side. RIHANNA SHOULD NEVER THINK OF TAKING HIM BACK NEXT TIME HE MIGHT KILL HER.

2036 days ago


Only weak insecure men beat women control and verbally abuse them. The sorry thing is just crap, if they hit you once they will hit u twice. I'm glad the police got him, now Rihanna can start to heal. You will get strong from this girl and you will learn. This coming from a woman of abuse herself. Good luck I wish you well, and Chris Brown jail time and serious help.

2036 days ago
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