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Rihanna/Chris Brown -- No Weapon

2/9/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna, Chris BrownLaw enforcement sources tell us even though the police report in the Chris Brown arrest refers to assault with a deadly weapon, there was no weapon involved in the alleged attack.

The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 -- Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we're told there was no weapon involved.

We had been hearing there was an umbrella in the car -- which would have been the most ironic thing ever -- but again... no weapon is alleged. By the way, a persons foot or other body part can be considered a deadly weapon depending on the circumstances.

One law enforcement source who has been dead-on so far claims Rihanna suffered contusions and bite marks.

Story developing...


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Broken jaw, broken eye socket and bite marks....put this guy away. Holy Crap!!!!!

1897 days ago


Rihanna,did the right thing and got out of that car. She is forgetting her island roots, because she should have cracked his head wit a bottle, or a rock-stone. Then take her heels, and placed them in his balls.
It is about tome these men stop beating up on our women. This disrespect of our women,is constantly rising, and must stop.
Word to Rihanna, DROP HIM LIKE ITS HOT.

1897 days ago


Okay...first things first - there are some CRAZY posts (this site's got some of the worst) on this story all over the internet - some for attention, some racist, some attempting to be funny but just being in poor taste, etc...Second - there are still sooo many loopholes in this case that both their PR teams are probably eager to fill - Shaft (previous post) covered pretty much everything I was thinking of. Third, with the slight (really slight) exception of Rihanna, both of these 'artists' are PRODUCT...yes, they're fun+accomplished R&B, but they're both still at the career stage of here; a situation this serious is unfortunately muddled when its made public, i.e., just a 'slap-on-the-wrist', and/or bolstered 'street cred' for their 'career' (its not my place to try and detail that concept when I haven't grown up in that environment). What I mean is that - before you know it, the media hype will blur this horrific assault into a 'necessary incident for the development of either artists' "persona" - oh GREAT - a new album concept. Everyone needs to keep perspective the next few months while (Britney anyone?...groan...) this DOMINATES the entertainment blogosphere/airwaves/etc...[example: tween screams "but CAN'T be...his album's so "fly" and its cover was so 'squeaky clean']......HELLO! WAKE UP PEOPLE --- IT'S AN ASSAULT!!!

1897 days ago


Um, bite marks....... sorry to say, but it sounds like Chris may have been defending himself. That is usually how someone is bitten. I think it is funny that we all assume that Chris is the offender here. Women go crazy and start fights ALL THE TIME! If she was trying to push at him and hit him and he was trying to defend himself, then she would be the one with all of the marks....not him.

1897 days ago


ITA GimmeABreak

1897 days ago

the picadilly    

A little known fact: Chris Brown is trained in martial arts. It is fine to use his training in the act of self defense, but if it is used to attack an unarmed, defenselss victim, he can be charged with assult with a deadly weapon.

1897 days ago


DAMN!! you can always hope

1897 days ago




1897 days ago


I'm not sure if you all noticed but it looks like they were arguing when they were at the Grammy's.... Chris B looked upset in this pic

1897 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Cristine Brown is an undercover queen....who slaps and bites his women.

1897 days ago

Caribbean Queen    

Rihanna must have forgotten she was caribbean. Cuz chris shud have gotten a Caribbean cut***. If you have forgotten honey fly me over and will deal with him for ya!

1897 days ago


Once your in the spotlite thats it. People behave like this all the time it just doesnt make Headline News until its too late.
For their sake I hope they both take a look and get help. Ask Mary J

1897 days ago

Sexy Browning    

Who said that their relationship is over? Look at Bobby and Whitney fa years! Nobody knows exactly what started this incident...but they are the ones that will have to end it.

Chris Brown...damn you if u hit our Ri Ri!!! Doan come ta BIM fah ras if dat is so!!!

1897 days ago


It is to early to tell what is going on. Chris & Rihanna both are talented. However talent is a blessing that does not always come with good sense & responsablity. Read the signs young people. People will always give you a glimpse of who they really are you just have to have to open your eyes and see. No matter how much you feel like you love them. Do what is best for you and your safety.

1897 days ago


he doesnt seem like the type to start smacking if he did hit her it must have been provoked....she seems like the type to hit a guy and think that its ok. also its been reported that she is possesive and a crazy bitch.

as much as men shouldnt hit women, women shouldnt PROVOKE them....meaning hitting a man...if you raise up like a man your ass should get a beat down like a man.

and as for the rumor that she has herpes....chris are you really surprised?? she messed around with half of the industry....seriously that girl has a caution sign on her vagina. i dont see why you are so pissed. you knew better. if she doesnt have it though, then maybe its the pregnancy rumors about her killing your child or something....i dont know but stop making ri ri the dont know the whole story and what may have been done on her part. so stfu until you know everything.

1897 days ago
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