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"American Idol" Contestant Booted

2/12/2009 3:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American IdolTMZ has learned Top 36 "American Idol" contestant Joanna Pacitti was forced to pull out from the show because of ties to an A.I. exec.

Last night Joanna made the cut, but this morning "American Idol's" website revealed this: "It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition."

So what the hell does that mean? Glad you asked: Joanna's former manager at Geffen (yeah, she had a record deal) is now a big wig at 19 Entertainment (which produces "Idol"). It's unclear how that went unnoticed for five months, but we're told producers demanded her resignation yesterday. We're told Joanna refused to do it.

"American Idol" told us "No comment." Felicia Barton took her spot.


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This is the girl that was roomies with two AI producers (or whatever), right? For that reason she shouldn't have be qualified to audition. It's like the Monopoly game at McDs. Friends and family of McDs employees are ineligible to win/participate.

AI needs to set rules, including a dress code. This year it was the whore in the bikini, last year it was the guy in a bikini like ensemble that was told to save his chest and come back.

I wanna know what happened to the black girl with the shaved head.

I really don't like the way they're getting the top 12. I'm okay with the 36 divided into groups of 12, but only 3 make it from the 12? That doesn't work. First, that only adds up to 9. Second, those 3 aren't even the top 3; it's the top boy, top girl, and the next highest. It should be the top 3 overall. If it's all guys fine, it should be the best singers. The gender ratio doesn't need to be even.
The first group should've been Anoop, Danny, and, I hate to say, Tatiana. I don't like her personality (she was really annoying) but she sang the song well.

"They put people through to Hollywood who shouldn't make it, but don't let people who are better than some already put through to Hollywood." This isn't the first year they've done this, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Unless this is the last season of AI.
Someone from this year who was sent to Hollywood that shouldn't have been, Bikini girl. Someone from this year who's better than Bikini girl and should've made it to Hollywood but didn't, the guy who showed up with Bunnyman.

To post #23 (Sally): Jamar and Danny. Jamar has his cheek pierced. That may have been what some saw as a tear tattoo. And who's to say a tattoo of a tear is a gang symbol? I'm pretty sure that's a popular tattoo to get in prison/jail. At least it is in movies. ...Could have been for Sophia (or Sophie), Danny's wife.

2068 days ago


Oh xxxZzzzzz...z

2081 days ago


Goodbye. Good riddance!

2081 days ago


GOOD! Finally! She should never have been allowed to be on the show anyways. She already HAD a record contract and was a professional singer. That wasnt fair to everyone else on the show that isnt a professional (yet).

2081 days ago


Poor baby. She'll probably sue again like she did when she was let go from the play Annie.

2081 days ago

Is this the idiot who kept forgetting her lyrics and still got through. Here's the thing, if you've already had a record deal and still can't remember the lyrics to your song, you don't deserve this shot.

2081 days ago

Bill Smith 1976    

"It Has Been Determined That Joanna Pacitti Is Ineligible To Continue In The Competition"

American Idol has ruled Jo-Pac can't be in the Top 36. Wow I can't believe it.

So what made her ineligible?
Was it because she had close ties to American Idol/19 Entertainment?

Here's a hypothectical "what if" for you.

What if it was determined that out of this years Top 36 contestants...or last years Top 24 that...
#1. one singer played bass guitar on Paula Abdul's "Under My Spell" tour or
#2. one singer was a sound engineer on a Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Diana Degarmo cd or
#3. one singer was a back-up singer on American Idol during Hollywood week or
#4 one singer played keyboards on two cd's with Randy Jackson or
#5 one singer had written a song for Bo Bice and his co writer was Kara DioGuardi (in 2005) or
#6 one singer played keyboards on a cd with A.I. band leader Rickey Minor or
#7 one singer was a back-up singer on the new Clay Aiken cd or
#8 one singer had written a song on the new Clay Aiken cd or
#9 one singer was on a cd with 2008's winner, and 2007's American Idol third place finalist or
#10 one singer was a co-writer and personal friend with last years winner?

What if?

Here's another "what if" for you.
What if American Idol charged everyone $10.00 to audition?

Now "what if" it were all true?

Well, if you were "what if'in" the 2007 & 2008 American Idol Songwriter Contest

Which produced such gems as "This Is My Now" and the ever popular "The Time Of My Life".

Check it out for yourself.....Just Google..... 2007 & 2008 American Idol Songwriter Contest

2081 days ago


Hey #5. WHAT IF... You get a life and worry about something more than American Idol. You must make your parents very proud.

2081 days ago


How can she be disqualified? Didn't Carly work with Randy Jackson before and she stayed on the show last season. I thought 19 Entertainment didn't get involved until after an Idol is named so what is the big deal here? It appears from what I've seen so far she was upfront with everyone about her previous experience. Even though she forgot her lyrics, she had the strongest voice amongst the girls. If I recall, Carrie Underwood forgot her lyrics too. Maybe Simon can get her that break that she needs. Come on Simon and do your thing. This girl is very talented and deserves a legitimate shot. I was really looking forward to seeing her compete. Bring her back

2081 days ago

Brian this the hot bikini wearing one? If not, who really cares? Other than basement boy # 5. Natch.

2081 days ago


Considering AI bends its rules every year, why pick on her?

2081 days ago


as soon as kara dioguardi recognized her from the first day, she should have been disqualified. joanna pacitti had her chance and for whatever reason she wasn't getting the praise as a singer before. so, even if she ever stood a chance at winning american idol, she wouldn't have had a WOW factor. although she does have a good voice, its not particularly original. and she also doesn't look like she'd show a little more skin in order to create a fan base. i guess she will never go back to broadway because of the stab to the back the people who worked on Annie. if her main goal is to make money, she can try and continue to make a name for herself. but, if she just wants to sing, she should go back to broadway.

2081 days ago


This chic was on an episode of "What I like about you". Her name was Amber on the show and she sang a song with Ben.

2081 days ago


American Idol is just not what it used to be. What has happened to the amazing undiscovered and never heard of talent that the show was known for the first few years? It's disgusting as far as I'm concered Will we never again be treated to a Kelly or a Ruben or a Clay. If I wanted to see already discovered talent I'd go to youtube to look.

2081 days ago


Hey they kept some that should have been cut and let go the ones who were better, so it is biased any way.

2080 days ago
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