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Kelly Clarkson

Unbites the Hand that

Feeds Her

2/12/2009 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson is officially crawling back to people that made her who she is ... by reselling out and hitting up an "Idol" event at, of all places, Disney World.

In the greatest gathering of minds since the creation of NATO, sources say Clarkson -- who has dissed "A.I." and Clive Davis in the past -- is joining the other six winners (and a slew of losers) from the show for the debut of the "American Idol Experience" at Disney World in Orlando tonight.

The "A.I." experience is a 365-day-a-year dream-crushing extravaganza for all the wannabe singers at the park -- not including the employees forced to sing "It's A Small World" by the bathrooms at the Kilimanjaro Safari.


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TMZ is pathetic! Kelly Clarkson doesn't need AI. "crawling back" ... give me a break! Kelly is doing just fine. The number 1 song in the country. The fastest rising song in history! lol you are so right! She never dissed Clive Davis ... they had a an artistic difference ... she was ready as an artist to do her own thing, and they patched up whatever differences they had. TMZ is pathetic .... just trying to stir up controversy where there is none. And mack you are even more pathetic ... she's not fat ... she not a stick. And yes, thankfully she's no Britney ... Kelly can sing and Britney can't. Kelly has her life together, and Britney ...well, we've all seen what her life is like!

2050 days ago

SkitSofrantiC PSyCho    

Hey we all know Disney is a evil corporation. Might look all nice on the outside, but look at thier starts, like Miley Cyrus. Look at how much trouble that girl got into over some pictures. Not saying their not some what provocative, but hey when the hell has America given a crap about showing some skin since the 70's??

2050 days ago



2050 days ago


Considering she's performed at the Idol's Give Back and Finale of Idol the last couple of years I would hardly say she's been dissing Idol. Her and Clive Davis disagreed over her last album. Thats it. They've moved on. And # 11 Thank God she's no Britney. Kelly can actually sing and really sing great. Britney is having a hard time to even lipsynche good anymore.

2050 days ago


She dissed american Idol when she told them they could not use her song on the show...................biting the hand that feeds you.......then when she got a lot of crap about it, embarrassed to death, she said, Ops I didnt say that, I love american Idol

2050 days ago


ACTUALLY MACK...check your facts. She didn't say Idol couldn't use her songs. It was a misunderstanding between Idol and her management. Kelly never made the demand, nor heard about it until the media started spreading it. PLEASE don't tell me you're one of those people who takes what blogs say as the absolute truth? If so, you lead a sad, sad life my friend. Kelly rocks! and Mack sucks.

2050 days ago


What the hell? you guys really need to get your facts straight before reporting. kelly never said anything bad about american idol. she always comes back to the show when they ask.

2050 days ago


I can't imagine why anyone would hate on her. She is mad talented (I've seen her live) and is always nice to everyone. She also has a great work ethic. If you've ever seen quotes from people who have worked with her, they have nothing but raves. I recently heard leaked bonus track from her new CD (The day we fell apart) and OMG! it is fantastic! Better than MLWSWY. Can't wait for the album to be released.

2050 days ago


As usual, your site is full of crap. I dare you to show even ONE intervew where she dissed American Idol and I will show you 100 interviews where she always says she appreciates where she came from. In fact, and this is a fact not like your news, last year she took out an expensive ad in Billboard magazine comgratulating Simon Fuller, founder and owner of the Idol franchise in a special issue tribute to him. NO OTHER Idol DID THAT.

You guys are bunch of idiots.

2049 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

It has to be hard to be a star today, but Kelly had it easier than 99% of the people in the music business. She was picked to be on a talent show after bombing out on her own. She had a record deal and I believe lost it, all prior to Idol. Then she won and she was the Cinderella Girl, rightfully so. But then she got to be too cool and forgot she was very expendable. She fought with Clive Davis and acted like a putz. She should pay attention to the rock bands from the 1970s and 1980s who all sold out massive arenas and are no where today. They're picking at the scrraps of a county fair circuit. David Cook, I hope you're paying attention. Be nice to everyone!

2049 days ago


I'm not sure why anyone would expect a gossip site such as TMZ to actually have their facts right but at least make the effort so you don't come off looking like complete idiots. Kelly has never dissed Idol. In every interview she's ever given when asked about Idol she says how thankful she is to have gotten her start there. She's appeared on Idol more than any other winner to date. Appearing on Season 1, 2, 3 and 6 and doing the World Idol and Christmas Specials and Idol Gives Back.

She was on tour for seasons 4, 5 and 7 but don't let a little thing like the facts get in your way of shilling your tripe.

2049 days ago


Turns out Kelly DID NOT show up to this ultra-lame event. Looks like she bit that hand off, swallowed it, sold 20 milion records.. then spit that hand up TMZ's a$$

2049 days ago


I am offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disney employees aren't forced to sing "it's a small world" by the bathrooms.....duh.... We're forced to sing Hannah Montana songs. All day.

(not really)

2049 days ago


Kelly is asked about Idol in practically every interview, and she has nothing but great things to say about the show. She credits them for her start. The ones that wanted her to distance herself from Idol were her former management, The Firm, who she fired two years ago.

2049 days ago


#5 and #11 said it all for me! Isn't her 15 minutes up yet?

2049 days ago
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