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Toby Keith Opens Can of Whoopass -- On Tape!

2/12/2009 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We now have incredible video of Toby Keith going after a fan at a Kentucky concert this weekend -- have you ever seen a country star grab someone by the face and the hair at the same time?!

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After the concert-goer allegedly tossed a beer on stage and flipped Toby off -- the 6'4," 250 lb singer jumped into the crowd, busted through security and fans, violently wrangled the dude into a death grip and then began screaming at him.

We're not sure what Toby said, but we think these words: &*$#, *&^%$ and @!#$&$%^$&# were used.

Ironic part: Toby was right in the middle of singing "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action."


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What kind of name is Toby for a man? I bet he changed it from Tubby.

2044 days ago


We need more action less talk like this. Those of you that didn't like it forget what it means to be men.

2044 days ago


First, you can see that something happened before this recording began because he follows the guy along the stage. Secondly, I know Pikeville, KY, I lived very close to it for years, there are a lot of rednecks there, but why would you pay good money to go to a concert just to piss off the singer. I love Toby Keith and I think he was within his rights to get pissed off at the guy, he didn't wrangle him, he grabbed his shirt and talked to him, sure its assault but the guy assaulted him first so YOU GO TK!

2044 days ago


Oh no, a beer got thrown at a "country" show, and someone got flipped off, boo hoo. TOBY KEITH IS A DUMB REDNECK. That isn't country. If it was, no one would care about a beer being thrown. TOBY KEITH YOU AREN'T COUNTRY, YOU ARE A POSER. Man up Toby, you supposed to be a country singer.

2044 days ago


Want some real entertainment?! You should read the comments the hens are posting on the Toby Keith Fan Club forum about this. I joined the fan club to get good tickets cause the guy does put on a great show but I get tons of entertainment reading the crap that is posted on the message board. Those die hard fans, or Warriors, as they call themselves are all a twitter! There's even one who seems to be bragging that she flipped Toby off and thinks the whole Pikeville thing is a good place to let the hens know that she's a tough broad. Dumb Ass! What kind of a fan joins the freaking fan club and then brags about flipping off Toby? that one along and so many others need to get a life and realize that if they really want to be "famous" for flipping off Toby Keith, they need to do it the way this guy did. And what a thing to be famous for. Cluck Cluck little hens.

2044 days ago


I was at the concert. It was not staged according to security. TK was mad and he had a right to be. The concert was great and almost over when the incident occured. People know the guy as his name was posted on the local forum in Pikeville.

2044 days ago


Just wanted to say I'm from Pikeville, Ky. and I am very offended at the use of the word redneck and hillbilly that is floating around on this board. It is an offensive word, the same as using the N word is. There are rednecks everywhere, even in big cities. There are many, many, many more people here who have class, intelligence, and are by no means rednecks. Until you come here, and see how friendly and welcoming the people of Pikeville, Ky. are, do not use a derogatory word to describe us, because you have no idea what you're talking about. Look around you. I'm sure you'll find rednecks in your hometown too.

2044 days ago


Fake.....Toby is the world's biggest publicity whore. If he's not in the news, he'll stage something to get himself there. Wonder how much he paid this 'irate fan'???

2044 days ago


Comment to the post from Pikeville......... I've never been to your town but I agree with you! I also believe the saying "I was not born in the South but I got here as fast as I could". People from the South are the best people in the world and the best place to live and raise a family. People who speak otherwise about the South are ignorant and uninformed. About Toby......... I think he is a talented entertainer, a real man, loves this country and there should be more men in the world like him. Men like him may be a dying breed, and if that is true this country is in a lot more trouble than we think.

2043 days ago


I just caught your show on tv with the Toby Keith incident and I'm amazed in how much of the story was left out! According to a close friend who WAS THERE and saw it , said, not only did the guy throw a beer on stage and flip him the bird, the guy was heckling him BEFORE the show at the meet & greet and then during the show, security wasn't doing anything about it so he took matters in his own hands! The guy had it coming!
It's cool that you gave Toby free publicity, but get the story straight BEFORE you release it to the public!
Toby Keith is THE MAN!!!

2043 days ago


The guy that Toby cause to fall down behind him in the blue shirt is his manager TK Kimbrell.Shows what kind of respect he has for him huh? I bet Toby dared the guy he went after to sue him.

2043 days ago


Good Job, Toby!!! That guy needed put in his place. As for being staged-Give Me A Break!!! Anyone at that concert
can tell you that is was not staged. As for all you Toby Keith Haters and Haters of his Fans-Get A Life & Find A Hobby.

2043 days ago


Some of you idiots need to look up the definition of a redneck. I suppose since all southerners and country fans seem to be toothless, unintelligent, classless morons according to some of you, it doesn't matter much how offensive your comments are because I'm sure they're not sharp enough to manage a computer anyway. I don't agree with what TK did-I'd have waged that by now he'd be used to the criticism..have you heard his music?!? I really could care less. What I do think is interesting however, is that rather than commenting on his actions, some of you are using the opportunity to spread your own form of ignorant hate.

2043 days ago


Posted by NDD-
"This was nothing more than a prick waving contest at a redneck concert, fueled by beer and stupidity. Now there's something that just doesn't happen in Trailer Park, America everyday......get over yourselves, boys! And you, the big hick with the microphone, get your ass back on stage and sing like you were paid to do. Yeah, you're a reall badass.....sheez."

Ndd-You are an idiot.

2043 days ago


To Comment #69----- Forum Lurker---------- And you call yourself a fan? I think not! your fc membership should be revoked!shame on you!

2043 days ago
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