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Toby Keith Opens Can of Whoopass -- On Tape!

2/12/2009 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We now have incredible video of Toby Keith going after a fan at a Kentucky concert this weekend -- have you ever seen a country star grab someone by the face and the hair at the same time?!

Click to view!
After the concert-goer allegedly tossed a beer on stage and flipped Toby off -- the 6'4," 250 lb singer jumped into the crowd, busted through security and fans, violently wrangled the dude into a death grip and then began screaming at him.

We're not sure what Toby said, but we think these words: &*$#, *&^%$ and @!#$&$%^$&# were used.

Ironic part: Toby was right in the middle of singing "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action."


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Good for him! Toby Keith (I am friends with his family ) is a very caring and wonderful person who has done a lot for his community, his county and his family. He an also be a bit of a rough neck when need be and that's fine! So what if he got rough with a guy, the idiot shouldn't have been throwing a beer! This may have been staged, haven't heard much else about it!

2046 days ago

Toby Fan    

WOW...I sense alot of jealousy...anyone who thinks this was not a proper response should be put in the situation and see how they react. Many would have gone further. Toby was working...let someone come to your job and throw things to you and curse you and see if you just smile and take it...hardly! Those who say you didn't see the guy do anything, you did not see the whole tape....people start recording when something happens, just because you did not see it does not mean it did not happen. Show respect...or do you know how...Mr Red Necks!!!...your spelling indicates your level of intelligence so it is clear why you would not understand...TOBY ROCKS>>>

2045 days ago


What a bunch of jealous looooooossssssssseeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssss! all so darn jealous of someone who has what it takes to be where Toby is. How sad, you men are all just so jealous you stink!!!! Sad sad sad. I feel sorry for you idiots who cannot be happy for someone who has worked their ass off to get where they are. You must have nothing yourselves. I will pray for you fools.

2045 days ago

trouble maker    

Toby is freaking hot!!!!

2045 days ago


I posted on the other tape #45...suffice it to say...I love Toby,so please, if you are going to be in Houston in March, don't sit down in front near me...I don't want beer spilled on me by some dumb drunk....If you don't love the music...PLEASE STAY HOME! It's a FREE COUNTRY. You guys give country a bad name...Toby is a great entertainer...And FYI.." A Little Less Talk.." is only one of many Toby songs about action.. be it .sex, brawling, partying, etc...there is no irony or coincidence there!

2045 days ago

trouble maker    

The ones on here saying all the crap about Toby probaly look like the guy Toby snatched. ha,ha,ha poor babies...

2045 days ago


Hey #14 no talent you say, well millions of people see it another way. How much are you making a year? Mr. Keith is ranked as the 3rd highest paid performer. So why would your opinion even matter when so many others say he is talented.
Maybe you should look in the mirror and say maybe I'm wrong, after all others have put him where he is today. You don't get where he is with out having talent!!!

2045 days ago


I have been a fan for many years and I'm a size 6 and have all my teeth. Thank you!
Why are Toby's fans being attacked here? If you don't like Toby, fine with me. Gives me more oppurtunity for a M&G and better seats! i don't agree with Toby coming off the stage to do Securities job. I"m sure he'll pay dearly for it.

2045 days ago


People can say whatever they want to about country singers and fans, but I'm backing Toby on this one. Keep on keepin' on with your bad self Toby!

2045 days ago

K Rossy    

He is a professional singer, a role model and should know when to let security do there job!

2044 days ago


To Jeff95117: LARDASS??????????? Have you ever seen him in concert. From three women's point of view, Toby has the tightest, sexiest, manly ass we have ever seen. You should be so lucky to have someone looking at your ass

2044 days ago


In respect to your comments on all front row fans at Toby Keith concerts..... we have all our teeth, as well as post graduate degrees. Can you say that about your self?

2044 days ago


To poster #122 can you read? I have never said anything negative about Toby. He is the only reason I joined the fan club. It sure wasn't to be beaten up by you hens that cluck and twist everything around. Tell me one thing I said bad about Toby. I may be disturbing as you put it but it is because I have been trying to follow the thoughts of people who make crazy assumptions and change everything to fit their needs. I LOVE TOBY AND THINK WHAT HE DID WAS GREAT! Clear enough? The fact that I find a bunch of the Fan Club Members kooky is a separate issue. And I have a lot of people who agree with me on that one.

2044 days ago


i'm a tk fan....but now i like i love it i want some more of it.....heehee for all of the above stated redneck can't handle it take the sticks out of your a**. i think someone (guy at the concert) is maybe a little insecure..couldn't handle his woman lookin' and a lustin'....probably a divorce in his future... you go toby and hope to see you agin in good ol' PIKEVILLE, KENTUCKY....home of hillbilly days.....

2043 days ago


#15 What do you have to say for yourself in response to your three teeth comment???????????? Come out of the closet you elitist pu**y!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2043 days ago
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