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Weakness in Chris Brown Case -- Prior Attacks

2/12/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown , RihannaChris Brown may have gotten lucky because the charge he was booked on is kinda weak, law enforcement sources tell TMZ. But he's still in big trouble, and Rihanna says it's not the first time he's attacked her.

Sources say the Los Angeles County District Attorney kicked the case back to the police for further investigation because evidence that he made criminal threats against Rihanna is kind of thin. Our sources are quick to say he will, however, almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery, a lesser offense but still serious.

Here's how it went down, according to the police report. After Chris received a text message from a woman who wrote about getting together, an argument erupted. By the way, initially, Rihanna would not tell cops what started the argument.

She did, however, tell them that during the argument, he started hitting her. According to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and "faked a call" to someone, saying things like, "He's dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there."

Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of "You are really fu**ed up now. I'm going to kill you." This statement is the basis of the criminal threats charge.

At that point, according to the report, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside.

And there's this. According to the police report, she told cops this was not the first time Brown hit her. She referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship.

We're told the criminal threats charge is based on that one statement Brown allegedly made. As one law enforcement source told us, "It's kinda weak, and the D.A. is not going to prosecute a high profile case like this unless it's solid." That's why it was kicked back for further investigation.

Given the brutal nature of the attack, which the photos clearly show -- contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm -- a felony domestic battery charge is virtually a done deal. That, however, is a less serious offense than making criminal threats.


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I hope Rihanna is strong enough to stick to her guns and see this through. She deserves better. Chris Brown would never try that with a man i'm sure. He's a b*tch. He needs to be made an example of. Let him spend his money at the prison store.

2041 days ago


It is really pathetic that a Threat Charge carries moer weight than an actual assault. Don't threaten anyone, just beat their face in?????????????????

2041 days ago


firenina you are a total dumb ass broad! You have some nerve to insult the victim of this crime. NO matter how annoying or "crazy" she is; she does not deserve to get hit. NO ONE deserves to get hit. I am sickened by people like you. You are uneducated ignorant and maybe one day you will see how "Crazy" you are. You say she is crazy! How do you know? Do you even know her? And I guess you have never been in love or cared about someone and they cheated on you. That hurts and anyone would have gotten mad and started a fight. But then for this punk to hit her is over the top. But dumb bitches like you dont see that. I hope one day you will see how much it hurts and how something like this turns you life upside down. I am glad that she is sticking to her guns and I hope that punk goes to jail and becomes bubba's bitch.

2041 days ago


To #11: you're nuts. I'd like to see you get the ish beat outta you just because you're annoying. Duh men and women argue but to let it turn into him beating that girl like that is crossing many lines. How dare you say she should get beat up. No woman should be beaten like that. If you feel that way then hopefully it happens to you. Then I bet you will feel differently. Chris needs to be put in jail not counseling. He says he is sorry but he isn't. He beat her tail then left her there to rot on the street. He is a little boy trying to be a man and I bet once he is in prison they will show him how it feels to be a victim. I hope he gets the highest possible charges!

2041 days ago


i didnt expect chris to do sumthing like this man he fkked up lol he deserves to be jailed for a good amount of years as an example to others only a coward beat women especially when there hot lol poor rihanna T_T

2041 days ago


I agree with number 15....a lot more went on that night than any of us are aware of--now I am not saying that it was right--but I think she knew which buttons to push and when and now they both have put their careers in jeopardy. She and he need to put an X on that relationship and move on to someone who is more compatible for themselves...Chris needs someone who is a bit more secure and Rihanna needs a full grown man--he was too young for her anyway.

2041 days ago

Truly Informed    

What none of you understand is that this is a very sad and very common case for young people. Both sides are victims. They are both very young and both victims of domestic violence. Chris Brown and his mom were beaten by his father before she left him. What most women don't realize is that getting a way doesn't solve the problem. If you don't get some counseling, most victims of child abuse become abusers themselves (no matter how much they hated it) because that's how they learned to react to problems. They have no coping mechanism. Without counseling and violence management, the cycle just continues. The same goes for Rihanna. She was a victim as well. People are so quick to say, just leave. But most women in this situation, no matter how beautiful, have such low self esteem that they will think it's something they did, then they stay and try to fix the situation. She learned from her upbringing to stay. They both need counseling and this needs to be put out in the open so that people can talk to their children openly about it. These kids are too young to be going through this and it shows you that the ignorance of parents can really affect their children. Talk to your kids, know what they are feeling and going through, and realize that sometimes you need to go to a professional because as parents we don't know everything. STOP THE CYCLE! It starts with talking about it...

2041 days ago


That m.f needs to be charged with aggravated battery and mayhem, because she gave her permanent scars or disfigurement. He went way to far. Slapping a women is assault and considered very bad, What he did is clearly the work of a sick person. He should get 3-5 years in jail.

2041 days ago


Rhianna is an idiot and I have no sympathy for her whatsover. Why, because the dumb arse admitted Chris beat her arse before, but she went back to him.


2041 days ago


Way to go Chris Brown, u F*! We finally get a Black president things are starting to look up. What do you do?!? You beat your women! Adding to the stereotypical view of the black man. Guess "You can pay for school but you cant buy class"- that's a lil Shawn Corey Carter(Jay-Z) for ya! I hope Russel Simmons, Mr. Carter, and Jermaine Dupree puts a beat down on chris for messin with their biggest female recording artist! That girls face is F*d. I hate seeing that regaurdless of race but that ish is way more personal when your a minority. I'm a lil Puerto Rician girl, only 4"11 at 100 pounds but if I ever saw Chris Brown I'd beat him down myself. I hope Rihanna doesn't hook back up with him, I would loose mad respect for her. For the record I have been in crazy fights with guys for way less then saying "make sure the cops are there".. I got my ass thrown agaist the wall for telling my X-boy not say the N* word. So I completely believe he beat her. They all say they're sorry that's what mine did to he know what I did? I told him "I'm going to Starbucks and I'll be right back" I never came back. O and another thing who bites?!? Really Mista lame for that

2041 days ago


IDC who Chris Brown beats up. I'll still be watching his videos and buying his CD's, haay. So I guess this means Chris is single......halla Chris :) I really wunna take ya down

2041 days ago


I just want to express my disappointment that the whole thing happened. Remember there is two sides to every story. None of us were in that car. We do not know what truly happened. There is a such thing as temporary insanity that really happens when someone is being attacked or what if the rumour about her giving him an STD was true. The men and women out there that are so quick to judge him should ask themselves "What if it were me how would I react?" You don't know you only HOPE that you will walk away. As a victim myself of years of abuse from a former husband I don't condone what happened by any means, and yet it's odd that I know SHE was not his first girlfriend but you don't hear any of the others coming forward with reports of them being beat. We may NEVER know what truly happened and some of these same guys that are talking about him getting raped in jail are probably guilty of hitting their girlfriends or another woman as well. People in glass houses should not throw stones. Lets give the man a chance. I don't remember this much attention when R Kelly was going through his mess, most peple were still buying his music and the allegations were with an underage girl, but we won't go there. Well thats my opinion!

2041 days ago


Just once I would liek to get ahold of a guy like this .. Rihanna ... you email me his coordinates and I promise you this .. I will show this punk just how bad he really is

2041 days ago


I heard of the prior assaults would not count against him...because it was a donkey punch...!!??
Whatever that means...???

2041 days ago

Pastor BIg Bro    

I don't care what she does, or what she says, you cannot put your hand on a woman if you are a man. Period...End of Conversation!!!

2041 days ago
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