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Backstreet Booze

Band Requires

Beer at Shows

2/13/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bad Idea: Contractually binding a concert venue to provide a band with booze, when half of said band's members have alcohol problems ... like the Backstreet Boys.

But alas, clear as day in the rider for the Backstreet Boys' current tour, is the demand for 24 bottles of beer and two bottles of "high quality Italian or French red wine." A votre sante!

What makes this particularly funny (or sad, depending on your point of view) is that we have gotten video of both AJ McLean and Nick Carter out drinking within the last month -- both of whom have claimed to be sober.


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Gulp, gulp.

2047 days ago


They asked for beer? I wonder who the lesser gay than the rest is? Or do you think perhaps they just put that on the list to appear "butch" and they all split the two bottles of "high quality" wine equally? Yeah, that's probably it.

2047 days ago


Can't speak for AJ's situation, but Nick was diagnosed with his heart condtion in June 2008. This rider was last revised in early June, probably before he was diagnosed and gave up alcohol.

... I didn't see wheatgrass listed in the tour rider, though

2047 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

They can have the booze - I want the chocolate bars.

2047 days ago


... look at the meal requirements, as well as all the non-alcoholic beverages - this rider is for a crew of 52 people, not just the Backstreet Boys themselves. I don't think the group could polish off the fruit, vegetable and cheese trays all by themselves, let along the beer, wine and the 60 + bottles and cans of (non-alcoholic) water and soda

2047 days ago


Wow.As a Backstreet Boys fan back in the day,I seriously hope that AJ and Nick get their act together! (literally)
They need to wake up and remember that they are somebody's son,nephew,friend and above all...their still in the public eye!!! (little peeps are watching them).

2047 days ago


so the date was june 5, 2008
we have 2009
they could change so many in it by now.....
its so lame from you to post it in here guys.....really....its an old thing.....
and beyond the alcohol stuff it says BAND not backstreet boys.....

2047 days ago

TMZ looser    

Just shows their wine console siers, Unlike BMD just wants OLD ENGHISH 40 oz sent up!

2047 days ago


This is from a long time ago, don't know why you guys would post this now. This is the same list that they had when they were on the apprentice, anyways, Nick was diagnosed with a heart condition since then and they have probably changed that by now, there is no way that those 4 guys could eat and drink all that themselves. This is for their band and crew, not just BSB themselves.

2047 days ago


Most venues have a standard list that they submit for the artists approval and changes. It's not like the artists take the time to sit down and write a list. Who knows what was added or subtracted.

2047 days ago


they reealllyy don't like evian water, huh. lol

2047 days ago


First of all, Campy, your homophobia is showing. (And ignorance). Secondly, this serves as a reminder that alcohol is a drug--a legal drug. It has messed up lives just as heroin or meth has. Some one close to these guys needs to do a serious intervention with them before it's too late.

2047 days ago


That is the rider that was submitted to Celebrity Apprentice, which makes it suspect to begin with. But even if it is truely their rider--that rider has to provide food and beverages for not only the four members of Backstreet, but of their band, the technicians and staff!!! Also-the rider was probably written at the beginning of the last tour--when they didn't know about Nick's heart condition, and AJ had no problem with others drinking around him. While I'm glad for all the publicity--don't go looking for something to bitch at--be realistic. Yes, AJ and NIck have fallen off the wagon. Nick's article in People was written in NOVEMBER and he has been seen drinking only ONCE--at the LA birthday party in January. He was seen by hundreds of fans iin Canada drinking non alcoholic beverages. AJ needs help--don't know, and YOU don't know if that rider will hold at all during the South American tour the end of this month.

2047 days ago


1. It was last year 2008 not 2009
2. They is two more band member not just Nick and AJ
3. Other people like manger, bodygrands and family/friends etc
4. U looked passed the other things anyway like the healthy things they ask for

2047 days ago


TMZ really needs to stop making up stuff. That list was from like 9 years ago and the beer was for the band and set up crew. Stop making up drama.

2047 days ago
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