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Bon Jovi Sues -- Hands Off My Soul!

2/13/2009 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Bon JoviJon Bon Jovi is accusing someone of trying to sell parts of his "Soul."

A former employee of the Philadelphia Soul -- the 2008 Arena Bowl champs -- is being sued by team owner Bon Jovi and his Arena League Football team for allegedly making his own version of their championship rings and selling them to the general public.

According to a lawsuit filed yesterday, Joe Krause -- a former sales manager for the team -- organized an event at which the rings were for sale. Bon Jovi alleges that the design for the ring, as well as any use of the Soul logo, belongs to him.

JBJ is suing for damages and asking for all the infringing materials to be destroyed.

Side note -- Krause sued the team and Bon Jovi last month for $125K, claiming he still should have gotten paid even though the 2009 Arena Football League season was canceled.

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Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Never! Howard Robard Hughes IIV ttt!.

2077 days ago


Ah let the guy make a few bucks off some knock off rings will ya? You with the singing and protecting of the "common man" whily you bask among the rich and famous. You are getting worse than that other New Jersey singing star, and I dont mean Frank Sinatra.

2077 days ago


why does TMZ use photos of some celebrities that look like they were taken from a Google satellite map???

2077 days ago


UGH Frost & tip Bongiovi. Sucked then, sucks now. I had to sit through a Bon Jovi concert when they opened for Ratt. OMG it was TORTURE. Ratt Rocked. They blew out all the electricity in Irvine for an hour!

2077 days ago

Philly Cat    

I'm definitely leaning towards the 'I hope that even if the AFL DOES come back in Philly, I ain't...' side of the fence. Krausey's not out to make money on this...he's trying to give us (fans, the team) closure on the best of seasons...don't hold your breath for that from the ownership side....

Jon Bon Blowme can just kiss my ass...

2077 days ago

Go away    

Geez, fate dealt him a pretty freaking good hand and he can't even let someone else make a buck because he's too freaking greedy! I hate it when celebs get all sue-happy on everybody, even their own fans if it means a couple bucks might be taken from them. Screw that. Bon Jovi are one lucky group of dudes to put out crap music with the WORST, cheesiest lyrics hands-down ever and still sell millions upon millions. And guess what? No one owns "soul". Anyone should be able to sell "soul" rings. You shouldn't be able to patent stuff like that. It's amazing how pompous and arrogant stars become and how they turn on their fans if money is involved. Screw that.

2077 days ago


Bon Jovi are an amazing bunch of men....if they suck so much, I highly doubt they would be THIS famous or make an awful lot of money if they couldn't play. They are successful because of who they are and what they do....and I doubt "Jon Bon Blowme" would enjoy blowing you OR kissing your ass.

2077 days ago


Could see this one coming from a mile away ... Krause had no right to hold any kind of event related to the Soul once he had been dismissed. (Let go way too late in my opinion. Lots of people have called him a snake oil salesman and that ain't so far from the truth.) I say ... you go Jon Bon. Give em hell!

2077 days ago


Think you could have at least found a decent photo of the man ... he is pretty good-looking ya know!

2077 days ago

Philly Cat    

/watches Jovifan marching lockstep with the other JBJ zombies

Shame...if Jon does something, it MUST be gospel, right? What horsecrap. All this 'I heard...' from others bull. Did you ever have any contact with Joe? If so, what was YOUR experience? I'm not sure where you get the 'snake oil salesman' idea. There was not one time that Joe didn't come though with what he said he would do in all my dealings with him. Can you say the same about Jon? Hmmm...no.

The Hard Rock meet and greet? How'd that go? Oh, yeah, cancelled. What about the ticketholder concert, that was kickin' right? Oh, yeah, cancelled too...At least that concert he promised on air at the radio station...that went off without a hitch though, right? Uh oh...don't tell me THAT got cancelled too? Hmm...I'm...sensing a pattern here...

2077 days ago


Having seen the design for the ring in question first hand, JBJ doesn't have a leg to stand on as it contains nothing, I repeat, nothing, that is protected by copyright or trademark. Sounds like a retribution lawsuit for Krause suing over nonpayment of commissions owed. He should counter-sue Bon Jovi for harassment.

2077 days ago


Lay Your Hands On Me-
Well thats why they got into trouble.

Hands Off-
NOT right to SUE the Bon Jovi camp-

Get your greedy hands off what was a meal ticket for you.

Start workin your own gravy tarin and get a real job -not a job thru lawyers.
Bottom feeder.


2077 days ago

Philly Cat    

I like this game...
Now remember...the one concert promised 'MMR WAS Jon and only Jon...it was NOT a 'SOUL sanctioned event'. Next, Jon was one of the owners who called to shut down the League, so, YES, (kinda stretching it technically, but I'll take it... :) ) he did have his hand in the players and fans losing out on the season ticketholder concert and Ring ceremony.

About Joe...I can't say yea or nay on your dealings with him, so...sorry you didn't work well...

The Lost Souls event was originally advertised as a Soul event, but was changed by Joe once Corporate said it didn't want that to happen that way. After that, it was advertised as a FAN event...and the ring, well, if you can show me on it where it has ANYthing on it regarding OFFICIAL Soul logos and such, let me know.

The sad part is...if it was anyone else owning the team, this would not even be a blip on the radar...

2077 days ago


WOW...Someone is suing Bon Jovi. Sounds like a way to get a settlement. It sounds like Joe K cannot find a new job. Why would that be??? I for one got a refund and that is fine with me. Whether it was because of him or not. But using the Soul's name and his position is totally fraudulent once he no longer had the job because of the economy. Rock n roll has no recession it seems, can't blame Jon for that, people want it and are willing to pay for it. done. Not that I am crazy about his every endeavor, like the whole mastercard thingy. But the charities are fantastic and he is giving his fans a special concert just for us. Yeah!!!

2076 days ago


Susanm- It is my opinion that Bongiovi sucks. I was cringing the
whole time I had to listen. I don't have to like them, to each their
own. LOL Oh, and dear? "Round and Round" reached number 12 on the
Billboard Hot 100, so you were wrong on that one. It doesn't matter,
you can disagree with me and I don't feel threatened like you
obviously do. LOL & you DID take the time to "educate" me. Thank you
so much! Bongiovi is such an important thing to know about. LMAO
He's suing because he is irrelevant and probably needs the money.

2075 days ago

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