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Octuplet Mom

She Asked For It

She Got It

2/13/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you wonder who's gonna pay for Octomom's bushel of kiddies? Well this pic may foretell the future.

Nadya Suleman got the Denver boot two years ago for not paying parking tickets. The pic was taken in the parking lot of the Cal State Fullerton Children's Center. The future Octomom was attending school there when she came out to her Toyota Sienna to find she got the boot. Two of her kids -- #2 and #3 -- were in the front seat.

We did some digging and at the time the minivan was booted she had 3 delinquent parking tickets -- all issued on campus at Cal State Fullerton.

Octuplet Mom

We're told the silhouette in the back seat is Nadya feeding another member of the soon-to-be-ever-growing brood.


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She's going to do what Jon and Kate and the Duggar families etc do... exploit her kids for money. It's child abuse as far as I'm concerned.

2043 days ago


ADOPTION. This women should not be raising one of these children much less all of them. The living conditions alone are hurrendous and she has no job. He own mother thunks she's a loser. I think the doctor should be financially responsable to raise these kids not me or you. She should be stripped of every one of those innocent children so they can be brought up in a loving home with people who have the capability to PLAN AHEAD FOR THE FUTURE OF THEIR CHILDREN. they should all be adopted.

2043 days ago


Hey lady, your not a dog! Humans aren't made to have a litter of welfare kids! Get a job like the rest of us!

2043 days ago


Please send any donations via Paypal to Thanks and God Bless.

2043 days ago


Usually whatever Police Department places the boot on the vehicle takes pictures. A lot of people that get the boot put on their car try and claim that some kind of damage was done to their vehicle or they claim there was no justification for the boot being put on- so photos are taken as a precaution. This woman is an abomination. She has such a horrible back injury that she can't work yet she can breed like a rabbit. Her back is good enough to carry eight kids at once then she is good enough to work. Hopefully the state steps in and takes her kids. It's pretty sad when your own family basically disowns you and then publicy states that you have a mental issue.

If I were a resident of California I would refuse to pay taxes until these kids are taken away from her.

2043 days ago


when is it going to be enough for this blood sucking leech... all she wants is the publicity... just stop putting her on the web or tv. the kids are the ones that we should feel sorry for since we are going to pay for them... lock her up for child abuse

2043 days ago


Looks like we're gonna have to all buy her a stretch limosine now too...

2043 days ago


How long are you going to subject us to looking at that mess of a human being? She proves the notion that"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should"!

2043 days ago

carmen chic    

she looks like a dam PLANET!!! ...

2043 days ago

Normal Californian    

Was anyone with those kids???? It looks like they were unsupervised, as a grown up in the car would not have allowed the cops to boot her car wheels. Where were social services after this photo was taken?

2043 days ago


Just more proof that she is a sociopath with no respect for anyone or anything....especially her children and the law.

2043 days ago


Could you PLEASE take this woman's pregnant picture off of your site? I seriously want to vomit every time I see it (although I'm not sure if it's the picture of her stomach or just that it's a picture of her). And stop giving this fame-whore the attention she desperately wants.

2043 days ago


Ya know what she's going to spend her future income on right? A tummy tuck - that's right America..this crazy leech of a human being is going to have YOU pay for her tummy tuck, no doubt....Because as much as she wants to BE Angie, the only way she's ever be thin like her again is by getting that overstretched, no doubt four feet of hanging flesh lopped off at YOUR expense!

2043 days ago


wow those stretch marks are gross. they go all the way up to her boobs practically. And yeah she is sucking the financial aid system dry, gawd save some for the rest of us sensible people who need it. She's crazy for having all those kids.

2043 days ago


i think all the people that leave mean comments here are just jelous losers that dont have a life so stop hating god

2043 days ago
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