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Would Ashanti

Call Cops on Abuser?

'I Dunno'

2/13/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashanti claims if she were in Rihanna's shoes, she "doesn't know" if she would have called the police on the night Chris Brown allegedly beat her up. Hopefully, she'll never have to make that decision.

Ashanti: Click to watch


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calm down people ashanti is a spokes person for domestic violence....remember her "rain on me" video???
maybe she just didnt want to get all into it cause its not her business. shes not a "dumb ugly bitch" shes doing really good for herself right now so why hate? appreciate!

2049 days ago


This person is on Fox this morning saying "We don't know what happened in that car..." This is what we get from a proclaimed advocate against violence? Everyone let the wingnuts shame them into fearing the word Feminism for the last 30 years and this is one result. Slavery is not black and white, but a gray scale from freedom to enslavement that runs through many forms of self-degradation.

2040 days ago

Let's Reflect on Life    

I hope the celebrities will remain neutral until the story pertaining to the incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown have been revealed. I hope both parties will learn from this incident and develop better skills regarding how to maintain control and have loving relationships not hurting relationships. Both men and women and men can commit battery. The laws are not written just to address men offensively touching women but also women offensively touching men. I continue to reserve my opinion until the investigation is finished and at least good effort has been made to bring all the facts out. However, if it is determined that Rihanna initiated the battering for whatever reason, it is my opinion that she should be punished too. If the American legal system allows women to batter men and expect no punishment then abuse of men will occur. I prefer to take a logical approach to this matter ,remove the names and sexes, and try to figure out who is the aggressive party. That is where to start when trying to analyze this unfortunate incident. It is important to be fair and hear both parties out in this case. There are conflicting statements regarding this situation. It has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Chris Brown caused any or all of Rihanna’s bruises. The bottom-line is everyone in American is presumed innocent until proven guilty. No verdict has been rendered. Further defenses can be asserted. It is not the media’s nor the public’s judgment that will determine whether Chris Brown remains a free man; it is the court’s and thank goodness!

2074 days ago


The truth is that most of us don't know what we would do until we are actually faced with the situation. I mean we know what we think we would do or hope we would do but unless you've been there you don't know what your capable of. And yes before people start berating me I was involved in a domestic abuse situation and no I didn't call the cops. I beat his A$$ and left him. Then went to my mom's and told my brothers' they handled it from there but that's just me. Also, early on there were reports that she called the cops but it was later determined that a person in the neighborhood was actually the one that called. She was just being honest and there's really no need for all the name calling and all that. Yeah we may think a woman that stays with an abusive man is stupid but until we lived their life we don't know why they make the decisions they do. Just like we don't know why the man/woman chooses to put their hands on another human being.

2073 days ago


I don't think that she doesn't know.. Maybe she just doesn't know how to grasp the concept.. Maybe she just doesn't wanna think about it.. Maybe she is friends with both Chris Brown and Rihanna and didn't wanna answer the question..

2073 days ago


my ex boyfriend hit me i called the police but didnt make a atatement and took him back after him pleading with me that it would never happen again .......... it did and this time it was much worse i was 4 months pregnant with his child and he threw me through a door causing me to loose our child i called the police pressed charges and never looked back he is now serving a 12 month sentance for Domestic Violence! Men should never hit women full stop but sometimes they do if it does happen to you only let it happen once take a beating and leave his ass NEVER believe a man who has just hit you say it wont happen again i bet he said when he first met you he would never hit a women!

2072 days ago



2072 days ago


ashanti is DUMB ass hell....
lmao i cant believe she would say that
and its not rite for any man to hit a woman
but i want to kno why he halled off and beat her like dat
was it herpies or did he cheat on her?
i guess we will never kno!!!

2072 days ago


Unfortunately some people have a false sense of loyalty to their families, boyfriends, husbands & even their race when abuse happens. This is why so many black celebs I feel were ambivalent-except for Jay-Z of course.But I think thats only because hes Rhianna's manager. He's making money off of her. It won't happen if she's being battered & abused. I wonder if he would have spoken out if it were any other lady celeb?

2072 days ago

his only wife    

wise up Ashanti
please look at rihanna picture again and again until you get it through your head

2072 days ago

swedish girl    

Excuse me but white women go through this everyday . There are white men that abuse their white women too.This is not a racial thing, this is a human of all races problem in our society. I think she's just being honest and letting people know that she wouldn't know what to do if she was in that situation herself. Instead of beating someone who's already down, people can try to be a little more understanding and let them heal. It could happen to anyone you love or care about. it could even happen to you. So my question is: Are you gonna be that judgemental when that time comes?

2071 days ago

Yeah ok.....    

Ya'll so funny. If this bitch didn't want to seem involved or "just wanted to get in the building cause it was sooooooooooooo cold", all she had to say was "no comment". Thats not a yes nor a no and this video probably would have been as irrelevant as her singing career. So yall can miss me with that.

2071 days ago


No ALL these black women dont just accept getting their ass kicked but maybe you should just go up to one and ask just to make sure stupid.

2069 days ago


Ashanti is a moron! :-/ She should have just kept walking!

2069 days ago


PPL just need 2 mind they're own business, Ashanti didn't say anything wrong, you guys just have nothing better 2 do then to post negative blogs, we dont know what happend between Chris Brown & Rihanna. They both fought eachother so if he can go 2 jail for abuse so can she, thats what they do 2 ppl who aren't celebritys is take both parties 2 jail. As for all these racist ppl it has nothing to do with being BLACK every race has domestic violence, everytime an african-american does something AMERICA automatically thinks thats how all black ppl r, stop throwing us under the bus we are here 2 stay u can't get rid of us......ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US.

2068 days ago
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