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Chris Brown: So Sorry

2/15/2009 4:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownIt only took Chris Brown a week since we broke the story of his alleged beatdown of Rihanna to release a statement... but here it is.

"Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person. Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. Those posts or writing under my name are frauds."

A spokesperson for Rihanna declined to comment.


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He will need MUCH MUCH more than a Pastor! Somebody dropped the ball on this kid many years ago and should be help partially responsible for this tragic event!!!!! I have a feeling you know who you are!!!!!

2073 days ago


my heart aches for Rihanna,the total confusion of having the one who says he loves her,beat her in such a brutal,animal way makes me ill,this is a young man who has mental problems & should not be allowed to roam free in society! No female will be safe in the company of such a individual.The trama of this experience will be with her for the rest of her life!If there isn't a consequence for his behavior, the age of 19,he will only be starting a life time of crimes against women,with the support of society & will send a message to such sick men,that this behavior is ok. She will never be the same,as before this horrible act of violence against her! beating ,& biting her like some demon possessed animal is as sick & twisted ,& puts him right in the ranks of the likes of O.J.simpson,......will Chris Brown one day swear ,"the glove doesn't fit?".......

2073 days ago


cant yall see that the boi is in fear...everything is on the line....his young and had to be provoked...not sayin his not wrong but dont yall think both of them need help....what about his face....they both was wrong and they both need some kind of help point made....

2073 days ago

Who knows    

None of us actually knows what happened between those two. Just remember there is only one truth. What I am going to say is this: No man should physically lay his hands on a woman without justified cause. Now, like I said, NONE OF US WERE THERE. There are some females in this world who think it is alright to hit, scratch, slap, kick, or pull a weapon on a man thinking that he won't react. We all have the right to protect ourselves. If she physically attacked him, then she should have been prepared to fight, not play the victim and criminal charges should be filed against her. If she didn't lay a hand on him and he proceeded to attack her for whatever reason, then criminal charges should be filed against him. Period.

2073 days ago


omg I feel 4 chris and rihanna they r goin thru alot rght now. Im praying for the both of u.. And can all of u people stop judging chris cuz yall really dont know wat happened!!!!!!!!!!!

2073 days ago


This is my first time blogging and I am truly amazed at the comments I've read. People have taken this issue with Chris Brown and Rihanna personally. All we know is what the media has given us. We need to respect each other's comments and not make threats towards each other or Chris Brown. The World is already in an uproar, not add to it.

2073 days ago

CMB Roberts    

I Love Chris. But what he did is wrong. I will still buy his music. He is not the only R&B or rapper that has made a mistake. There worse people out there. He has is punishment, he has to live with what he did for the rest of his live. Nothing any one says will hurt him more then what he did.

And him waiting for a week to make a statement. Hello people the lawyers are telling him to keep his mouth shout. And why is no one saying anything about Rihanna. She has not made a statement either. Also why has no one said anything about the death threats that Jay z has made. He is a want a be rapper. I hate Jay Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2073 days ago


Well this is horrible that he beat the crap out of her. However I believe in hearing both sides of the story before figuring out what's lies and what's not.

2073 days ago


this person is very talented singer but personality not good.....he is a fake/plastic person..he is nice on the public but behind close door show the real Chris Brown... whether Rihanna's mistakes or not you should never ever hit a person regardless what gender it is......i dont like his face its telling me he is a big liar and a phony....i dont believe he is seeking counseling to his pastor or mother or friends/family its only publicity......of course my comments will not be matter because i'm nobody.....however, a person doing bad things that hurts other people will get triple or more bad karma

2073 days ago


Chris Brown knows..he is stupid can he be...ugh
i use to like himm...don't no more!!!!
i feel really bad for Rihanna....
i really do hope that she does not go back to him.....
if it happens once it will happen again....
but i am keeping rihanna in my prayers
hopefully she will learn from this experience...
as for chris, i really do hope he gets wats coming, because he knows he was wrong!!!

2073 days ago

True to what I say    

What is happening between Chris Brown and Rihanna is nobody business but theirs. Look in your closet and let's see the skeletons you have.

2073 days ago


What the hell is with all the Chris Brown fans saying stupid stuff like, "Well she must have pushed him over the edge because Chris Brown will never do that or Rihanna must have done something to deserve that!"
I don't care how much of a temper or additude a woman has, you never hit a woman! If a man is being provoked by a woman, the best thing he could do is to simply walk away until he calms down. No one deserves to be abused, men included. Before this crap happened, I was a big Chris Brown fan, but I dont care how handsome and talented he is, thats NOT an excuse to be abusive!

2073 days ago

A, Wharol    

I cant believe all the posts that say we should not judge that little bitch chris brown. Did you see that face? I am sorry but there is no reason in the world that a man would have to inflict that type of damage on a woman. There is no excuse for that and i wish her all the best and i hope she dumps his punk ass fast, It will be so fitting when he is in Jail and is on the other end of some fists when he turns bitch in prison.

2073 days ago


once you hit a woman you alway will, because your weak. Turning to your paster, please, isnt that what every quilty person says to make people beleive they will change.

2073 days ago


Ike, I mean Chris, you're short career is over. Hope her brothers get a hold of your skinny ass!

2073 days ago
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