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Nicole Kidman -- Not Worth Fighting Over

2/15/2009 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Keith Urban, the former and current husbands of Nicole Kidman, came face-to-face during the driver's meeting today at the Daytona 500, according to TMZ spies.

Tom Cruise, Keith Urban

Cruise, who's at the NASCAR event to drive the race's pace car, and Urban, who's playing a concert at the race, squared off -- you would think to talk about the whole wife swap thing.

But our spies say the country singer and Scientolostar shook hands and had a few laughs -- probably about sharing a bed with Nicole and treating the inevitable frostbite that comes after such a risky move.

And ain't this sweet -- Connor went up to chew the fat with Keith.

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I don't why I bother.. but TMZ, you really ought to cut out the infantile insults aimed at women and older people. Harvey is getting up there in years too... will you ridicule him for aging?

but the misogynist comments are the worst, and I wish you'd cut it out.

There's no reason in the world for Keith and Tom not to act like civil adults... it would only be news if they didn't.

2075 days ago


How tacky of you, TMZ. Nicole is happily married to Keith and they share the joy of raising their little girl. Tom is apparently doing likewise with Katie. Such comments are tasteless and you should apologize (again). Who write this s**t, anyway?

2075 days ago


How very lo-life are TMZ comments--almost "high-schoolish." GROW UP---

2075 days ago


I don't understand this: "And ain't this sweet -- Connor went up to chew the fat with Keith." Since Keith is Conner's stepdad I'm sure they're together a lot and talking to each other is not out of the ordinary. I understand that Tom and Keith don't hang out, but Keith and the kids do I'm sure, so it doesn't make sense to treat it like a big deal that Conner and Keith are talking.

2075 days ago


Anyplace overflowing with testosterone is going to attract buttboys like those two. Gaymoths to a flame.

2075 days ago


Tom and Keith act like mature adults and somehow that's supposed to make us think less of Nicole?

TMZ you need to get a grip. Harvey Levin is turning into Jerry Springer.

2075 days ago

Edward Virtually    

Regarding the whining about the comment about Kidman's lack of warmth, sadistic animal mutilating psychopathic sickos deserve all the dissing they get, regardless of their gender so *you* stfu.

2075 days ago


so, no 3rd rate ex wife of a wrestler or obscure rapper got in trouble today? I am not sure what your beef with Nicole Kidman is but the comments were mean spirited and beneath even this site. When you have some real news......

2075 days ago


Keith Urban is so damn hot and Cruise is so damn disgusting. Yuck. Did people at one time really find this crazy cult member sexy?

2075 days ago


Looks like the kool-aid drinking Keith Monkeys and Kidmaniacs are out in force to give their usual boring lectures about how everyone should be nice to the fameho stars they idolize.

2075 days ago


I stumbled upon this site through a link on my home page, and I have a question...
Why are all you losers so interested in personal lives of celebrities? Don't you have anything better to do? Isn't there something more productive you could be concentrating on? Why does any of this BS interest any of you? I don't get it.
And what's with all the derogatory personal comments? The frostbite thing. Have you slept with Nicole Kidman? I doubt it. So where does that comment even come from? Any one of you ridiculous people would probably gush like school girls and kiss her ass if you ever met her.
You all sound like a bunch of bitter mean-spirited old women gossiping about folks you don't even know. I wish the rest of us, you know, with lives of our own and real topics of discussion, could round all of you losers up and exile you to some uncharted island with no tv and no internet. Then you could just be catty with each other.
I can't believe you make a living doing this. What is wrong with the world?
I hate you all so much.

2075 days ago


Um why is it surprising that Connor spoke to Keith Urban? That is his step-dad after all.

2075 days ago


Figures that the 8th grade educated morons at TMZ would try to make something out of nothing. Instead of actually finding a real story, they instead fill a non-story that has no antagonism or conflict with innuendo & fake information. If you've ever seen the losers on tmz tv, you know what I mean. Bitchy chicks & equally bitch gayboys. What a bunch of losers...

2075 days ago


These two men share the education of two kids: the two adopted children of Nicole and Tom.

Their respective wives have sent each other gifts for their newborns.

Educated people. Ain´t that simple? I know it is boring, but is the truth.

2075 days ago


Who writes these posts a 15 year old, there not funny, just insulting and crude, what happened to TMZ either the posts are stupid, juvenile, or Obama propaganda, I don't even brother watching your show any more and now I wouldn't even bother with your website.

2075 days ago
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