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Nicole Kidman -- Not Worth Fighting Over

2/15/2009 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Keith Urban, the former and current husbands of Nicole Kidman, came face-to-face during the driver's meeting today at the Daytona 500, according to TMZ spies.

Tom Cruise, Keith Urban

Cruise, who's at the NASCAR event to drive the race's pace car, and Urban, who's playing a concert at the race, squared off -- you would think to talk about the whole wife swap thing.

But our spies say the country singer and Scientolostar shook hands and had a few laughs -- probably about sharing a bed with Nicole and treating the inevitable frostbite that comes after such a risky move.

And ain't this sweet -- Connor went up to chew the fat with Keith.

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The RoadRunner    

Wonder what the people that run this "sport" league were thinking, to permit somebody who promotes a dangerous cult, drive the pace car for the Daytona 500, one of NASCAR's biggest events. For the good of society, media organizations should not give air time to somebody like Tom Cruise or any other Scientologist. We are going the wrong way if this cult is allowed to infiltrate our airwaves.

2073 days ago


Why shouldn't Connor talk to Keith? It's shoved down our throats every day how "amazing" and stupendous Katie is and how the kids supposedly call her "mom" (yeah, right) so why shouldn't the kid at least be having a conversation with his step-father?
Drama, drama, drama (NOT!!).

2073 days ago

Mary Worth    

Tom Cruise is anything but a hunk. He wears hair plugs. He wears elevator shoes. They have to doctor his films because of his high-pitched voice. And he's the one with the frozen face. Ever notice that? Well, we do. That's one frozen-face smile he's got.

We focus on the cult he promotes because of the many tragedies associated with it. And the media is in his pocket. He's like a pocket Hercules.

2073 days ago


Keithy also wears elevator shoes now that he's married to the giraffe. You whack-job Monkeys and Kidmaniacs are so damn funny, you take things said about your idols so seriously. You people are losers who idolize two people who don't give a damn about you and your pitiful posts defending their honor. What a joke.

2073 days ago


I'm just glad she got out of that controlling, abusive relationship and is with Keith now

2073 days ago


Oh and btw, one of the comments regarding you supposedly "stumbling" onto this site...let people express their opinions, good or bad, what is to you..and you made a lot of effort just to write a comment on this site you "stumbled" upon talking about why we all comment, if you don't care then?.... and if you respond to this comment, then we'll all know you're no different then us. But i'm not gonna check back I already said my piece about this, so feel free..you won't be caught by me. =)

2073 days ago

I Love Memphis    

Both men are always gentlemen. Lookin good Tom!!!!

2073 days ago


Katie Holmes is a plus over Nicole

2073 days ago


wow, wonder if the gorgeous Tom knows that ninenora is peering into his bathroom to know his groomin habits...how strange? bet nicknnora is a short, fat bald guy with a nose like a cauliflower...

2073 days ago


There's a name for people who write stupid comments like that here in Australia. WANKER!!

2073 days ago

J D    

Tom Cruise is a real failure and a creap! I don't see how any body can stand the creap I won't even watch any movie he's in any more!

2073 days ago


their meeting only proves they are gentlemen & Nicole has good taste in men. They all have children & they put aside whatever animosity they MAY have. They love their children MORE than they dislike each other. More divorce parents should follow their example.

give them a big break tmz layoff

2073 days ago


So, Nicole Kidman is frosty? you actually expect her to come down to your level to interact with you? the fact that she probably considers people like this writer irrelevant is probably true. Why would she approach or notice you when you are a nonentity.

Ad why on earth would she be hot and bothered about Cruise? his life is going so well, isn't it? His wife looks like she is about to keel over despite all the PR about how much love Cruise is giving her, she is 30 years old but looks about 45.

And as for those whining about the botox and plastic surgery, please call me when she starts looking like catwoman or Mickey Rourke. If plastic surgery is why you don't like someone then you need to get out more and leave your parents basement.

May I suggest TMZ leave classy people like Kidman alone and concentrate on your fave celebs who leave their pants at home and think you are important because you have a website.

2073 days ago


Yes, sara, we are out in full force. Are you disappointed that people like you are not showing up yet? If it bugs you why don't you post something venomous as you usually do, is your wrist hurting?

2073 days ago


wow guys geez...no one can win with you can they?...always with the nasty comments...just because a woman does not bare it all and shake her tits in your face does not make her a frigid person...get over yourselves...enough out there you don't need to be taking the cheap shots

2072 days ago
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