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Mel Gibson -- I Never Said "Sugar T**s"

2/23/2009 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is denying parts of his infamous DUI tirade -- but not the anti-Semitic stuff ... just a chauvinistic insult.

 Mel Gibson: Click to view!
You may recall the police report from the infamous Malibu incident, in which cops claim a drunk-ass Gibson called a female cop "sugar tits" -- but last night on the "Jimmy Kimmel Show" Mel claims it was actually the arresting officer who threw around the term Kimmel called "the greatest new word of the decade."

Interestingly enough, Mel didn't bother denying the part where he said "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."


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He's right.

2066 days ago


Hey ...


Since you are in a contest with yourself to be 1st to write that you were 1st when half the time you werent..
WHy not spend your time listening to radio stations that are giving stuff away.. so you can call and be FIRST (or whatever # they ask for) and win something!

Sorry, I ruined your day..

2066 days ago


What the super F is with that Boris Badenov facial hair?

2066 days ago


I love Mel Gibson, people just are always looking to pick at someone for something, who cares what he said, he can have his opinion. GO MEL!

2066 days ago


That's doesn't look like Mel.

2066 days ago


Two ignorant jackasses wasting airwaves. Both of them are unwatchable and ugly on the outside/inside

2066 days ago

Linda Mott    

When I was a little girl, someone put a natzi swastika on my fathers car. My mother called the county prosecutor Andrew Rutolo Jr and this is what he said "When Thomas Jefferson authored the First Amendment, his rationale was that a free society can tolerate opinions of hate and opinions of error so long as truth and reason are left to do battle with them." by disclosing the identity of the people involved, we are permitting public renunciation to take its course".
The time has come where Americans outraged over incidents of bigotry and hatred go on the offensive by tearing off the hoods and unmasking the messengers of hate.
Mel Gibson taught his son to hate the Jews, my parents taught me to love the Jews ( i'm a Christian and if you don't love the Jews, then you are not a true Christian) Thank God that peoples bad behavior is exposed on TMZ. They should be ashamed of their behavior, not complaining that Mr. Harvey Levin has the wisdom to expose such behavior and horrible thoughts.

2066 days ago


Mel is the best, stop picking on him.

2066 days ago


mel must have a lot of time on his hands looks horrable and went from staring in lethal weapons and directing too becoming Mr irelivent whats he been in or done since directing passion of the christ hey mel whens lethal weapon 5 coming out its been years instead of appearing on late night go back too work on movies washed up has been the only work hes been managed too find is for some pop singer's video how sad sad man he has become lol

2066 days ago


Some intolerant people are still miffed at The Passion of the Christ.

2066 days ago


Mel Gibson is one sick demented individual. And I'm not talking about his DUI tirade. I'm talking about his violent disgusting movies. Every single one of them is awful, with alot of beatings and torture. If I see it's a Mel Gibson movie, I know it's going to be terrible.

2066 days ago


Mel is the man. I love his movies, he is also a great director.

2066 days ago

Doctor Zaius    

Wait - Colonel Sanders is an anti-semite??

2066 days ago

Brian Peppers    

The Zionists/Israel are behind most of the world's problems.

2066 days ago


I'm so glad that the straight Gentiles run Hollywood!

2066 days ago
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