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The Crow Flies But the Comments Don't

2/25/2009 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow was in no mood to talk about her now-famous performance for the pampered peeps at Northern Trust as she landed in Washington D.C. yesterday.

Sheryl Crow: Click to watch
Seemed like a fair subject -- Congress is in a rage after seeing our story about the millions of bucks Northern Trust blew last week on partying and golf. And speaking of rage, get a load of Sheryl's assistant.


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Anna Hagy    

Call Northern Trust of Chicago and demand a refund 312-630-6000. If they get slammed with lots of calls they will give

2013 days ago




Two whores.

2013 days ago


Typical. She's got the nerve to be holier than thou about toilet paper and decides she needs to tell we peons (pun intended) how much to use, then turns into Miss Capitalist by pumping OUR money into her bank account. BTW: Northern Trust holds the mortgage for Obama's house in Chicago. Everyone is in bed together. Wake up world!!!

2013 days ago


Everybody understand: the money used to sponsor the Open was from Northern's operating budget, in connection with a committment to sponsor the event for 5 years, long before the CPP was even contemplated by the Bush Adminstration. Northern is paying the $1.5bb back at $20mm per quarter. Northern's participation in the CPP was wholly based on the notion that they would be shoring up their investor's returns, and indeed Northern's focus is on contributing millions of dollars to the LA Junior Chamber of Commerce and their underlying charities. Northern Trust is the antithesis of AIG, Merrill, BofA, etc. Northern's operating budget is 100% bifurcated from any CPP influx.. Sheryl knows a good bank when she sees one.

2013 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

11. Niccce!!! All this Northern Trust exposure and congress involvement now legitimizes TMZ as an official news source - unlike the online rag mag reputation it's known for... Just saying. =)

2013 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

RE: #11


2013 days ago


I don't see the problem with northen trust. it's an 8 billion dollar company that probably had contractually signed for the golf tournament. so if the problem is that they spent a couple million on parties, then what's the big deal? tax payer money wasn't involved in it and this ideology that money was wasted is ridiculous. were people not paid for this party? did someone not get paid for driving those cars? mortgages were paid because northern threw a party and at least they're spending money. if the complaint is that the women got tiffany gifts, I'd like to see what those gifts were. if it's some schlumburger piece, I'd be upset but I highly doubt it.

it's just a little ridiculous that TMZ gets all riled up about a party when it's in the actual bail out that pelosi gets a bigger plane so she can fly non-stop from dc to sf and that the senate can have a new gym because it's old. oh but don't worry, pelosi backed off saying that she'd be happy to fly commercial if it meant she could skip all the security and the lines.

2013 days ago


Cheryl Crow is such a trashy hypicrocital piece of ....., hey didn't she urge everyone to use just one sheet when whiping their Crow. She knew she was charging a "bail out by tax payers bank" for her performance. she should give the money straight over to the IRS. then she' ll be helping to pay for the bail out!! No wonder Lance bailed on her!

2013 days ago


RE: 50 and so what if obama's house has a northern trust mortgage? is this actually true? do you even HAVE a mortgage? it's not like having a mortgage with a bank is some kickback ponzi scheme or whatever. hint: mortgages mean you're paying someone for lending you money.

2013 days ago


Andrew at #42: Let me unwind my "delusional" state of mind for you. Satan's cunning wiles is to prevent man admitting his faults so that the way of seeking forgiveness and taking refuge with God should be closed. He also incites the egotism of the human soul so that the soul defends itself like a lawyer quite simply acquitting it of all faults.

Yes a soul that listens to Satan does not want to see its own faults. Even if it does see them it explains them away in a hundred ways which is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. According to the saying: "The eye of contentment is blind to faults." when a person looks with pleasure on his soul he does not see its faults. And because he does not see its faults he does not admit to them and does not seek forgiveness nor seek refuge with God from them and becomes the plaything of Satan. How can the soul be relied on when a noble prophet like Joseph said: "Nor do I absolve my own self [of blame]; the [human] soul is certainly prone to evil unless my Sustainer do bestow His mercy (12:53)?"

One who accuses his soul sees its faults. And one who admits his faults seeks forgiveness for them. And one who seeks forgiveness takes refuge with God. And one who takes refuge with God is saved from Satan's evil. Not to see his faults is a greater fault than the first fault. And not to admit to his faults is a serious defect. If he sees the fault it ceases to be a fault. If he admits it he becomes worthy of forgiveness.

In this materialistic society where self-centeredness is the rule of the day, the meaning is pretty simple to figure out; "Do not persist in offering what is sacred or of value to those who have no appreciation for it, because your gift will not only become contaminated and be despised, your generous efforts could also be rebuffed and perhaps even openly attacked." The houseless people at the bottom of the ladder don't stand a chance at being treated humanely by the people who are pushing their way up the ladder as their cottages morphed into mansions.

I do not fault Sheryl Crow. Sheryl is an entertainer/business woman/parent and she needs to earn a living. Should she give back the money? In my opinion - hell no!!! Those "beautiful" people in the banking and the political industry robbed you. Why? Because you let them. Now, you risk losing the roof over your own head. Soon, you could be sleeping on the city/town sidewalk the same as the down-trodden you so once despised. Justify your outrage over our economy by first looking down towards those who are at the bottom of the ladder - Be gracious and compassionate. You could wind up there too.

2013 days ago


TMZ reveals its cluelessness by harping on this non-issue. Does TMZ want all businesses to stop spending money on advertising? What does TMZ think would happen to the media business if companies discontinued their ad campaigns? Northern Trust's golf tournament is a very effective vehicle for spreading its name around among its target demographic, well-heeled middle class Americans. That's how companies grow! The tournament is not a party for execs, but a targeted ad campaign similar to car commercials on TV and ad spots on websites like TMZ. Does the word "marketing" mean anything to the snooty and clueless bozos on TMZ?

2013 days ago


If you are living in the USA you are some how, some where benefiting from a company that received bail out money. She did her job and got paid. It's not her job to monitor where the bank got its money. As for the mighty falling, give me a break. Lots of stars do them. These singers make huge amounts of money to do these private events. There isn't much overhead, no venue to rent, no security to pay, no roadies to feed. Just show up with your guitar and pocket a hundred thousand for a couple hours "work". The best thing people with money can do is to keep spending. Buying things keeps people working.

2013 days ago

annmarie from Texas    

if the people from this bank who are writing in to this blog aren't ashamed of their company's actions, i'm ashamed for them and of them.

and if airhead Sheryl Crow doesn't see how wrong it is to pocket bailout funds for playing a gig, she is nobody's role model.

where oh where are there businesses and people we can look up to? certainly not among these folks.
it's sad that when we need people to aspire to be better so badly, all they can think of it partying on the taxpayer's dime.
really sad.

2013 days ago


OMG! Come on TMZ, file assault charges against this assistant ! ! ! ! She is completely out of control ! And stupid ass, she KNEW she was being taped. How stupid. What she did is A & B. Her moment of fame perhaps?

2013 days ago


I'm a long-time Sheryl Crow fan but am really pissed off about her decision to do this gig. This is a celeb that has built her career around a number of causes that are important to her. So I find it hard to believe that neither she nor her "handlers" knew what they were getting into. Especially with stories of bank corruption flooding the news these days.

A piss poor career move, if you ask me. And now Sheryl has a whole lot LESS credibility with, and respect from, me.

2013 days ago
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