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Sheryl Crow: That Bailout Cash Wasn't Enough!

2/25/2009 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow is looking for even more money -- but this time, it ain't yours.

Sheryl Crow: Click to watch
The same day TMZ broke the story about Northern Trust using bailout money to pay her for a private concert, Crow was in D.C., urging Congress to force radio stations to pay artists when they play their music.


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OMG you have GOT to be kidding me....asking for more money wearing a $85,000 watch??????

does it ever end with these overpaid underworthy pigs?

2030 days ago


Like this bitch eats cat food for dinner.... Notice how all of a sudden she was a breast cancer survivor? I guess that's the new thing now.

2030 days ago

You Can Do Better    

Here we go again with ANOTHER celeb who has apparently forgotten who supported their azz enough to put them where they are...pffft! Crow can eat crow

2030 days ago


I have to add my two cents worth here, because if this cackling crow reads this blog, I want to help make sure the message is sent loud and clear! After reading this I am a FORMER Cheryl Crow fan, and will not contribute one more cent to anything related to her, or any other greedy person like her. I hope the radio stations refuse to play her music now and in the future; they were the ones doing her the favor by getting her stuff out there; she would be a nobody today if it weren't for radio stations.

2030 days ago


I think this woman must be stupid. I will never listen to her music again (not that I did before.) If it weren't for radio stations playing artist's music they would not HAVE hits. No one would even know they had released new music. I understand the need to make some sort of money off your music, but when did it become about the money and not the art? If radio stations have to pay to play music a lot of them will become talk radio or just go under. It's cool though, I love classic rock- a lot of these people insisting on nickels and dimes aren't even on my playlist...and from the sounds of it-never will be.

2030 days ago


This shows us the real Sheryl Crow, doesn't it? It's all show; in reality she's just a selfish b!tch. And then how about the "F**k John McCain" remark at the stupid greenie Oscar Party? Here's how I see it: John McCain = War Hero. Sheryl Crow: Whore/Zero!

2029 days ago

S.L. Taylor    

Just another example of the greed that is ruining this country. Like Crow really needs the money and Congress should be taken out to the back yard and shot. If they'd get rid of the cronyism and the "good old boy system", not to mention the old farts in positions of power, we wouldn't be in this economic crisis.

2029 days ago

S.L. Taylor    

I've read a lot of pros and cons about this bailout and my question is if Norhern Trust didn't ask for or need the money, then they should have refused it knowing our economic situation. I remember when Austraila has a natural disaster and Bush offerred help, but John Howard refused the money indicating that they could take care of the problem themselves. if there was less greed in the executive management and government, we wouldn't be in the sorry state we're in.

2029 days ago
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