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Steroids Scandal on "DWTS"?

2/26/2009 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DWTS ScandalMove over, A-Roid -- Jewel has now taken your place as the face of cheating in pro sports. Alright, it's dancing ... but still.

Jewel took to her blog yesterday to announce she is battling tendonitis in her knee as she prepares for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars." But Jewel, unlike seemingly every baseball player, openly admits she is taking steroids to help her stay healthy. She writes, "Hopefully these steroids will really do the trick and I can keep bad flare ups at a bay in the future."

It is unknown what ABC's policy is on performance-enhancing drugs in reality dance competition shows. Certainly if Jewel should go on to win, "DWTS" purists will call for an asterisk next to her name....

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This story raises several questions: Did she get the "steroids" from Any Winewhore? How long has she been smoking them? And, what have you done with the baby, Jewel?

2033 days ago


the author of this article is an idiot-how could you be so stupid, TMZ?

2033 days ago

Millard Baker    

This story is pretty sensationalistic since one is led to believe that jewel is taking the anabolic steroids that are the subject of steroid hysteria in this country and whose use by athletes is being targetted.

There are various types of steroids: prednisone, birth control pills, premarin, and testosterone are all steroids. Contrary to what some commenters have stated, all of these steroids are regularly used in medicine. Yes, anabolic steroids have multiple therapeutic uses.

Prednisone is not an anabolic steroid but a corticosteroid or "catabolic steroid". The effects of prednisone are completely different than that of anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids to not increase strength or muscle growth.

However, there is significant irony in Jewel's use of steroids. First, the side effects of prednisone are worse than the side effects of anabolic steroids i.e. they are potentially more harmful. Secondly, Jewel, by her own admission, is using corticosteroids to improve her performance in DWTS ie. performance-enhancing purposes.

It is somewhat hypocritical to demonize one type of "unnatural", pharmaceutical, "performance-enhancing" drug that is used by athletes while condoning another type of drug to improve performance.

2033 days ago


TMZ, you should really take this post down as it only makes you look really ignorant!

2033 days ago


OMG more eroneous postings. These are known as Cortisteroids dumbasses. They are to counter inflamation and do not build muscle or enhance performance. I mean come on ....really.

2033 days ago


It's not the same thing as anabolic steroids morons..probably a medrol dose pack or something to reduce inflammation ..lol

2033 days ago


Hey idiots, look up the difference between performance enhancing steroids and ones used for medical treatment.

Harvey, aren't you a lawyer? Shouldn't your graduate degree at least tell you that you should hire people who do research and have a mastery of the English language?

2033 days ago


Don't be idiotic. Spreading misinformation should be classified as a disease.

She's on prescription steroids, idiots.

2033 days ago


Jewel is likely referring to "corticosteroids," which are used to treat areas of inflammation, swelling, and pain, particularly in the knee. Google it. No scandal here.

2033 days ago


TMZ, come on!! Just exactly how stupid ARE your staffers? Try looking something up before you post such ridiculous misinformation.

As others have already noted, there is a HUGE difference between anti-inflammatory steroids and ANABOLIC performance-enhancing steroids.

I've been prescribed anti-inflammatory steroid medication several times during my life. It is not even remotely the same kind of thing.

2033 days ago


TMZ I have nothing to add to the whole steroid BS story that was posted. How the F*** can you compare performace enhancing sterioids the ones used to treat inflamatin? I REALLY hope that the rest of your reporting is A LOT more accurate.

2033 days ago


Are you REALLY serious TMZ? Medical steroids like corticosteroids are NOT anabolic steroids. This is, quite possibly, the dumbest thing I've read all day...and I've already visited Perez, so that's saying a LOT. Google is your friend, idiots!

2033 days ago


This has to be the dumbest "story" of the year. Go back to humiliating those who lavishly spend tax dollars. That was a good story. In my opinion, you even embarass the larger news networks becuase they are supposed to find out about that kind of stuff, not TMZ. IF you want to continue to gain audience make sure to fact check your stories. This one should have been shot down in 2.2. Use better judgement.

2033 days ago

agent smith    

She is doing it under doc's orders to repair her injured knee. Healthy professional athletes that take steroids for an edge over their competition are cheating.

2033 days ago


Some men don't produce enough testosterone and they need it and taking that when you need it is different than these atheletes. It's only getting doped up when you produce enough. So if this was a man taking testosterone ordered by the doctor that wouldn't be cheating either.

2033 days ago
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