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Steroids Scandal on "DWTS"?

2/26/2009 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DWTS ScandalMove over, A-Roid -- Jewel has now taken your place as the face of cheating in pro sports. Alright, it's dancing ... but still.

Jewel took to her blog yesterday to announce she is battling tendonitis in her knee as she prepares for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars." But Jewel, unlike seemingly every baseball player, openly admits she is taking steroids to help her stay healthy. She writes, "Hopefully these steroids will really do the trick and I can keep bad flare ups at a bay in the future."

It is unknown what ABC's policy is on performance-enhancing drugs in reality dance competition shows. Certainly if Jewel should go on to win, "DWTS" purists will call for an asterisk next to her name....

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gawd you people at tmz are such sh#t disturbers, she is taking steroids for inflammation... not human growth hormone type 'roids. huge difference you morons! for all those ignorant of the difference, of course they will say its a cheat, because you people make it sound that way.

just keep spewing your half truths and bull-poop speculations and continue making dumb people even dumber with your pseudo-facts.

2063 days ago


Pretty sure the steriods are CORTISONE, jesus TMZ, even PEREZ didn't stoop to that level. Have some credibilty.

2063 days ago


Sounds as though TMZ wamts to get sued by Jewel!

2063 days ago


RE posting at 12:21PM on Feb 26th 2009 by Gonzo

Not true that she would most likely be taking topical steroids for tendinitis. A skilled orthopedic surgeon will inject it [albeit, with great care, as the tendon sheath could split from the injection itself].

2063 days ago


Not the same drug. These are legal and are used by people with arthritis, serious allergic reactions, certain skin conditions, and the list goes on and on. They are not anabolic steroids. You need to get your facts straight before you write about an issue.

Sorry to throw stones but this is just dumb. Use Google to check your medical information.

2063 days ago


I really wish people would realize the HUGE difference between anabolics, the sports steroids, and corticosteroids which are used medicinally for things like musculoskeletal injuries, severe asthma, autoimmune diseases etc. Chances are, if girlfriend has tendon or some type of musculoskeletal system injury she is taking CORTICOSTEROIDS, which anyone between newborn and the way elderly are prescribed. TMZ, you should know better. Sheesh ...

2063 days ago

Carrys F.    

Uh, steroids actually do have some therapeutic value of all kinds. My son was on steroids several times for asthma related illnesses. It's a lifesaver to some. Baseball players were abusing it. That's the big difference, people. Stand back people. There's no story here!! Everyone can go home now, please!! Just go home!!

2063 days ago


Someone at TMZ should do a little more fact checking. There is a huge difference between steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs and performance enhancing anabolic steroids. Steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs are used to treat injuries not give undue advantage to someone. They are also legal. Jewel should do as her doctor orders and disregard TMZ's idiotic medical second guessing.

2063 days ago


Once a vet gave my cat some sort of steroid injection for his allergic reaction to flea bites (poor little guy was losing his hair in patches...). She said it would help relieve the itching. Didn't notice him bulking up, though.... No roid rages either. (His hair did grow back and he adjusted to the local flea overpopulation at the time, this was pre-Frontline miracle.) Yet another example of the medical use of steroids having nothing to do with Hulk Hogan.

Better add biochemistry to the list of what tmz staffers need to learn about in summer school (right behind Spelling for Dummies and The Joy of Proofreading).

2063 days ago


HELLO TMZ!!! If you are going to report on stuff like this, get your facts straight. Tendonitis requires corticosteriods, NOT ANABOLIC steriods. DUHHHH!

2063 days ago


Jesus, you TMZ dumbasses do absolutely NO research. There's a huge difference between cortical steroids (which are used to reduce inflamation of joints, tendons, etc) and androgenic steroids (which are used to increase the amount of hormones in one's system; typically to incrrease muscle mass & aggression). One has no performance enhancing ability (the type Jewel is taking) and the other is typically used primarily for performance enhancement.

I know that the "reporters" at TMZ are 3rd grade gaaaaaayboy dropouts with IQ's under 90, but this is something that could have been easily found out with a 10 second google search. Try to at least pretend to be a reporter, TMZ chimpanzees, and do just the smallest of research before writing a totally ignorant article like this. It'll be much less embarrassing for you later on...

2063 days ago


which bay is she talking about? i think it's san francisco bay but not sure..

2063 days ago

my 3 cents    

The drugs I am sure are prescribed to her. Sorry bad story. Next........

2063 days ago


Kinda funny that TMZ will make fun of people's mistakes but yet post a big DUH! on this story. How can you mix them up? Really, how? There's no excuse to having made this mistake, it's basic.

2063 days ago


When you write an article TMZ, be informed. The Steroids that heal tendonitis are not performance enhancing. They help the body heal. Maybe you should get a medical expert on staff who can tell you all what is what. This way you all don't look so foolish!

2063 days ago
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