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Chris Brown Hits The Water Again

3/1/2009 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the sun beating down on his uncovered face, Chris Brown spent another awesome day smacking waves around with a jet ski in Miami.

Still no sign of Rihanna, who's currently spending time with Chris only a few weeks after he allegedly beat her up.


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Chris Brown nedds balls.    

Chris Brown needs to be in hiding and trying to win back his public. I understand that he human just like you and me, but he is public figure and must be an example. He needs to be doing something that will show him truly repent for what he did. The fame and money of a famous person also come with the responsibilty to be a role model to the public. I say this because he was protrayed as a guy with a clean image. Chris brown needs a reality check.

2059 days ago


hes cool
and its good hes having some fun
without rihanna
mhmm,i love chris brown
and i love his hat
its dope

2059 days ago


also, leave him alone
he said sorry
and hes going to court
what more do you want from the poor guy?

2059 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

asdfg, you must be Chris Brown or an idiot as screwed up as he is. No one condones anyone who beats up or kills women.
Chris is a dangerous thug and Rihanna is crazy to go back to him. He's nineteen years old and will probably be a killer by the time he's 21. Rhianna run for your life before it's too late.

2059 days ago



You have made the most sense on this board ALL DAY!!!

2059 days ago


rihanna need to take her own advice on her song rehab,

just change up the lyrics a little

2059 days ago


Anger management isnt caviler... and IF she choses to go back to him its none of our business. And so what IF he chose to just do something!! They are doing what ever they need to get it right and learn from a mistake and work it all out. He is in Anger Management and who knows maybe couples theripy is next... I hope the best for both of them and for all those people who have never listened to thier music before... WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK!! They are both very talented, and I will continue buying their music... ect! People make stupid mistakes and do things ther really wish they didnt later... So if they want to be together... GOOD FOR THEM!!! Oh BTW TMZ NICE job of ACTUALLY getting a photo of C.B. in public... I mean he has only been moving around the country for over three weeks now and you idiots JUST NOW caught up to him.... DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!! LOSERS!!

2059 days ago


Its so funny how a teenager already has the state of mind to be involved in a domestic abuse situation,,,,,,,

2059 days ago



What has occurred is inappropriate role modeling for the youth of today and him getting off "Scot Free" is sending a horrible message on behalf of the future psychological and physical wellbeing of women.

Including fatal consequences. It seems no one has learned a lesson from the trial of the century...the OJ trial. Nicole was beaten TWICE before he "alegedly" killed her. Maybe...just maybe Nicole Simpson would be alive today if more severe punishment was handed to OJ at that time.

2059 days ago


he is such a LOSER

2059 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I don't care if he's 19 or 90 - you don't beat up on women. You people defending him are nuts. I don't see what Rhianna saw in him in the first place. He looks like an arrogant, conceited, ugly, nasty toad.

2059 days ago


tmz quit supporting their pathetic careers. no one wants to hear about either of them anymore. obviously, since the lacking number of comments. stand up against domestic violence by not posting stories about them. especially stories like this. who cares?!! the next post you put up is probably going to be her obituary or shots of them working at a burger joint. that would be worthwhile. otherwise, just give it up. :)

2059 days ago


nothing says fail like riding a jet ski in Miami with a ski cap on.

2059 days ago


CHRIS BROWN - O.J. OF THE 21ST CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2059 days ago


I am sick for hearing from "the industry" how they hope this can get past them. The pictures showed it was a hostile fight.
I don't know if booze/drugs were involved, but if you don't change the behavior it gets worst. Too bad no one in "Fake Town" has to balls to say he is a douche.

2059 days ago
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