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K-Fed -- Nanny Dearest

3/2/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed flew out of LAX yesterday to start his new career as one of the world's highest paid caretakers -- i.e., he's getting $5,000 a week to follow his kids around on the Resurrection of Britney Tour. But wait ... what does this mean for his music career?

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for now    

While Britney has not been able to be a good mother because of her health problems,
Kevin has been a good father,raising those boys as a single dad.
He has been named Father Of The Year by at least 2 different organizations.

2052 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with him getting paid. If Britney had put her children first, she would have custody and wouldn't have to worry about asking Kevin if it's ok for the kids to go on tour. The guy is dropping his life and following Britney around so she can make millions. Yea, I'd want to get paid for that too.

2062 days ago


he's such a damn puss! i can't stand his ass! When will he go away?! hahahaha

2062 days ago

Arkangel Trujillo    

I loved that last comment how does it feel to be the most expensive nanny in America LOl

2062 days ago


I think he has turned out to be a good dad. He was the constant in the children's life for a long time while Britney handled her mental problems.. I think everybody should give him a break, at least he appears to love the children and put them first. No matter what his intentions were when he and Britney married, children do change you and I think the children definetly changed him. He can't be all bad if her parents really like him and don't have any worries while the childeren are in his care. So, think about this for one moment, I bet everybody reading this can relate to children changing somebody's life that you never thought would change had it not been for the children. I think he should be commended for caring enough ABOUT HIS KIDS for them to go be with their mother on tour, he doesn't have to do this and he has custody and Britney is leaving for tour and wouldn't have any visitation with the children if he wasn't doing this, so $5,000 is not much a week considering what she is making and he is making it possible for her to see the children. I think that says a lot about the type of person HE NOW IS......

2062 days ago


But wait... what does this mean for his music career?

He HAS a musical career, is this some kind of sarcasm?

The guys not only a wuss, but a dud musically as well!

2062 days ago


He disgusts me! He is getting paid to watch his own children. He took her mental breakdown and is set for life. His fat ass will never need to work again. Yeah, keep applauding him being a "great dad" instead of actually applauding the nanny and bodyguards who take care of the boys for him.


2062 days ago


I'm glad Brit finally dumped his ass..and as for pro kfed comments- Wow "yeah, what a great dad"..right walking out on your woman when she's 7 months pregnant with your child, who he already has a child with, for Britney, who he conviently had two of more kids with, so he could be set for life. Wow, kudos for being present in your child's life, yeah for being a sperm donor and doing what your SUPPOSE to do as a parent, . That's what he SHOULD be doing. Maybe in the ghetto and trailer parks that's a big deal for a dad to stick around, but for the rest of us it's the norm.

2062 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I find it strange that so many can not understand that Kevin looses his ability to earn anything by following Britney around on her tour. He is giving her a gift of being able to have some contact with her sons, when he really doesn't have to, He has sole custody of them. Briney only has visitation of them, which is heavily supervised. Don't you get it? Britney is not ALLOWED to be alone with her children. Kevin has his boys without anyone supervising him, all of the time. I think all you anti-Kevin people should think about, why the Courts of California decided it should be this way.

2062 days ago


K-Fed did turn out to be a good dad. Those kids are lucky that one parent looks after them and he should be paid more! It's ridiculous Britney insists the kids go with her on tour. Since her father apparently could not convince her not to take them, K-Fed will be there to give them stability.

2062 days ago


what music career?

2062 days ago

Mr. cool    

It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$ ONLY

2062 days ago


Brit has bodyguards and nannies, she doesn't need K-fed along again for yet another ride.

I know Britney doesn't like court appearances, but she should have petitioned the court instead of making this deal with K-Fed privately, because the court would not have condoned K-Fed's siphoning off even more money from Britney in this manner.

C'mon, K-fed is literally like a ball and chain on Britney. When will he let go?

2062 days ago


Hey TMZ what happened to the video of Kingston Rossdale being smacked by a bully at the park?
Could it possibly have been REMOVED because it's entirely inappropriate for you to be sending your cameramen into a public park to film children playing there? Hmm?

2062 days ago


are your crazy! what about his other children? don't they count? he could have stayed at home IF HE WAS A GOOD father and been one to his other children OH YEA but he wouldn't have gotten AN EXTRA 20,000.00 to be with them. $5,000.00 a week. britney has plenty of help and kevin being such a GOOD DAD could have stayed at home with his other boys who he pays child support to out of britney's boys money. lol, good dad, get a real job. britney had a melt down and has paid dearly, and continues to pay every day however that will never be enough to some people. better watch it because karma has a way of calling.

2062 days ago
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