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Brian Bosworth Busted for DUI

3/6/2009 9:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brian BosworthFormer college football star -- and NFL bust -- Brian Bosworth was pulled over for a DUI last night ... on his Harley!

Cops pulled over The Boz on Hollywood Blvd. for not having a license plate on his bike, but detected alcohol on his breath. He failed the breathalyzer and was arrested and taken into custody at about 3:00 AM. We're told he was very cooperative.

He is currently being held on $5,000 bail.

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No Avatar


Brian Bosworth is a first class jerk! He probably is loving any publicity he gets here. He walks around Malibu a true "legend in his own mind". It doesn't surprise me that his narcissitic behavior would extend to endangering the lives of others. I have never seen someone trying to live their entire life based on being the Boz - what was that 20 years ago? Most people don't even know who this jerk is (or care). The caption should read "Washed up real estate agent having middle aged crisis gets DUI in Hollywood" must be a slow news day. YAWN!

2058 days ago


Bosworth is still so hot.

2058 days ago


Boo Hoo! Clearly, none of you who are lamenting the Boz have had the "pleasure" of having this arrogant, abusive, bully, coach your child on a sports team. His coaching tactics included motivating/intimidating 7 yr old kids to play by continually calling them "retards" when they didn't obey his commands, (yelled out in between cell phone calls.) I guess when your career as an athlete is washed up, one way to feel adequate and superior is by strutting around the court like a self-proclaimed king and taking out your frustrations on your innocent subjects, ( including your own child). Yeah, he's somebody's dad. So sad.
Glad the cops picked him up before he killed someone.

2058 days ago

Jim C.    

Ignorant comments DW?? Is a "wonderful father"out drunk at 3:00am on his Harley? Perhaps your definition of wonderful father doesn't include role modeling.

2058 days ago


Boz like Switzer owned the Longhorns during their carrers at Oklahoma.

2057 days ago

texan tech    

brian was lured over to oklahoma to play football by barry switzer, but i do know that he went to school in irving texas, where i went to school. he live most of his life in texas not ok, i think hes sweet . but dont drink n drive people!!!

2057 days ago


I was in LOVE with The Boz in highschool. I even dated a lineman on our football team because he shaved the sides of his head and had red and white stiped on the sides. (I was a teenager, give me a break) Never met the man, but here in Oklahoma his is a legend. 84' was an awsome year for OU. Good times my friend, good times!!!!

2057 days ago


Brian Bosworth intelligent? With achievements? Bwwaaahhhhaaaaaa. You're killin' me man. Okie steroid loser drunk.

1990 days ago

Steve Reid    

All the critical fans here are just pure idiots. Having personally met and talked with Brian, I can attest that he is a true gentleman and is very intelligent. I find it ironic that his critics here have zero fame to claim while Brian is still a favorite player after more than 20 years! Jealousy is ugly, folks. Brian is a great guy and will long be admired for his achievements. Put that in your bong and try to smoke it!

2017 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

He got busted for them before.GOOD putting the hammer down on the crimeheads.

2059 days ago


I threw a snowball that hit him in numbers at Soldier Field ..........once an A-hole always an A-hole.

2059 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

If your broke take the plate off and get your pix back on the boards cheaper than a PR agent!.

2059 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I was riding on the back...what a nite WOW!.

2059 days ago


It's hard to think of an Oklahoma player from that era who hasn't been arrested multiple times. Now, all the Boz needs to do is to get stoned and fire an Uzi off the roof of a public structure and OU will name a building after him like they did for that slimeball Switzer.

2059 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

#2 So who's the A-Hole in your comment?

2059 days ago
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