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Timberlake Goes to Court -- Balls Out

3/6/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's worth millions, has a hot chick and plays a mean game of golf -- but now we have yet another reason to be jealous of Justin Timberlake: He's not too bad on the b-ball court either.

Justin Timberlake: Click to watch

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There all People so Jealous of Jessica Biel .Dallas post on March 6,2009 at 1:19 PM and Anonymous post March 6,2009 at 1:46 PM your Jealous of Jessica Biel because She is gorgeous woman and azaming talented A list Hollywood actress.

Jessica Biel always Rocks!

1967 days ago


I remember when he was "punked" by Ashton. The first thing he did was call his mother for help...a real mamas boy. Such a punk.

1967 days ago


Uh...#4...you will never be that attractive either,you sick perv!! Commenting on how "perfect and real her breasts are" Eww! Sounds like someone is jealous of JUSTIN!!!

1920 days ago



1967 days ago


Jessica Biel a hot chick????? Whatever.......

1967 days ago


every girl i know thinks jessica biel looks masculine....women do NOT find her attractive.

1967 days ago

No wonder, huh John?    

Jealous cows...

Biel is absolutely gorgeous BECAUSE of her fitness level.

Her breasts are perfect and real.

Her legs are long and defined.

Her face is not the epitome of modern beauty, but it is faaaar from UNattractive. Besides, chances are that none of you jealous women are even on the LOW end of attractive, what authority do you have on beauty?

Face it, you will never look half as attractive as she is, and you don't have half the work ethic she does to keep her body in shape and it drives you nuts...

1967 days ago


There have been rumours swirling for a couple of weeks now that all is not well between JT and his herm, particularly since she was unable to beg him into attending the Oscars with her. All that however was dismissed quickly…

But now…

The Chicago Sun Times, definitely a step up from Life & Style, In Touch, and Star (bottom feeding rags!), is reporting today that Pips is itching to get out…and that she is clinging even harder!

A source connected to Justin reveals that he’s losing interest. Not surprisingly a source connected to Shelfy says ''I don't think this is true. I was just with them and I've never seen them look happier. ... I think this is someone out to unnecessarily cause trouble.”

Just to make it extra nauseating, Biel’s contact also added that “both (are) very good actors, but I truly think their feelings for each other haven't changed.''

This bitch is good, non? Working on her career even when she’s saving her relationship.

Apparently one reason for Pip’s growing disinterest is that Jessica has been described as “too controlling”. Shocking.

He’s not escaping so easily though, as her friend explained: ''She will do anything to keep Justin. She really loves him very much.''

Terrible, terrible setback for the Shelf and her publicist, especially on the heels of Cameron Diaz’s exuberant appearance last night on Fallon.

1967 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

ICCUCCUI?...N shielt like that!.

1967 days ago


Just has played basketball since he was a kid. He's played it far longer then golf even.

1967 days ago


BOOOORRRINGGG...TMZ you're missing a big story. Peter Tork (formerly of the Monkees) is suffering from a rare form of cancer..check it out...that's a real story, not this boring stuff.

1967 days ago

Good Reporting TMZ    

Why does he act so gangster...I don't get it. His demeanor is as if he grew up in the projects.

1967 days ago


LOL... he looked pissed at the person filming!

1967 days ago


This guy is the definition of a douche. The only reason it's not Ashton Kutcher is because that jerkoff was able to make this tool cry on his ridiculously lame MTV show. Wimperlake is very fortunate he can sing like he's just jumped on a bike with no seat. This wimp wouldn't last one minute in the real world. Keep living the dream buttboy!!! And you might want to start keeping your politics to yourself. It makes you sound even more stupid than you already look. If you can even imagine that.


1967 days ago


what did you guys cut out justin starts walking towards you then the film cuts out are you to afarid to show the part where he told you off!!!

1967 days ago
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