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OctoMom: Shopping More Than Just a Birth Tape

3/11/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only did Nadya Suleman get a new home, she's scored some pricey new duds too.

OctoMom recently dropped some coins on a couple of trendy items -- as seen here -- for her appearance on "Dr.Phil." Sources tell us the Octoshopper wore Tory Burch ballet flats that retail for $195 and a blue and white top that costs $228. It's what every mother of 14 on food stamps is wearing on television these days!

So how is she paying for these new threads? Real estate sources tell us Nadya is raking in the dough and getting "$15,000 here and $20,000 there." She's one lucky mutha!


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#41. A ton of this money she is getting is going into a trust for thr kids. Looks like a lot of people this morning woke up with a hangover and taking it out on this lady.#42 has found out this woman has 4 more kids we don't know about. She states she has 18 kids.As far as pimping her kids, I see no difference in what the people in Hollywood do.

2053 days ago


If the talk shows and other entities want to pay her, then they need to put the money into a supervised trust fund for these children, who are the innocent victims of poor decision making and greed. Money would be available to help pay for the expenses of these children and a third-party would be supervising its use to make sure it is not used for frivilous expenses such as $165 shoes.

2053 days ago


TMZ and other shows and periodicals.-Stop the money gravy train coming in for this sow. We don't want to see her, we don't want to read about her. Contact the Sponsors of these people doing stories on her and let them know it has to stop. She is cheating the State of California and the people in it by hiding her money so she can live off the state. Her father said he had
$100.00 to his name - now he owns a house two weeks later. STOP THE MADNESS. WE ARE SICK OF READING ABOUT THIS PIG. All these people doing stories are helping her to cheat and scam.

2053 days ago


Blame the Doctor. "hey doc,put a baby in me" Doc why am I so big" Doc says"Ooops,you have 8 kids in you but it is too late to abort. That is against the law. Let's make money from this".

2053 days ago


And she has a cell phone too! Cut off the food stamps and tax payer welfare ASAP! And take these poor kids away from this unfit mother. What money she does come into she spends just as quick, what are the kids getting ? Go report on this so we can find out some real news about this woman. Investigate her like she just questioned Obama about his policies.

2053 days ago


I wacthed her on Dr.Phil and she will exploit the kids every chance she can first she like no I would never do a reality show then she back pedals if the kids wanted to it be thier choice. How can kids make choices like that?,,,Then the birth tape she also back pedaled on because she will do anything to make money. I lost respect for Dr Phil he cares nothing for these children or he would not be taking every media chance with her he is another pirhanna.These poor kids will have no chance for any normal life. Oh and so sorry Nayda that you will have to make due with a 565,000 dollar home unbeliveable how ungreatful she came across.

2053 days ago

raving lunatic    

I think with all this new found money she has she should pay back the government for all the food stamps she received over the years and all the government aid for her kids. My other thought is with all this money she has been paid has she been taken off of government aid? Obviously if she can afford a $500K house she doesn't need to be on welfare. One last comment: Dr. Phil you are just as big a media whore for having this woman on your show!!!!!!!! Stop having her on your show and maybe she would go away!!!

2053 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


2053 days ago


Nadia, her parents and the doctor were all in this scam together. That is why Nadia got plastic surgery, her mother stopped paying the morgage, her father doesn't have a job -- this is a well-planned out SCAM. The only thing that did not go as planned, was that the doctor, instead of being praised -- Doc was condemned.

But...I don't believe this story will continue to have a silver-lining for Nadia -- the more she accepts free money and help from others -- the more evidence the welfare dept will have on her to take the kids away. Nadia, dollface -- when will you learn -- NOTHINGS EVER COMPLETELY FREE...WILL SEE YOU IN THE HEADLINES SOON WHEN THERE IS ENOUGH EVIDENCE AND YOU LOSE THE KIDS....

2053 days ago


Hate to burst your bubble TMZ, but all that she is wearing is from Target. Everything she has on came to about a hundred bucks.

2053 days ago


Stupid bitch. Those poor kids.......

2053 days ago


If people like Phil pay her...
that means We don't end up paying her.

Good deal.

Watch and hate her leaching ass....
but at least...
she's not leaching off of us...
at This...
particular Moment.

The sperm Donor and the sperm Injector...
should Support her children...
for the next 18 years.

2053 days ago


As much as it galls me that people are paying her so much for her f'ed up story, I agree with the people who say that at least she won't be a tax burden. And to be honest, are we really surprised? Come on people, we all read because we Americans are voyeuristic and enjoy a good freak show. My real complaint about all of this is she is spending so much money on nice clothes and fancy makeup when she should be saving the money to spend on her children. Have you seen the cost estimates for raising such a huge family? The gravy train doesn't go on forever.

2053 days ago


I have been following this story at first because I was curious but now I try my best not to support the shows or the advertising during the shows she is on. Like Dr. Phil, I wrote an email telling them to think about other people then her i.e. people who are affected by the recetion and loosing their on the street and not knowing where they will be getting their next meal. I do not wish anything bad on her kids because I think noone should go without a meal that being said I think she should realise her actions where bad. What I mean by this is simple...if she wants to have 14 kids give her a job...I am sure someone would give her a minimum paying job and give her the food stamps because she would need them but GIVE HER THE BILLS of the hospital, house, lights water and whatever else she doesnt pay. She has it easy...oh no I have 14 kids that I am not taking care of because I am going on TV shows to talk about my story which I say over and over that I want no press out of this. But everytime she has a camera on her we see her smile ...body language says it all. She loves the attention.

Ok back to the point of this message...

I would love if everyone would email Dr. Phil to tell him that they will not watch his show and that he stops stating that he is just doing that because he cares about the children...if he cares that much why doesnt he offer help to ALL children that dont have a good home or no home or no meals?? The time and effor that he has put on Nadia he could have done so much more.

I think if everyone sends him an email he will get the message...if people are trully tired of hearing Nadia's story write to Dr. Phil and tell him to stop (he is her biggest supporter)...write to his sponser...maybe then we wont here about her anymore.

Ahh sorry this is so long but I just cant stand this story anymore

2053 days ago


omg...I saw her on anotehr site....and she said about her house that she is the one that made this happen for her so she is proud of herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did she do? GIVE BIRTH


2052 days ago
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