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OctoMom: Shopping More Than Just a Birth Tape

3/11/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only did Nadya Suleman get a new home, she's scored some pricey new duds too.

OctoMom recently dropped some coins on a couple of trendy items -- as seen here -- for her appearance on "Dr.Phil." Sources tell us the Octoshopper wore Tory Burch ballet flats that retail for $195 and a blue and white top that costs $228. It's what every mother of 14 on food stamps is wearing on television these days!

So how is she paying for these new threads? Real estate sources tell us Nadya is raking in the dough and getting "$15,000 here and $20,000 there." She's one lucky mutha!


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you know it really frustrates me that she is out buying clothes but u tell me if u came into some money wouldnt u be out buying clothes and new houses. but u have to think that if she would have aborted 7 of the babies so she could have one, what would we think of her then? it would probably be worse then this. and what about these famous families that have 18 or more kids? we aren't bashing them why? whose to say they dont get government cheese too. all i'm sayin is she's a person to and really why do u all care, i'm sure u all have some skeletons in your closet. so just let god do the judging because that aint our job.

2022 days ago

love it!    

To those of you who are on the defense, it's not that Nadya is making money. The fact of the matter is that she is spending money on new clothes, a cellphone and lots of other luxeries! Instead she should be buying boxes upon boxes of diapers for if and when her babies do come home! Or she could be buying nice clothes for her kids. And the fact that her one son was so happy to play with a photographers camera gives me the impression that he doesn't get paid much attention to ,and was happy that someone wanted to spend any time with him. And with 8 more babies coming into the picture the older kids will be starving for attention, which means you will hear more about the police being called to her house, but not because she called! And for whomever said that her clothes are from Target, do you seriously think she is going to be that cheap on her clothes? C'mon now, she spends money like there's not tomorrow.

2022 days ago


the gentrification of nadya. priceless.

i will no longer watch ANY media that features this ridiculous story. and dr. phil is off my watch list as of today. dr. phil was quite likely very involved in getting her the reality tv deal, or at the very least negotiating with alred's 'free nanny care' people to get them to allow the reality tv deal (the nanny people's offer was contingent upon NO reality tv, at least at the outset).

people should boycott this crap and then (and only then) will women stop giving birth to litters. at the moment, sex tapes and human litters are both pathways to money and fame. pathetic.

what happened to the medical board's investigation of the doctor who did this? his business has likely tripled since this story broke. the medical board: blah, blah, blah.

america, the land of no rules.

2022 days ago

big joe    

this girl is white trash & the tax payer's are picking up the tab.

2022 days ago


She is disgusting!

2022 days ago



2022 days ago


People need to stop giving this woman their hard-earned money. Bet you think your donations are going to the kids, right? WRONG!! If she's got extra cash, she should be starting education plans for her 14 kids, not buying expensive clothing. KEEP YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!!

2022 days ago


Doesn't she still have a hellacious hospital to pay?? Oh, that's right....the taxpayers of California are going to be stuck with that. Worthless bitch.

2022 days ago


Nice to see Nadia continue to PIMP out her kids.....and VERY nice to see her spending all that cash on SUV's, drivers, shopping spree's and the AWESOME part is she bought NOT A DANG THING for her kids.....


2022 days ago

Karen Ann    

To #57 inny - It's not the sperm donor's fault, I'm sure he didn't know where his sperm was going, but the doctor never should of implanted 8 eggs, that's for sure.

2022 days ago

Candie Cane    

Good Gawd she blinded me! STOP with this homely looking man/woman already!!!!!

2022 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

What a spoiled, thoughtless, self-centered, money-grubbing, worthless human being. God help her children.

2022 days ago


the new hair style easily cost $500, and double that if extensions were included!!

and why exactly was the house put in her father's name? he was begging on oprah just last week (or week before?) and said he had no money. i believe his exact words were: I have $100 in the bank. if she gives him the money from her vaginal 'earnings' to make the purchase, then is it legal for the house to be in his name? i am sure she has a whole team of $500 per hour attorneys working overtime on this issue as i type. wow. she is one smart cookie.

2022 days ago


TMZ - you idiots - YOU'RE the ones that are keeping her in all the dough with all your free PR!!!!! Can't ya'll just GO AWAY now????? And honestly - I hope that she can get all the money possible (that is not welfare) because she's going to need every last dime.

2022 days ago

cat b    

She may not have bought them. Dr Phil's show by his own request makes guest of his show dress acordingly a man is to wear a shirt and a tie and lether shoes no tennis shoes it is his policy...ladys are to be in nice pants suits or a dress paramont where his show is taped has many a staffer geared to know how to phsychologically ambush any guest into wearing what Dr. Phil the bitterr pill mandates...TMZ would get a heck of a story if they just do some research on how many lives Dr. Phil has ruined by he and his staffers tatics. Now Ill admit Ms. Sulliman seems already to be unbalanced ...Dr. Phil is the last person to be giving her advice. he is a huge joke to anyone in the real medical community who loath him ...he had no patience for his patients thats why he went into the law filed of coaching people for court more bucks and kissed ms. o booty when he saw the gravy ego train coming...

2022 days ago
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