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Mountain Don't -- Soda Bomb Lands Three in Jail

3/14/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An attempt to win a Mountain Dew video competition has just landed three dudes in jail -- and the words "homemade," "bomb" and "parking garage" are the reasons why.

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The three guys are now facing second degree felony charges after they allegedly set up bombs made out of "two liter bottles, fireworks and Styrofoam cups" on top of parking garage in Lakeland, Fla. on Monday. The bombs were props the morons were using for a video competition sponsored by Mountain Dew and the TV show "24" called "24 Seconds to Save the World."

Cops told us the morons turned themselves in after a parking garage attendant noticed the devices -- and then alerted pretty much the entire Lakeland law enforcement. The bomb squad ended up "neutralizing" one of the bombs and detonating the other.

Mountain Dew, CompetitionThe three amigos each face a charge of "making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging a destructive device or attempt to do so" -- a far cry from the $2,400 cash prize and trip to L.A. they were trying to win.


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Why Now Semper Fi you sound and act as a "Sheeple"

Sheeple are people that allow the government to take away many of our freedoms and liberties by using fear tactics. Do you know the so called Patriot Act was a 300 plus page bill that was completed in six weeks after 911? Most likely the Patriot Act was completed well before 911 but it took a little “fear mongering” of the American Sheeple before George W. Bush gave congress only 48 hours to vote on it. Imagine that, 48 hours is all congress was allowed to review this bill that violated six of our constitutional amendments.

So many Sheeple actually believed Attorney General John Ashcroft when he stated anyone not supporting this bill is aiding terrorists. Not only did this Act allow for an American citizen, yes even 100% innocent citizens to be searched, property seized, email and phone monitored along with many other disturbing items we are not even allowed to protest such events in court.

If a person is aware of what is actually going on and supports it this type of person is not in the same group of Sheeple, they are just simply dumb Americans.

2027 days ago

Proud American    

I must say I love my Dew. But these duded were not thinking, It was silly in the first place they were on someone property.

2027 days ago

Friend of jailed men    

Ok, I just want to say that TMZ needs to improve their writing skills. Seriously, their ill-worded journalism is nothing short of a 5th-grade hate letter. Calling these guys 'morons' only shows their lack of effective academic language. I wonder if anyone ever thought of using a thesarus.

And why are they focusing on this story? Don't they have some other idiotic celebrity story to follow, rather than the ill-fated attempts of some guys trying to bring a little life into their town? Seriously, have you ever been to Lakeland? It's rather boring. Honestly, I've done the same thing as these guys, for a school project. Only, we set them off on my friend's property, rather than public property.

So, I have to say that they boys could have thought this out a little better, but people need to back off. Go focus on your own mistakes, and leave these guys alone.

2026 days ago


The school they were expelled from let them back in! Now we can reward stupidity.

2021 days ago
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