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Is Rihanna

A Flawed Covergirl?

3/14/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_rihanna_covergirl_ex-1Revlon has secretly hired a huge polling company to find out if Rihanna is hurting its competitor, Covergirl.

An online survey is circulating by the folks over at Harris Interactive. The survey -- which we've learned was commissioned by Revlon -- features a Covergirl commercial for mascara. It then questions people if they are aware of the person in the commercial (without saying Rihanna's name), if they've heard about her in the news lately, if they have an opinion about the person and if they feel the person is "an appropriate spokesperson" for the product.

The obvious implication here -- are women pissed off that Rihanna got back with Chris Brown and therefore would be less likely to buy Covergirl products? That's what we're thinking.

We confirmed with Harris Interactive that the poll is a "proprietary study by Revlon" -- translation: no one was supposed to know Revlon was doing recon on its competitor.

We spoke with someone at Revlon who said she'd get back to us. We're still waiting.


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Rihanna is a disgrace #136. She is pathetic and she's not so young she cannot understand that she has a whole life in front of her without Chris Brown. As for Diddy he may be rich and successful but he has no morals. They are the ones that give black men a bad name with their irresponsible behavior and the sooner we realize it the better.

2016 days ago


Easy, breezy, beautiful? Nope, a hot mess.

2016 days ago


Way to go Number 8 -- just cut and paste Rosanne Barr's ENTIRE BLOG ENTRY and claim it as your own. I think Rihanna should get dumped ALONG with CB -- let them see how poverty changes their tune! What a COUPLE OF LOSERS! Rihanna had the chance to be a real ICON of equality and protection of rights for ALL ABUSED PEOPLE (even men!) Now, Beyonce' will finally be rid of her competition!

2015 days ago

Olde Grfeywoolf    

It's amazing how many people can't do a simple Google search. Here you go:

That's just ONE. There are many others.

The "REPORT" you are referring to is NOT the actual police report from their response that night, but rather a COURT PAPER written AFTER THE FACT, taken only in part from the actual on-scene report, for sole purpose of convincing a judge to issue a search warrant, not as a complete detail of the actual events. It's biased and incomplete solely to get the warrant.

Go Google!

2015 days ago


I love U Whitney Uh i mean Rhianna, but Cover Girl represents strenght and confidence none of which U are exhibiting right now. But i love u and u have youth on your side. Everyone should leave her alone if this is what she wants. Respect her decision however we may feel and make sure we are there for the young woman when Bobby Uh i mean Chris drop kicks her in a few.
I didnt realize "rehab" "good girl gone bad" and "hate how much I love you" would be so self fufilling.

2015 days ago


As a mother of a teenage daughter who is a devoted Rihanna fan & was a Chris Brown fan, I am very concerned about Rihanna’s future. She is safe at the moment as Mr.Brown won’t want to cause any hassle for himself or rock the boat before his trial date in April. But after that, I would be very fearful for Rihanna’s safety because he will be free to do what he wishes with her & I would predict that he will blame her for everything,maybe even going back to his childhood. She will have to pay a big price for what she is doing at the moment. I only hope that she doesn’t end up dead because of her passive complicity in this situation. I would urge Rihanna to keep in contact with her family because they are the only people who can help her now.

2015 days ago

speak da truth    

it's so sad that we have bacome a society of hateful, angry, vengeful people. too many of us just want to see Chris Brown punished...and Rihanna. too if she doesn't go along with the plan to castrate him and dump him a gutter. It seems that the current sentiment is, "Damn it, she should just denouce Chris and go along with the mob lynching and then, no matter what her conscience tells her, she can live forever in the good graces of "the fans""...ARE YOU FOR REAL???get over it people, Rihanna is a smart young girl that has followed her heart, her instincts, her own mind for the last few years...far more often than not, she's made good decisions. There have been people, close to her and outsiders, that have disagreed with her decisions, and she's proved them wrong.
Whether she's reunited with Chris Brown or not is yet one has substantiated seeing them together. Even if she is...she knows it's not as simple as them just being together. If she isn't...she knows it's not as simple as just cutting him out of her life. Their's is a complicated relationship...intimately and professionally. This girl has some major stuff to work throuh...people need to back off, give her some space and let her make her decisions. From interviews, she seems to be a "let the chips fall where they may" kind of person. She makes her decisions and lives with the consequences...I think her leaving L.A. and leaving Chris in L.A. is her decision. But, at this one knows, for sure, what decision(s) if any, she's made.

If COVERGIRL dumps her now, they run the risk of being perceived as not standing by one of their most popular spokeswomen, during a time of tragedy in her life...because I'm sure she hasn't told them what her decision is either...otherwise it would be plastered on this on some other site.

Final words...chill people...give the girl some space...don't jumpt to any conclusions or make any hasty judgements.

2015 days ago


159. It's amazing how many people can't do a simple Google search. Here you go:

That's just ONE. There are many others.

The "REPORT" you are referring to is NOT the actual police report from their response that night, but rather a COURT PAPER written AFTER THE FACT, taken only in part from the actual on-scene report, for sole purpose of convincing a judge to issue a search warrant, not as a complete detail of the actual events. It's biased and incomplete solely to get the warrant.

Go Google!

Posted at 9:33AM on Mar 14th 2009 by Bob

Hate to burst your bubble, but I have spent HOURS "googling" - with the words "Rihanna Police Report" and "Chris Brown Police Report" and reading and found nothing. Gawker is HARDLY a reputable site! LMAO!!

I take it you have in fact read these "actual police reports taken from onscene that evening"?? As I asked before, where have you read them because I too would like to read them. Or have you only read things on Gossip sites??

And I guess you missed this "little word" - I know it can often be missed because it's so tiny, but it makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in the meaning of the statement

"If she hit him first, his lawyers believe, it's not a felony:" - of course that little word being "IF"

That being said, even if this was true...she "slapped him a few times" after reading about him cheating on her, that does NOT excuse him from doing what he then did to her! I wrote a response last night that didn't show up, but I will try to post it again since I always save copies of my comments in case of this exact thing.

No matter how much you try to defend Chris, what he did to her - even if she started it - THERE IS NO EXCUSE! Did you SEE her picture and read the report of what he actually did? You know, that report that you are dismissing so easily?

Those are FACTS, no matter "how out of context" they are...and I don't think they are!

Also, if you are wanting to believe these GOSSIP sites...that there is information in the original police report that say "she slapped him first" - and I am not saying that they don't exist, just that I haven't read anywhere REPUTABLE about them - the police did NOT charge her however they DID charge him, with 2 felonies!

They had ALL of the information, and they are the ones who get to decide what the charges are for both parties! Her lack of charges proves all I need to know...but I guess it didn't work that way in your brain?

You can call it gender bias all you want, but Rihanna "slapping Chris a few times" (again, if actual facts - yet to be determined!) is in no way anywhere close to comparable to what he then did to her!!! Just like when I found out my 275 Rugby playing boyfriend went out of town and cheated on me. When I found out, I screamed and yelled and pounded my fists on his chest telling him what I really thought of him. If he wanted to claim "domestic abuse" from his 125 pound girlfriend who is 10 inches shorter than him to police, I guess he could have. Do you really think that would have gone anywhere?

However, if he had retaliated by then beating me to a pulp...he would have been arrested. PERIOD!

I guess you don't realize there are in fact differences between what a man can do to a woman and what a woman can do to a man?? Where were Chris' contusions, or bruises, or cuts, or swollen face making him unrecognizable - all things that have been claimed about Rihanna the next day??

You don't have to like it, it is however the way it is! Do you think it's OK for men to continue to be paid higher wages than women? Because that still happens, too. Or for the racial things that still go on? Think those things are OK? Because that is what you are saying when you say that Rihanna "slapping Chris a few times" and what he did to her was OK because she started it! I and most of the rest of civilization do not find any of those things acceptable!

2015 days ago


I personally don't have a thing against the girl. She seems nice enough and not your average "celebutard" you see in most *ahem* gossip columns/mags n website (yes even you TMZ- hang your head in shame!)

BUT, Celebs, stars and all the other things that come out at night as soon as a red carpets rolled out (speidi im lookin you!) are in the public eye. Being famous isn't a god given right (although some seem to think it is see Hilton in dictionary) it's earnt and they know that as soon as they reach a certain level people are going to be curious, nosey and follow every single thing that they do. Children look up to her as a role model and they're impressionable. What happened should not be a public affair (but then the water cooler would be an awfully lonely place and we might actually have to get some work done!) it's awful whats happened to her and i for one thought being the kind of person she portrays herself as, would be the first one to say " get out the freakin car you immature woman beating idiot" but no, for some odd, foolish, personal reason she's forgiven him. She had a real opportunity not only to do something great for every abused woman/girl/person out there that follows her but to do something that would make her feel truely empowered...but you know that's her decision.... even if the whole world is screaming at her "don't be an idiot" but what does the whole world know--mmhmmm?

I know she probably feels as low, if not lower than that moron but really should cover girl be promoting "it's alright, he hit me and threatened to kill me---just as long as he says I'm sorry??" I dunno.... If they do decide to pull the plug and run, it can't be because her face was hurt badly- that's also sending the wrong message too...It's should be to proove a point- and that is us ladies are stronger than the six pounds of make up Covergirl suggest you put on every morning!

And now back to sitting back and laughing at some of the really funny stuff you got on here!

2015 days ago


The point now is where to go from here? Covergirl should definitely drop Rihanna. She needs to realize that going back to Chris is NOT acceptable and there are serious repercussions. If you take the money away from RiRi, hopefully she'll realize that she is endangering her life by getting back with Chris. Yes, maybe Chris can get help and be redeeemed, but it ain't gonna happen any time soon. With her going back to him so soon after the incident, it's like she's giving him permission to do it again. RiRi needs to stay away from Chris. I say, Covergirl, please punish her for sending the wrong message that abuse is acceptable.

2015 days ago


How come people are perfectly fine with Michael Phelps, the biggest Olympic champion of all time smoking pot, and yet they can't accept Rihanna? Yes, her decision to go back to Chris Brown was prolly a bad idea, but I think that people are just being hard on her and blaming the victim. She was the one who suffered all those bruises and now they are blaming Rihanna. It seems like this culture only blames women when they make mistakes, and not men for some reason. It's like women are to blame for everything in this world or something. They take all the beating, and men get all the credit and the glory, and I am sick of it. It's about time that women stopped slamming each other, and instead learn to support each other, because we need each other more than we think. I know women tend to bicker more than men. You never see men verbally beating each other up. We need to like cool off or something and stop firing angry words at each other because it's not right. Show some love.

2015 days ago


Instead of everyone telling Covergirl to drop Rihanna, what can be done is, this allows for our culture to focus on this issue of couples being in a vicious abusive cycle which need to be dealt with. It's hard for someone who came from a home that was abusive to break free from that without some therapy. So rather than blaming Rihanna who is a victim here, we need to think about how we can help Rihanna, and not judge her. We need to look at the problem for what it is, instead of simply placing blame which doesn't help anyone. And we should be a society that tries to help people, instead of just thinking in terms of mob mentality and ganging up on whoever seems to be having issues. We need to be more supportive, and less judgmental. I feel like a hypocrite sometimes, because I used to be a judgmental person too. And I too need to stop judging people. People have a tendency to make the victim feel shame, such as if someone is raped. They already feel tremendous pain and shame, so they probably do not need anymore. Remember, Rihanna was a victim here. And Chris B. was too, since he came from a home that was abusive. So please, if you want to help, be supportive, but not negative.

2015 days ago


Well, Phelps lost a sponsorship for Kellogg's, so he did suffer.

Of course, smoking pot and BEATING SOMEONE and then the person who goes back to the beater are totally different!

I get smoking pot is illegal - but only because of some governmental choice, not because it is actually harmful! Alcohol was illegal once, too - remember?

It's not that Rihanna is to blame for what happened to her - no matter what some want to say. She is however receiving some negative stuff out of this because she went back to him. There is NO REASON for that - and by her doing so, she is not only giving him the opportunity to do it again, she is showing those who she has worked hard for their "worship" that it's OK. And that is definitely unacceptable to most people!

Phelps hurt no one but himself. Chris hurt someone else and Rihanna by going back is showing she is OK with that. Different stories!

2015 days ago


I have lost respect for both of them. For Chris because its NEVER acceptable to hit a woman and Rihanna because as a role model and being in the public eye, what kind of message are you telling people. It's OK to be hit... as long as you really deserve it? Come on!

2015 days ago


Rihanna is the new spokesmodel for Gucci too. should they drop her as well? why just pick on covergirl?

2015 days ago
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