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Rihanna Wants Right to Remain Silent ... in Court

3/14/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaSources connected with Chris Brown and Rihanna tell TMZ Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, wants the judge to give Rihanna a pass from testifying because of leaks in the case.

We're told Geragos and Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra, believe Rihanna was compromised when her name surfaced as the alleged victim in the beating. They claim this and other leaks violate her privacy rights and therefore she should not have to further put herself out to the public by testifying against Brown in the case.

It's further proof Rihanna and Brown are back together and in lockstep.

Geragos asked to meet with the judge in chambers, along with the prosecutors, on March 23 to discuss letting Rihanna off the hook. Brown's arraignment is set for April 6.


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she is such a twit. she makes a big issue out if it at first and now doesnt give a damn. how serious can you take an idiot like this?

2053 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Thanks, K. #58

Keepin' it light.

2053 days ago

Triple Play    

When Chris beats her to death she will have plnty of time to be silent

2053 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Booger, your Life called - it wants a refund.

Over and out.

2053 days ago


White chick.. I don't know you sound pretty ugly to me, maybe it is the ebonics inflection in your writing. Instead of refuting a generalization you simply put for another generalization of , "white guys suck". I could really give a crap about your bad experiences with a white man bringing you to a black man. As a matter of fact you seem to fit in quite nicely with that culture. I am sure you think OJ is innocent as well.

2053 days ago

al loanese    

hey chris....the bitch likes to be beat the stupid bitch again, why else would this dumb bitch go back to someone who threatened to kill her....rihanna is an idiot and will deserve those puncehs chris brown throws her way.....once a ghetto ho, i guess always a ghetto...dont care where youre from. chris is also a homo sucking creep, that deserves to get his ass beat.....lil punk azz queer!

2053 days ago


49. I can see why Rihanna would prefer to keep her privacy, but why can't the judge just close the court and forbid anyone from talking? With jail time for breaking that court order. I don't think a regular person would be excused from testifying--the court would just be sealed.

I think Brown should agree to a plea to get this over with. If that means jail, just do the time. No matter who struck first he totally escalated the violence. She was battered. He wasn't.

Posted at 2:49PM on Mar 13th 2009 by QE2


good comment.. why not just seal the courtroom..? why should these two idiots get to bend the law because of their skanky celebrity.. ?. rihanna disgusts me with her behaviour, as for brown,, he needs to go down... at least a yr..

2053 days ago


Her testimony is not needed to convict him of one of the felony charges. Blow up the pictures of her to poster size and show them to the judge and jury. Proving he did this is not going to be difficult, he apologized and the text is available.

Battery with serious bodily harm is a dunk. Proving he threatened to kill her is not so easy. So the prosecutor can accept a plea to one felony and drop the other. If he takes the plea the pictures are not shown, not part of the public record, and can be buried.

This is typical pre show negotiations what really counts is the judge. Will the judge go along with any sentence recommendations? Can his defense cut off prison in exchange for jail time?

2053 days ago


Anyone who thinks that Chris is a Victim is either 14yrs old or living in a dream world. He could walk away just as easily as little MS RIRI even easier! He is physically stronger than her. I find this whole poor Chris stuff hysterically. I bet that 90lb RIRI held him down and made him beat her to get away. ANd I be that first punch she supposidly threw was a real killer! LOL Yeah he was scard so he kept driving and beating her. That makes sense. And With her special RIRI control Freak powers she has yet again realed him in and he is her victim. Poor Chris what will he do next?

He almost killed her.

2053 days ago


So sad, she throws herself on the sword to protect that idiot. She is really ensconced in her Victim Mode. Pray for her, that boy will kill her.

2053 days ago


justice for chris,

Nobody but the two people involved really knows what actually went on that night. I'm just saying that she was badly brused and he was not. It's not a male-female thing. For example, Chuck Finley and Tawney Kitain had a fight in a car too. She hit him with her shoe. He was brused. She wasn't. She was arrested and charged, and rightfully so. And Findly was nowhere as brused as Rihanna. I just think that the pictures don't lie. JMO

2053 days ago


Something is just not right about this case. I think Chris is hiding something to protect Rhianna. They should just end the relationship. They are both very young, and this is really puppy love, and lust. Young guys especially will commit to any relationships, and rightfully so. They need to experience life before thinking about marriage or a serious relationship. End it guys, I'm tired of hearing about this, bedause we will never know what really happened.

2053 days ago


As black female I am so outraged over the Black racism and hypocrisy I have seen with this case and others like it!

A white man beats a black female and hospitalizes her after dispute. We all rally for the cause, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson call for the man to be imprisoned--we sign petitions and we march and protest in solid unity for our fallen sister!

None of us think of this a s a cry for revenge but as a cry for justice.

No expense is sparred and we try to call attention to this disgrace.

Now, lets make the offender a rich or popular black man and something miraculous happens. All of a sudden it is none of our business. All of a sudden, she must have asked for it. All of a sudden the attacker is the victim, a black man who is being lynched by people out for vengeance.

As more details emerge it seems less likely Rhianna hit Chris but that they had a verbal argument over an infidelity and during their argument he beat her bad enough to hospitalize her.

Violence is violence no matter the perpetrator and we should be outraged no matter the perps color.

In regards to crucifying Chris I say let the courts settle that--but Color of Change, NAACP and other Black organizations could come out and start telling young black men that beating our women is NOT acceptable period.

No woman asks for it and it is all of our business when it happens--now if it s a actual "Fight" it is different than domestic violence. So many people are trying to cloud the issue . A fight is when two idiots comes to blows to solve a problem. If a woman tries to beat up her man during a fight then he has right to defend himself, period.

This is NOT the case here.

Domestic VIOLENCE is when one spouse, male or female, abuses the other one without provocation.

This is about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE not a bar room brawl.

For crying out loud Black America START STANDING UP for black women who are abused by black men or forever hide our shame, blame our victims and tell all black girls everywhere that they are all but worthless in our eyes!

2053 days ago

Haviah Mighty    

how is chris brown not a victim is she was physically violent with him first, and many times before? gtfo, you obviously don't know what a victim is. they're BOTH victims. i suppose you can have a "morale of more victimizing" done, but really, it's the same thing. he's just stronger. which makes it more wrong in the public eye, which is completely understandable, but you aren't 14 or under if you truly believe that women also, shouldn't hit men. anyways, LEGALLY SPEAKING. the lawyers are correct. her rights have been infringed upon greatly, we weren't even supposed to know the woman was her. no domestic violence victim should be "known." not only that, but her whole LIFE is all over, and being speculated upon. if she doesn't want to testify, then why the hell should she? she wants chris back. it doesn't matter how much we WANT her to be an example, because she will want him, regardless. so what are we trying to force her into? being the example she so desperately doesn't want to be? doesn't make any sense.

2053 days ago


2 words for both of them... DUMB ASS!

2053 days ago
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