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The Lowdown on Lindsay

3/15/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lindsay lohan, samantha ronsonLindsay Lohan is technically a wanted woman, but it's unlikely she'll be arrested before her showdown in court tomorrow.

As we reported, a Beverly Hills judge issued the warrant Friday after honchos from the alcohol ed program claimed Lindsay wasn't complying with the terms of her probation. We're told the alleged violation is not about her using drugs or alcohol -- it's about enrollment in the program... something her new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, calls a "misunderstanding."

Cops were called to Sam's home yesterday after Sam and Lindsay got in a nuclear argument. Police went to the door but Lindsay and Sam wouldn't open it. LAPD sources say they will not arrest Lindsay on the warrant, partly because of confusion over the manner in which it was issued.

Lindsay is in hiding now. She won't go near Bev Hills because cops there will arrest her if they find her.

We're told as of now she won't appear in court tomorrow morning. That will change if the judge demands her presence.

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Issuing a warrant on a Friday for what is at best an administrative violation of probation is a publicity stunt. Someone was paid to set up a photo op, caught on a weekend they could keep her in jail until the Monday hearing and perp walk her in orange for the Paps and the agencies that pay for the pictures.

The cops in most places are on to this trick and simply do not waste time looking for you if you have such a warrant out but for the famous with paps on their tail 24/7 a phone call for the cops results in your being busted. The not looking for you is especially true if there is also a scheduled court appearance.

Getting someone’s probation vacated and sending them off to prison for two years takes more than an administrative violation, usually these type situations are handled as a “fix it” event. You are given a short period to fix the problem and report the fix to the court. There are a lot of instances where the court modifies the probation if the cause is justified.

In places other than LA, places where the courts are not an international joke, the judge and defense lawyer would be outraged and correct the behavior of the DA who tried a stunt like this. The defense lawyer would ask for sanctions as would the judge. The DA might also get a night in jail for contempt and wasting the time of the police and court.

2026 days ago


If the po po had a warrant for any common people they would be knocking at the door!

2026 days ago


Spoilt little brat can't even take responsibility for her misdeeds. I firmly believed that the best place for Lindsay Lohan would be a "boot camp" rehab facility; I'm now thinking a few weeks in prison/jail before entering a dry out center would be better. She needs to understand that she is NOT above the law and her childish behavior (tantrums, hissy fits, erratic driving, etc) will no longer be tolerated. She's no better (probably a lot worse!) than anyone else and should be treated like every other citizen.

Boo Hoo, Lohan!

2026 days ago


Listen, if this is a "misunderstanding" just turn yourself in and get it cleared up? Instead she seems tosact like she's above the law. Lindsay, if you are reading this, it's time to act like an adult at least for the sake of your career?

2026 days ago


I agree with Sara...just OD already & let's ALL BE DONE WITH YOU!!!!!!

2026 days ago


What the hell is LAPD doing? When they know there is a warrant and know where the alledged suspect is, it is their duty to make the arrest. It up to the suspect and the court to figure the reason for the warrant to be withdrawn. What would they if the warrant was for a PC 185. Just proves that these celebrities get special treatment by the cops. LAPD, if you know where LILO is, arrest her a--s.

2026 days ago


werent her glory days back when she did the Parent Trap??? Her drama is what keeps her famous not her talent thats for sure.

2026 days ago


this girl has been thru hell and back but she does it to herself . i really dont think shes gonna have a come back like brittney did. brit went thru a lot also and I'm sure she still is but shes getting help . as far as lindsay goes i think shes done. every time i see a pic of her shes either on a vacation (where does she get the money 4 all this?) or kissing/fighting with sam. she still wants to be in the spot light so thats why we see her kissing another girl and I'm so bored with the girl and girl thing. thats yesterdays news . she really needs jail time because nothing else has helped her. this would really be her reality check. i dont like to see addicts in jail but she already had her Chance in rehab. she had lots of chance's and jail is it.
i wish her luck and i hope she doesn't do anything stupid like hurting herself. i still say HollyWood messed her up. hollywood messes a lot of kids up!!! keep these kids out of the damn clubs! the club owners should be arrested so arrest the club owners ASAP! because thats usually where it all starts and these actors start going downhill.


2026 days ago



2026 days ago

Brendan Richards    

Will she EVER learn? (I think we all know the answer to that)

2026 days ago

for now    

Beautiful Britney was almost killed by something called Sam.
Lovely Lindsay is almost being killed by something called Sam.
Lindsay needs to get far away from sodomy.
Mike is right after all.

2026 days ago

too sad    

why would she NOT have to go to court tomorrow if a warrant is out for her arrest ???
anyone else would have to go show their face and have a test /
obviously show would NOT pass the drug test .

2026 days ago


Ah gee wasn't Paris's ride to the cell also prompted in part by her refusal to show up and the judge demanding her presence? Maybe I'm mixing up celebrity scuffles now but this sounds oddly familiar. Will we be seeing a teary-eyed LiLo in the back of a cop car tomorrow? ...

2026 days ago

too sad    

dont blame sam,
lindsey is just as much to blame for the circus .

2026 days ago


i think Sam is ok. lindsay is the one with the problems we all seen it. she had a Carrere for about 10 min and thats it. she isn't the lindsay we knew before. she has lots of problems . some we dont know about.

she doesn't have to show up in court because her lawyer is. I'm pretty sure thats the way it goes.
i think she lost weight from stress. stress can do a lot to you or maybe its the antidepressants drugs shes taken because we all know shes on some kind of anti psychotic medication

2026 days ago
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