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Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant:

Paparazzi Defense

3/16/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanWe know exactly why Lindsay Lohan is being hauled into court Monday and it's no big deal -- probably.

Here's why an arrest warrant was issued. Lindsay was in an alcohol ed program for more than a year and was in full compliance with her probation. Sources say not too long ago she decided to switch programs. She either was late or missed one of the classes at the new program -- she says because the paparazzi made it impossible for her to show up on schedule. So the program director sounded the alarm last week to the court. And that's why the judge issued a warrant.

Based on what we know this is not a big deal and Lindsay's new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, should be able to have the warrant 86'd -- no problemo. The only wild card: There's a new judge on the case and she's really tough.

We're told Lindsay will not show for the appearance unless the judge decides she wants her there.

Stay tuned.


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first bitches

2048 days ago


I do not believe this one TMZ. There are other reports about Lindsay's arrest warrant. There have been times before you all gave out the wrong information. Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong. We will see tomorrow.

2048 days ago

too sad    

what about the video showing her with a glass and then driving all the way back from vegas to l.a on her own the other night.
hope the judge saw that one .
she might be in an AA programe but she is still boozing it up big time .
isnt this in violation of her probation ?
i would say a big fat YES !

2048 days ago


Doesn't surprise me really.. hahaha!

2048 days ago

Greatful to be away, myself    

She's a stupid and ugly drugged out tw@t

2048 days ago


JAYSUZ, WTH has Lindasy done recently that shows any kind of talent or warrants her being anything other than a reality show trainwreck?

This girl f*cked her career up royally, now she's in a mess of a relationship and doesn't seem to have any remote inclination to get her life back on track.

Twenty years from now she's make a "comeback" a la Mickey Rourke. Watch.

2048 days ago


And.......we suppose to care because.....?

2048 days ago


Does Life & Style tell the truth? I am asking because it reported last week she was drinking a vodka soda. Why is she allowed to be drinking?

2048 days ago


I think I read thst the judge wants Lindsay at the Monday meeting.

2048 days ago

Teenage Toto    

Sam is a chump. She wears one of those FBI logo shirts that says 'female body inspector' on the back and front pocket. Linds she get rid of her.

2048 days ago


LOS ANGELES - The warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest was issued on Friday in response to the star’s recent trip to Las Vegas, a source told Access Hollywood on Sunday.

According to the source, Lohan drove herself to Vegas, following girlfriend Samantha Ronson to one of her DJ gigs, and was photographed partying. However, the star is on a restricted driver's license and is only supposed to be driving for work, the source added.

Such a drive could constitute a violation of Lohan’s parole.

2048 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

It's not like she is going to learn anything no matter what happens to her. She obviously hasn't learned anything from before, so she will keep on screwing up until she does something dumb enough to not just merely sweep under the carpet. Anyone who thinks she isn't on drugs and/or alcohol is just having a major brain fart! She is an addict and lying is what addicts do! Not everyone in this world is fooled or blinded by someone who is nothing more than a d-list celeb who seems to be determined to destroy herself in an idiotic fashion!

2048 days ago


I thought it was because they have a tape of her driving homef rom Vegas when she only has permssion to drive to and from work. (X17 online).

2048 days ago

Dick Gardner    

I don't see the big deal. When this is all over and done with, she will go back home and take it easy watching the "Stupid Mario Brothers" on youtube. So I wish every one will leave her alone.

2048 days ago


That's BS. Famous or not, a bench warrant requires the defendant to be present to clear up the warrant. Her celebrity status cannot continue to be used as an excuse for her crimes and bad behavior. Period.

2048 days ago
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