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Guy Ritchie Upgrades to a New Model

3/17/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a cue from his ex-wife, Guy Ritchie hung out with a hot model ... Elle Macpherson.

Guy and Elle

The 40-year-old former Mr. Madonna and the 44-year-old MILF had dinner in London on Monday and were snapped leaving the restaurant separately.

Chances are he has already said the Elle word.


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Michael Madsen    

And The Richie get richier

2044 days ago

Igor Loves Green Cheese    

A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a drink...."Bartender, how about a beer, and a friggin' mop!"

2044 days ago

stewie griffin    

you can't go anywhere but UP after madonna...unless you happen to fall in the gutter to amy winhouse. He can defo do SOOOO much better than that nasty old skank madonna.

2044 days ago

Dirk the Impailer    

There isn't a word in the English dictionary to describe the magnitude of "step up" it is to go from Madonslut to Elle. It's just such a giant leap upward that the mind has a hard time comprehending something that giant...

2044 days ago

Michael Madsen    

What is it with this GUY and older women?

2044 days ago


Good for him, he can do so much better than that old worn out and used up whore he was married to. This one hasn't been screwed by everyone and their brother like Madonna has.

2044 days ago


I guess Madonna is not that hot anymore:

2044 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Hey, Bral. If Madonna wanted to pull your diapers down and perform Like A Virgin, would you turn her down?....
Didn't think so.

2044 days ago


TMZ: Stop with the sexism. I'm not a huge feminist or anything, but "new model" and "Milf" is a little uncalled for...especially seeing as how most of your readers are female. We aren't objects, we are people. Thanks.

2044 days ago

Igor Loves Green Cheese    

I agree....stop with the sexism, you fascist-loving pig ignoramous-sususususus....

A man was driving by a farm when he saw a pig with an artificial leg. Not quite sure of what he was seeing, he decided to stop and ask. He went up to the farm house and knocked on the door. The farmer answered the door and the man said, " I was driving by and saw the pig with the artificial leg and I just had to find out why does that pig have an artificial leg!"
"Well" the farmer answered, "that is a really special pig. The house was on fire and that pig saved our lives. He is just a really special pig."
"But why the artificial leg?" asked the man.
"Well," the farmer replied,"a pig that special you wouldn’t eat all at once.!"

In regards to Ellie, or the Elephant Man, John Merrick as she ages, and what-not, I'd eat her one beautiful limb at a time...My goodness, you city-folk don't know about aging meat.....or know of Green Cheese! Right, Maurice?!!

2044 days ago


Anyone's better than Madonna. Anyone.

2044 days ago


just because madonna dates a young man its wrong.micheal douglas dates a young woman.and demi moore.guy is not dating elle.was just a coincidence.she is dating brian adams.and guy is sleeping with women at hotels.he is nasty.he doesnt care about his kids.just getting drunk and women.madonna is a real mother.if she is dating or not she is a real mother.guys bad behavior was the reason for the tired of guy.he is not that gentlemen

2044 days ago


madonna kids are fine.she loves then she reised them well.she is very smart,guy is the bad one.he doesnt care about his adopt son.its sad i thought guy was a real gentlemen but i was wrong.madonna is all provocative but she is serious.and when she says something she really means it.she is not fake at are fine.u know the media is always saying crap things and most of that are falses like madonna and a-rod.madonna said to stop.she is always with her kids.always

2044 days ago


They're both lucky if they're really a couple. He'd be good to her and her kids, and all she'd have to be is normal to be better than Madonna.

2044 days ago


14.LOL. better than madonna is impossible.he rarelly sees his kids.and if she divorced something wrong happened.she is not normaland madonna has better bobby than her.guy looks old.madonna is normal but she is so famous that the media didnt let her family breath.and guy didnt take care of her when she was sick.and he was always drunk.he never will take care of her kids.never.

2044 days ago
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