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Natasha -- Only a Matter of Time?

3/18/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha Richardson may be alive, but only in the most technical of medical terms, according to various reports.

Vanessa, Joely & Lynn: Click to watch
Family friends are telling a variety of news sources Richardson is in fact brain dead and it is just a matter of time. Richardson's family, including her aunt Lynn Redgrave, her mother Vanessa, sister Joely Richardson, and her children Michael and Daniel visited Natasha at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC last night.

Natasha suffered a critical brain injury after falling on a ski slope Monday.

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I was thinking when they moved her to a new hospital that it either meant she was a lot better than was being reported or that she was a lot worse. I can't imagine they would risk moving her anywhere if she was in a grave condition that they were treating. Moving her would be the last thing they would have done unless it was a neccesity if she was truly in a critical condition that could improve with treatment. I was hoping it meant she was a lot better and the extent of her injury was not as severe, but I fear it is the opposite and they moved her because they were aware she would not recover and they wanted to bring her closer to home in the end. I am praying for her and her family.

2053 days ago


15) celebrities or not - they are still people in a very tragic situation. there are a lot of decisions to deal with - not only life support, but organ donation as well. i'm sure they are super sorry that keeping YOU aware of the latest information isn't at the top of their priority list.

i hope the next time you have a loved one dieing in a hospital bed that the paps are chasing you down asking you what's going on. you might understand.

2053 days ago


You know, there are usually 2 ways these injuries are dealt with (under that crude talk and die syndrome bs) and she did not have surgery unless it has not been reported so maybe a shunt and a chemical coma to get her home to die or to get her home and see if her brain reduces its swelling. My roommate in college was on a ski patrol and any head bounce was taken back and observed because head injuries manifest odd symptoms. I wonder if she played off the "I'm fine" role too well and they let her go on her way? If nothing else the family will feel all the support from so many and she may become a talking point to make people more aware of head injuries, brain injury and the symptoms, care and prevention of them.

2053 days ago


I hope they will consider organ donations. So many people could benifit from them

2053 days ago


@ #15 - you are an insensitive clod. the Redgraves are acting royalty and have never appeared arrogant. they have more important things to think about than making a statement to satisfy the likes of you. this is tragic and this family needs to be left alone. is human decency truly defunct.

2053 days ago

still hopefull    

Is there no way TMZ can report this story without the paparazzo cameras? This isn't some camera hungry starlet but a actress who is gravely ill, and who happens to be related to other great actresses. In cases such as this, cameras belong far far away.

2053 days ago


I can understand taking photos and video but asking these people questions is just plain RUDE and INSENSITIVE! I mean come on, did they think they'd get answers? So, why bother? This has got to be a tough time for these people and the last thing they need is idiots in their face trying to ask them questions! They will speak out when they choose to and not beforre. So, respect that and stay out of their way.

2053 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

it is sad when you havbe these aholes chasing a pic leave families alone when they have a crisis like this one can only hope that the photogs will someday get a ounce of classs and sympathy in them

i know whishfull thinking

2053 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

This is so crazy. One would never think that you'd get up from injuring your brain and it'd take an hour before you feel the effects of it. Especially a fatal brain injury. I wonder if she hadn't refused medical attention when she first fell - would she have survived? It's crazy how one day someone is there healthy and all is normal and the next they've been ripped out of your life.

2053 days ago


TMZ you are a bunch of soulless vampires. Karma will get you some day. All of you harassing these poor people. Leave them alone! God.

2053 days ago


"why don't the f'n paparazzi just leave them alone....i am surprised one of ms, richardson't family didn't attack one of them!!"

Totally agree like a squirt gun filled with lye water or some of that skunk scent lobbed on them. Better yet publish ALL the involved paps addresses and family member names and let us track them down and invade their lives especially when they are met with a tragedy. I have no problem with tmz having discussions regarding this tragedy but that video of the hounding "how is she" is just awful but true to tmz, it is in their power to refuse video of the family coming and going to see their dying relative. I always wonder where their rights under the freedom of line they love to quote started to cross the families rights to privacy, from harassing paps, or ANY moral lines. Agree with above also on tmz pay for your videos of poptarts showing some leg and refuse to pay for the obvious moral violating film of this grieving family.

2053 days ago


KZ, the family owes you nothing. They were likely contacting the rest of her family, who's scattered around the world, before they make a statement to the press.

2053 days ago


Another tragic skiing accident...perhaps helmets should be made mandatory at ski resorts. It was just over 11 years ago that within one week both Michael Kennedy (Robert's son) and Sonny Bono suffered life ending brain injuries while on the slopes. Helmets save lives whether worn while riding bikes, motorcycles or on playing fields. So sorry for the family...

2053 days ago


They dont need to shove cameras in their faces to report something. That is crossing a line. Its gross and amoral.

2053 days ago


KZ, you are a moron.

2053 days ago
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