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Natasha -- Only a Matter of Time?

3/18/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha Richardson may be alive, but only in the most technical of medical terms, according to various reports.

Vanessa, Joely & Lynn: Click to watch
Family friends are telling a variety of news sources Richardson is in fact brain dead and it is just a matter of time. Richardson's family, including her aunt Lynn Redgrave, her mother Vanessa, sister Joely Richardson, and her children Michael and Daniel visited Natasha at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC last night.

Natasha suffered a critical brain injury after falling on a ski slope Monday.

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#41 Mistysmom, when you are going to insult someone specific please make sure you have the right post. Reread and it should click with you.

2nd, lots of people are bring up the kennedy & bono accidents too. While they were very sad there is a VERY big difference, she was on a bunny hill, they were experienced skiers AND they ran into a tree...umm hello did they expect the trees to move because of who they were?

2042 days ago


TMZ ought to be ashamed. I came to this site just to see if there were any updates because I really like Natasha Richardson as as an actress. . This is the last time I will go to this site. How awful to stalk these poor people. They owe you nothing. Celebrities are entitled to their privacy as well. It's one thing if they are going out on the town, but quite another to be by a bedside vigil. To chase down hermotherand kids is a disgrace. You guys have crossed the line .

2042 days ago


Bravo Victoria C. My sentiments exactly. Leave these poor people alone!

2042 days ago


I come to this site almost every day to get entertainment news. I am occasionally turned off by something you write or photograph, but today I am truly disgusted by your photographers in the videos hounding those poor kids. You can easily see they are distraught. The last thing they need is a bunch of cameras in their face and people asking how their mother is doing. Obviously she's not doing well you morons, and they don't need your ignorant photographers reminding them of that while blinding them with all the flashes and bright lights. Do you have no respect for ANYONE?!

2042 days ago


TMZ, Shame on you! Shouting out to the families trying to provoke them to anger? Leave the family alone!

2042 days ago


Helmet??? Who the heck honestly wears a helmet skiing??? I've skied my whole life and never see anyone other than small children wear a helmet while skiing. Especially on a bunny slope. Give me a break. This is a freak accident and that is all there is to it. No one could have seen it coming. Natasha was just doing something that millions of people do every day. Give me a break!

I am so sad for her children and for Liam. They must be shocked and devastated to lose such a beautiful, young mother and wife. My heart goes out to them.

That said, I do not need to look at pictures of the family grieving. How tacky!

2042 days ago


Hey if TMZ is lucky they might get the kids crying on camera. Score. Wouldnt that just be soo sweet and awsome?. If I was in that situation and someone shoved a camera at me. Asking me stupid questions. I would lose it and go off on them. Maybe that's what they want. I know TMZ has very low standards but come on. Even you guys arent that heartless. This woman could be your mother, sister or daughter. Think about that.

2042 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

People fall all the time and die from those bumps.But for real does hitting our heads alot when we are kid`s somehow make our brains smaller so they take take more bumps like phyical training?.See that all the time a SMART one who never gets any lumps falls and gone.FOOTbaLL and bullets and a arrow lodged makes my brain as small as a pee...but I go on SAD but true.Caveman live longer?.

2042 days ago


She is one of my favorite actresses and Liam is a favorite actor of mine :( how heartbreaking and tragic. Prayers to the family and friends.

2042 days ago


This is proof of how the world is a terrible place. Did Natasha Richardson abandon her kids (Britney)? No. Did she have multiple DUI's with multiple rehabs (LiLo)? No. Did she do a sex tape (Paris)? No. Did she selfishly bring numerous kids into the world that she could not support (OctoMom)? No. But this happened to her, not them. Don't look for justice on this planet.

2042 days ago


15. Why can't these snotty people just say how she is doing? What is the big deal? They all chose to be actors and in the public eye! They owe the public an explanation! This family is ESPECIALLY arrogant!

Posted at 9:08AM on Mar 18th 2009 by KZ


You have GOT TO BE KIDDING RIGHT.....They OWE YOU an explanation???? SERIOUSLY are you MENTAL or something???? They have the RIGHT to their PRIVACY even if they are actors....get a life and go start causing crap on another story why don't you. Leave this family alone, they will advise the public when they are GOOD AND READY!!

2042 days ago


Yes. They did have an affair when they were married to other people.

2042 days ago


I think it is deplorable the way that TMZ is hounding these poor people and asking them the questions, how the hell do you think they are my GOSH, I have been in this type of situation, obviously you have never had anyone in critical condition because maybe you would be a little more hesitant of asking just questions, you people really need to have some dignitity, it sickens me

2042 days ago


Brit Brit-I think you need counseling. This is the only planet we can live right now, so get used to it. Life isn't fair and no one says it is. I am lucky enough to have faith that the afterlife is fair and just try to live my life the best I can. Life is too short. If Natasha is indeed gone, I am glad she did not have to suffer and I pray that God comforts her family.

My kids are crushed by this by the way. The Parent Trap was one of our favorite movies. It is so hard to believe that something like this can happen to such a young and vibrant woman.

2042 days ago


TMZ you are a bunch of stupid mother fluckers! You dont have respect for anything. It is sad and disturbing.

2042 days ago
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