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Richardson's Ambulance Ride Confirms Condition

3/18/2009 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha RichardsonTMZ has obtained information about Natasha Richardson's ambulance ride in New York to Lenox Hill Hospital -- she was "unconscious," her pupils "non-reactive," her skin was "pale" and she was suffering from "major head trauma."

We're told her husband Liam Neeson held her hand the entire time and caressed her face as he sat in silence.

We're also told when the plane landed in New Jersey, medics on board told members of the ambulance team that Richardson was "brain dead."

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what a pity. i hope that she will be ok!

1991 days ago

Karen Ann    

I am really shocked and saddened by this terrible news. reported that Natasha was laughing and talking at the hospital after the accident. How could this of possibly happened?

1991 days ago


Shame on you TMZ. What a load of horse manure. Neither Medics or EMTs have the necessary diagnostic equipment to determine if a patient is brain dead and would NEVER make such an assumption. Only a team of doctors, to include neurologists, would make such a statement and only after extensive diagnostic testing, the least of which would include an MRI and various neurological tests to check for ectrical brain wave activity.

Maybe you should check these stories out before you actually post this garbage.

You really are evil aren't you? Shame shame on you.

1991 days ago


So very sad.

TMZ, have a little class & leave this family alone.

1991 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I feel so sorry for the family. Life is so fragile - cherish every minute of it. BTW - I tried snowboarding at 44. The first fall I had, the gear came off and I went to the lodge to have a few drinks instead of trying it again.....just sayin'.

1991 days ago


this is terribly sad. i'm so sorry for her, for her family's loss.

1991 days ago


I am praying for her to have a miracle, I believe in miracles.

1991 days ago

Average Housewife    

#23 you are a Jackass. She was "useless" to you? Who gives a crap about you? You are useless to this world so go jump out a window mmkay? This is someone's mother and wife. There are little boys who no doubt have broken hearts right now, not to mention her husband who is probably completely distraught. I pray this family can be strong and hold tight to eachother in this impossible time. My thoughta are with Natasha and her family.

1991 days ago


Really? You can't use a better picture of her? She's gorgeous, and you use a picture that makes her look like a vegetable. You're better than that TMZ...

1991 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Your on a good role TMZ but you need to beef it up if you are going to sqeeze you usual 567453 death posts out of this.

1991 days ago


I PRAY that the information is just rumors. What a tragedy for the whole family. My heart goes out to all of them.

1991 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Working at a media outlet in the UK it really sickens me what comments you let on your site. TMZ, you are a bunch of jokers, you really are.

Number 23? Is that tasteful? Do you want to live ina world where people like that can express their views to the world?

Posted at 10:38AM on Mar 18th 2009 by Carara

Yes, Carara. Being Human means taking the vile along with the smiles. What's the alternative? Censorship? Denial? I think it's necessary to witness what Human's are really like. The experience strengthens us all.

1991 days ago



1991 days ago


With no brain activity, they will have to decide when to disconnect her tubes,if they haven't already.

She will be offically declared dead within a few days.

1991 days ago


Doubtful that there was a pre-existing condition.
She hit her head and the brain swelled, it's fairly simple.

1991 days ago
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