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Investigated for

Phone, Highlighter Heist

3/19/2009 11:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom SizemoreCongenital convict Tom Sizemore may be heading back to his old prison cell soon, because he's the alleged ring leader of one of the most pathetic heists in history ... one that was caught on tape.

The LAPD confirms Tom -- who spent time behind bars in '07 for a probation violation -- is being investigated for grand theft after he allegedly stole multiple cell phones, a pen and a highlighter from a Verizon Wireless store in L.A. last week.

Sources tell us Verizon's security cameras clearly see a man who looks a helluva lot like Tom, along with another man, stealing a handful of phones -- including one belonging to an employee. The man believed to be Tom was also busted reaching over the counter to pocket a pen and a highlighter.

Sizemore, who has multiple movies coming out in '09, just completed the term of his parole in January from a prior drug bust.

Tom's lawyer just told us he's "innocent until proven guilty."


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2046 days ago

Michael Madsen    

If not for the mentally challenged where would TMZ get their material?
The uneducated bore me. Go away.

2046 days ago


Ever notice that there are some people who just cannot get out of their own way?

2046 days ago

Michael Madsen    

My God, TMZ! Get the footage! Get the footage!

2046 days ago

lostin the70's    

How very sad for one man to waste all his talent for hookers and drugs. From the first time i saw sizemore he impressed me but he has the eyes of a man not quite right and time has borne that out. all of it the talent, the opportunities, the friends who helped hin, all wasted on drugs & hookers. his last big opportunity was robbert homicide and he flushed that one.
now i guess all he can do is get arrested. sad, a pity , a shame.

2046 days ago

The Snob    

I'm a douche bag with a G.E.D.!

2046 days ago


come on...
this addict has had nothing but trouble most of his career...
if he is stooping that low then he is definitely back on the crack!!

2046 days ago


Verizon eww idiot next time rob the sprint store dummy this shows your're Village Idiot pal.

2045 days ago

Jesus Effing Christ    

I thought this guy was DEAD!

2045 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

He did xxx thats a noonoo unless you live in vanny CA.Snobs don`t write at TMZ

2045 days ago


Tom Sizemore, what a sleeze. Some people never grow up or face reality. A wonderful, substantial person like Natasha Richardson loses her life being a good mother, spending time with her son. Yet this fool, lives to humiliate his poor parents. What a low life. He belongs with O.J. (the butcher) in jail w/o access to normal people and their property.

2045 days ago


I can't imagine this poor man being involved in anything like this. He has always been such a straight-up guy who never caused any trouble and never did anything wrong. OH WAIT! Tom SIZEMORE?? Oh. Forget what I said.

2045 days ago


This guy is broke. All the money he gets is owed to a bunch of people. It's totally believable that he would steal phones with his buddy Sal.

2044 days ago

He must be stupid. That company is sorry, they purchased Altel with their sorry service, charge way too much and have the worst personnel in Windstream. Someone needs to help them reorganize. Sizemore, try Sprint or AT&T.

2044 days ago


Tom is talented and smart. Everyone has been guilty of one thing or another in their lives. Some people are just used in this LIFE to stand as a mirror as you look at yourself.

Tom Sizemore, You or Me are all here for a purpose.

Tom's is just a purpose that only a strong man like him can live through and put up with ignorant mortal comments like you all.

2040 days ago
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