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Bush Would Have Been Skewered for Obama Joke

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama made fun of the handicapped last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He was making a joke about his bad bowling skills, but here's the question: If George W. Bush had said the same thing, would people be lashing out more? If so, why?

Barack Obama: Click to watch
By the way, Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor from Michigan, has bowled three perfect games of 300. Yes he can!

UPDATE -- The Special Olympics has released this statement.


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2045 days ago


My child has special needs and i do not find that offensive... At all...

2045 days ago


Everyone knows there is a HUGE double standard when it comes to the treatment of republicans and democrats by the media. I bet this won't get any buzz at all whereas I really believe if George Bush would have said the same thing, there would be a huge media backlash. It's just the tired old reality of how things are.

2045 days ago


If Bush had said this people would be in an absolute uproar! Obama is an idiot.

2045 days ago


Society is getting to "sensitive" over jokes ... hell i tell my husband he rode the "SHORT BUS" to school all the time...ITS A FKN JOKE AMERICA get over it move on. GO OBAMA

2045 days ago


I think it's time he stop trying to be a celebrity and start trying to be president.

2045 days ago


This country would be a better place to live if people would lighten up and stop looking for things to be offended about.

2045 days ago


Completely inappropriate comment for the President of the United States to make that "joke". He isn't a comedian, he should've never gone there. But, he's Obama and apparently can do no wrong.

2045 days ago

Her Soul Mate    

Because Obama can tell a better lie then Bush.

2045 days ago

Daytona Girl    

As President he has to be very careful with what he says. This shouldn't be a "black or white" issue. What he said was demeaning to people. He should offer an apology to the handicapped and be held accountable for his actions in public. What he jokes about in private is his concern ... but as President he needs to set a higher standard when in the public eye.

2045 days ago


"Made fun of the handicapped"? Ironic that TMZ is criticizing the Prez for his insensitive comments when TMZ labels people with disabilities as "handicapped."

Anyway, as the President, Obama should have stayed away from such a comment. I'm a rather liberal person, but when I first heard of his comment, I cringed.

2045 days ago


Obama was just talking about his wife. Michelle does look like she has special needs...especially in the face department and in the big fat ass department.

2045 days ago


I Agree that it IS A JOKE... BUT If Bush Would have said it, they would of jumped all over him for it. Obama has done many things that the media and America would Lash out on Bush over. It's a double standard. I'm just Happy that Obama has done sooo much and stuck to all of his promises so far that everyone that worshiped him about to get him where he is... oh wait, Nevermind.

2045 days ago


Obama is an ass.

2045 days ago


I agree with those who say that, had Pres. Bush made this joke, people would be out there, lambasting the man and asking that he fry, however, because it is Barack Obama, well, he can do no wrong, can he? It is a disgusting comment all the same, and there should be no double standard.

As for those who have ID'd themselves as parents of a handicapped child--I pity you, because you have no concept of what is offensive. And when your child is a victim of an offensive joke elsewhere, you'll have no leg to stand on--after all, Barack Obama can make a joke just as offensive, and you actually find it funny! Pathetic, really.

2045 days ago
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