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Special Olympics Champ to Barack: Bring it On!

3/20/2009 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bowling phenom in the Special Olympics has just challenged Prez Barack Obama to a White House roll-off ... and he'll probably kick Barack's butt.

Barack Obama

Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor who has bowled three perfect 300 games, tells TMZ that the Prez has to score a lot higher than 129 to beat him. Kolan says he bowls an average of 266.

Play VideoKolan -- who works at a grocery store in Ann Arbor, Mich. -- said he'd love to go to the White House to beat Barack on his own lane. Kolan said, "He's cool, but he can't beat me."

We posed the challenge to the White House. They said "no comment."

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"no comment."
The TelePrompter must have had the day off.......

2045 days ago


I doubt the guy carries a 266 average, but "regular" bowling averages are not comparable to PBA averages.

For open and league bowling, oil is distributed on the lane in a way that makes it easier to get strikes -- heavier oil to the inside and lighter to the outside. If you use the fingertip grip that puts lots of spin on the ball, and line up your shot to the transition point in the oil, then the oil gives you a margin of error. If you throw the ball too much to the inside, it goes through more oil and doesn't hook as much; if you throw the ball too much to the outside it hits a drier part of the lane and hooks more. If you're lined up properly, you can throw the ball slightly too much left or right and still have a good shot at a strike.

For PBA games, the oil is reversed -- heavier on the outside and drier on the inside. If you miss a little to the outside, the ball hits the heavy oil and never comes back in. If you miss a little to the inside, you are on the dry part of the lane and the ball hooks way past where it should go. In effect: they intentionally screw up the lanes to make it harder to bowl, for the PBA players.

I've bowled in leagues with guys who carried averages in the 230 to 235 range, who could not make a living in the PBA, even though their league average is well above the best average in the PBA.

2045 days ago


Presidents should know better than to make jokes at the expense of others who have disabilities or conditions that cannot be changed. Obama acts like he is your buddy- but he isn't- he is the PRESIDENT. It is becoming obvious that he has little idea of what he is doing. And this is a shocking example of media bias in covering him, which is dangerous for all of us. USATODAY didn't even MENTION what he said. If Bush had said it, the media would have screamed for days. Instead, the media is chatting about his little vegetable garden, as if this was the great depression and no one had food. Ridiculous. He shouldn't be on the Tonight Show, he should be investigating Barney Frank and Pelosi and Dodd for the fannie freddie mess that started all of this.

2045 days ago


Well of course he didn't mean any offense.

Like the other day at work I made a clueless boneheaded idiotic mistake, and I said "wow, that was Obama level thinking there". I wasn't meaning to disparage Obama, his thinking, or the good people at the White House who give him a chance to do his best and shine every day (though maybe a slightly less important job for someone of his caliber next time guys?).

Of course I wasn't saying anything about Obama, just that my level of incompetence with my stupid mistake was his average level of competence in day-to-day activities... not insulting at all. Oh wait, I'm exhibiting "Obama level thinking" again aren't I?

... Oh, and "Posted at 10:26AM on Mar 20th 2009 by MommyWhatsADoucheBag?"

"...it's like like he tried to to an impression of a tard or anything!"

Are you familiar with the term "water head" for hydroencephalitus (water on the brain)? Did you catch his mocking the possible movements of a dog that Leno misrepresented as a Portuguese Water Head? You know, when he was doing an impression of a tard... oh wait, that was what you said he didn't do.

Maybe he didn't understand the offensiveness of that statement... but he really got stuck in that tar baby didn't he?

Wait, is that insensitive? Damn, more "Obama level" thinking for me... I'm just having an awful day. Keep me away from anything sharp.

2045 days ago


My son has participated in Special Olympics for 20 years. PEOPLE LIGHTEN UP. Although I cringed (and e-mailed President Obama directly) when I heard his comment I do not think it was said with malice toward persons with disabilities. I am sure everyone on my son's bowling team would be very proud to let President Obama participate in their league.
Let's move on.

2045 days ago

Linda Mott    

He should take the challenge and make lemonade out of lemons.

2045 days ago


This administration is the Special Olympics. (I mean no disrespect to the Special Olympics)

2045 days ago


Get over you morons. I am sure in your own weeeeeee world you have said something off base. Stop being a hipocrit.People are so politicaly correct it is so assinine now a-days.

2045 days ago


President Obama is the joke...2 months already feels like 3 years, and the worse is yet to come. God help us.

2045 days ago

Tiger Tale    

I bet Kolan's Economic Stimulus Plan would have been better too!

2045 days ago


He should invite him to the White House. That would be the best form of humility and humbleness.

I love Obama, but didn't like that comment last night.

2045 days ago


Amazing story and video! Good for Kolan's mother who got him involved in something he could excel at!!! Thanks so much for posting, TMZ! This is the reason that you do not make jokes like you did, Mr. President! There are many, many Special Olympians that are amazing athletes and they shouldn't be looked down upon or stereotyped. I certainly think Kolan should be invited to bowl at the White House!

2045 days ago


That Special Olympics remark was freakin' hysterical!! This nation is positively FULL of overly-sensative babies who whine at the littlest g'damn thing. Don't know if the appearance itself will turn out to be good or bad - kinda bizarre for a sitting pres to be on a late-night comedy type show (considering our current national condition) BUT, on the other hand, maybe if citizens see him laughing & being more upbeat, they will begin to feel a little more confident in the US, which can only be a good thing.

2045 days ago


Cute ;)

It's nice that we now have a President who the worst thing they do is make a slightly off color joke. Remember the last guy? He took a crap on the constitution, lied us into an unneeded war, and ruined the world's economy.

2045 days ago


Obama is a retard without his teleprompter.

2045 days ago
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