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iPhone App Lets You Become iSully

3/24/2009 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If even one person died during that amazing airplane landing on the Hudson River in January, this would be the most tasteless thing ever. But everyone was fine, so instead it's an iPhone game.


One of the top flight simulator programs around has released a game where you take on the roll of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger by forcing you to make an emergency landing in the Hudson. The plane actually suffers engine failure as the result of a bird strike and -- are you ready for this??? -- features the actual audio communication between air traffic control and US Airways Flight 1549.

Flight school is expensive, but the app is only 99 cents.


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No wonder, huh John?    

I'd rather play a game depicting a plane crash where NO ONE DIES and the pilots are regarded as heroes than say, be a blood sucking pseudo-journalist that make a living off of stalking America's entertainment stars spitting our obscene questions at the most inappropriate times and then trying to pass off every day feminine gossip as actual news.

2042 days ago

Michael Graham    

JDilla Music Maker Applications,,,You 2 Can Be Jay DEE Applications,,,,

2042 days ago

Michael Graham    

Hi Ms.Yancey,,,,,

2042 days ago


No one died!! The man is a hero. I think its an honor.........

2042 days ago


What's next? The Chris Brown application?

2042 days ago


It's true no one died but some suffered serious injuries, including one of the flight attendants. Not to mention the post-traumatic stress.

2042 days ago


"take on the roll of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger?"

Um, it's role, not roll (do you guys have any proofreaders?) This is
a Perez Hilton-quality error. I'd expect better from TMZ.

2042 days ago

stars are stoopid    

what's next? WWI and II video games?!!

2042 days ago

Ben's getting taken to the cleaners    

Get over yourself people! It's a freaking game!

Is it in poor taste when you play a video game shooting down dirty japs from WW II?

If you want to make this game more realistic .. show a black man jumping into the water and trying to swim.

Now that will be funny!

2042 days ago


While I do think the game is tasteless to a certain extent, isn't it ironic that TMZ posted a story about bad taste? Don't get me wrong, I come to the site nightly to get my celebrity scoop, but come on. TMZ having the audacity to try and "out" people for being tasteless is like Gloria Allred trying to do the same thing to a fame wh*re.

2042 days ago


I PHONE AND THERE F*ING APPS, They love to charge people out the ass for this kind of stuff befor you know it Your bills a 150 a month with i phone

2042 days ago


iPhone also has Ouija board software you can download for your phone according a rep from twitter! Very disturbing and disgusting! I'm glad I dont have the iPhone!

2042 days ago


DISGUSTING. Yeah, nobody was killed, but think of the terror those poor people had to endure. And some loser is making money off of a GAME based on this horrible incident? People are so horrid. Only in America. Land of the insensitive, home of the unbelievably tacky.

2041 days ago

trieu pham    

i just launched a new iphone app called iNap@Work. Some may find humor in this !

2025 days ago


Get Real Flight Simulator with 20,000 of the World's Real

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1380 days ago
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