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Allred Trashes Octo -- Claims She Sucks in Private

3/25/2009 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The media war is getting nastier between Nadya Suleman and Gloria Allred -- with the cutthroat lawyer going on the "CBS Early Show" this morning to accuse OctoMom of only "burping, changing and loving" the babies "when the cameras are rolling!"

Gloria Allred: Click to watch
Suleman just fired Angels in Waiting, who Allred reps, for allegedly filing a report against her with child welfare officials -- something Gloria says the nurses are "required" to do.

We hear there are a few porn stars who might be willing to take their place ...


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who has the facts? ME    

This situation is really getting out of control.
It will not end well...

2004 days ago


Doesn't anyone remember when this woman tried to do the same thing to Britney? Gloria Allred is a joke that most of the legal community would be ashamed to call a colleague. All she cares about is getting her name in the press. Furthermore, I agree with those who've commented that as long as someone is taking care of her kids, thats all that matters. With 14 kids ( too late to change it, and wont help by splitting them up now that there has been so much media attention) there is not enough time in a day for her to constantly be hands on with all of them. This womans life has done a 360 in the last few months, people seem to want to forget that.

2004 days ago


Liberal Obama Lover #12 I LOVE YOUR SARCASAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004 days ago


I think Gloria needs to MIND HER OWN DAMN BUSINESS!! My god, she got involved in this to begin with just to get her face in the news again. Leave the woman alone! If it were 2 parents who had these kids together, nobody would care! God I'd call this harrassment if anything! Look at the shows on TV, Table for 12, 17 and Counting, Jon and Kate plus 8, Do they have Gloria stuck up their a*sses?! Give the woman some space, some slack and I think Gloria Allred needs to find a man or a hobby to keep her busy!

2004 days ago


#16 Fatty I wanna Party with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are soooooooo on my favorite poster list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004 days ago


I totally am behind Gloria Allred..she sent in capable help and I believe her when she says Nayda only snuggles the babies in front of the camera. Dr. Phil played a pivitol role in ensuring that Nadya received public sympathy and Gloria stepped in with Nadya has been busted and Gloria is not responsible for this woman who is clear inept and psychotic but did take the time to ensure the safety of these babies. These kids need to be removed before one of them dies. Gloria, you did your best..don't defend your actions, your nurse has a code of ethics to follow and Nadya is going with people who will probably keep their mouths shut as to what is really going on in there..Get her Gloria. Don't let this go because their are loving famiilies out there who will take the time to love these children. Nadya has become what she has always wanted wealth and fame...unfortunately, she falls under the category of OJ Simpson and others who are famous for the bad they do..not the good.

2004 days ago


I went to a website for the State of California's children and family servicesdivision ( I was able complete an online email form to send to them (left column under contacts).

I requested that the State of California actively deal with the octuplets' situation as an emergency situation.

Nadya is mentally ill. There is no other answer. Her behavior since those babies were conceived is indicative of mental illness.

I urge everyone to go to the State of California's website for children and family services division ( and do what I did. That is about all we can do collectively, and maybe the State will get its act in gear to deal with this very serious situation.

Keeping the family together at all costs should NOT be the State of California's goal. Surely they care about the welfare of all Nadya's kids not only for now but in the future. How can they grow up in a healthy way mentally and physically with all the CHAOS in that horrible home?

2004 days ago


While I don't like or approve of what Octomom has done...Allred also had NO right to do what she did in refusing to leave the house. I personally think Octomom intended all along to immediately dismiss the nannies...BUT Allred had NO RIGHT to refuse to leave a private residence, it is NOT her home. Allred is definitely overstepping her boundaries...she should know better than anyone else how to deal with the situation legally, so why not do that? What she was doing was trespassing. However, I'm sure that Octomom also is not and cannot raise all of these children on her own...and now that she's fired the volunteer nannies (who were "spying"...never mind that they might actually voice a real opinion)...there is NO possible way she can tend to these children properly and DHS SHOULD STEP IN.

2004 days ago



2004 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Patience, brothers and sisters, patience...
The long, screaming nightmare will soon be over...

2004 days ago


to What Is Wrong With You-- well said! You are right on the money

2004 days ago


Whatever Gloria tried to do about Britney Spears was warranted.. Britney was out of her mind and the kids were definately in danger while around her. I won't ever condemn anyone who is trying to ensure the best interest of children are paramount so whether it be Gloria Allred or any other person (high profile or not) if they are there and the keep the nation focused on a situation that is going to eventually explode..then sobeit..So it's Gloria..thank god it's someone because it wasn't or isn't dr. phil. He is clearly now about the ratings and manipulating his own viewers to garner sympathy for Nadya and only when his viewers turn against him will he do an about face and start advocating that these children need to be removed. If something happens to these kids..dr. phil should feel some responsibility.

2004 days ago


How can you senseless people defend this psychopath who is, ultimately, going to fall on her face while choking on her own psycho-babble? Although I don't always agree with Gloria Allred, It was through Allred and AIW that all of these children had the best chance for survival and a relatively decent life during the all-important first year of life.

She's a pig who has had plastic surgery in an attempt to look like Angelina-Jolie and has been unemployed and living off welfare all these years while using expensive in vitro treatments to impregnate, inflating insurance costs through the use and abuse of Kaiser Insurance, taxpayers of California to support their substandard lifestyle, and a mother whom she treats disrespectfully even though she has raised the first seven children.

The financial rug needs to be pulled completely out from under her so that her dad is forced to take her and all those kids to the Middle East with him and marry her off to some harem where the guy will treat her the way she deserves to be treated for having all these children and making a mockery out of the State of California and American taxpayers.

2004 days ago

idaho potato    

Oh please!!! Madonna isn't a 'hands on" mom. Take her kids away. Mrs. Obama isn't a "hands on" mom and her husband is too busy running the country to assist at the moment, so give her two kids to foster care.

There has to be legit reports with hard evidence of neglect or abuse for children to be taken away from their mother, father, and/or family. Nadya hasn't been seen in public in days, so stop saying she's running around instead of being at home. Last time I think she was in public was when she took her older kids to the park and the four babies were at home were with their nannies.

Allred is Allhotair.

2004 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Ironic that it'll take a media whore to take another media whore down.

2004 days ago
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