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Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together

3/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "My husband ain't divorcin' me" like a dinner for two at Mr. Chow -- so amid rumors of a possible split, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple had a very public date night last night in Beverly Hills.

Jon & Kate: Click to watch
When asked about their relationship, Kate Gosselin told our camera "We're good."


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Sebastian Stoker    

Kate is an example of one of my biggest pet peeves - women who rudely correct other people's grammar or vocabulary when theirs is far from perfect. Sadly Chelsea Lately is another one. Still love YA Chelsea.

2040 days ago


I think Jon's unhappy with the show and Kate wants to continue. Their problems have more to do with deciding whether or not to stay on tv. Kate likes the limelight and the opportunities it brings her and the kids. Jon doesn't like the limelight and clearly wants out...of the show!

2040 days ago


I'm supposed to care why??

2040 days ago


WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO BE A CELEBRITY???? ugh They couldn't just stay home with their kids, they HAD to come to Hollywood.

2040 days ago


Jon and Kate? Must've been a slow night. But yea she is a crazy bitch he needs to leave her.

2040 days ago

Carrys F.    

Who cares? They should change the name of the show to Jon and Kate + 8 + all the free stuff we get now.

2040 days ago

Carrys F.    

I really stopped watching the show after the episode where she made Jon organize the garage. Then she sends out more than half the kids. So he's out there working on the garage/watching the kids, which was CLEARLY overwhelming him to do both. Then they did a shot of her inside drinking coffee and complaining about being tired. Then what does she do? She has the NERVE to go outside and yell at Jon because HE"S NOT WORKING FAST ENOUGH!! She is just not a nice person to her husband. But, he's a fool to let her talk to him like that. My husband, a real man, would NEVER allow me to disrespect him like that, especially on tv. ANd you know what? I wouldn't disrespect my husband like that. They deserve each other, if you ask me.

2040 days ago


Tanya...You hit that on the head.....Go Home and raise your family,Kate you just think you are toooooo cute,Look at your scowl and his smile....Hey mabee they were in town for an appt. with DR PHIL or a consult with OCTMOM................HEHEHEHE

2040 days ago


Admitting they are in a rough place is good and they can get help now. They both love the children and I believe they love each other. They want the public to see what it is like to raise multiples and deserve to get paid for their reality show just like anyone else who has one. It helps them support the children. I have not problem with that. As far as eating in LA it is none of our business where they eat and travel. I would think the producers of their show are in LA and they have business meetings there.

2040 days ago

Carrys F.    

Are you smoking something funny for breakfast Jen? THEY are the ones in the spotlight. THEY made a choice to live in front of the cameras. They can't now stop the ride. It's all theirs, my friend. Without their greedy money hungry needs, we'd never even know who they are. THEY bought and paid for this mess. Not me.

2040 days ago

Carrys F.    

Um, #7 (jen) they went to MR. CHOW where the paparazzi hangs out day and night and you're telling people to leave them alone? Seriously. That is the DUMBEST thing I've EVER read on these postings. It's just laughable to expect the public to ignore them when they are SEEKING the publicity.

2040 days ago


Hmmmm, that's funny - I only have one child yet I don't have the time or CASH to eat at Mr. Chow's!

I guess that's why Octomom thought if she couldn't get famous on her own, she may as well have a million babies. It worked for Jon and they have a free house, plenty of income without having to have an actual job, and it looks like they also get to eat at celebrity hot spots as well...

2040 days ago


While they paid for their own in vitro, Kate very publicly asked for government support for their kids, because she said if the government allows and supports in vitro, the government should support the results - all of those kids. I thought the show was cute until Kate's constant criticism of Jon got to me. That, and the fact she seems to spend very little time as a hands on mom to those kids in the last couple of seasons.

2040 days ago

The Dude    

My wife watches this all the time. when I catch it, I can read his body language, and it pretty much says he doesn't like being on TV for a living. Most guys have to sneak off once in a while to see the friends, drink a beer...whatever...this dude has no life cause he can't ditch the cameras

2040 days ago


I hate them.
I grew up with 9 siblings and being Catholic it was almost like one birth for my mom.
I never remember my mom whining once much less every hour like Kate does. We had one, yes ONE vacation in my years living at home and it was a 3 hour drive from home. Hey Kate my mom was widowed at 36 with 6 kids under 14, married a man with 3 kids and then had one more! I wont mention her miscarriages or the baby that died 2 weeks after birth. Mom has been pregnant at least 10 times and I never in my 50 years heard her complain about kids and doing stuff for us.
We even had ONE bathroom room for 12 people and we survived! Yes we are alive to talk about ONE bathroom!!!
Free vacations, million dollar home and yet Kate still bitches more about her time with the kids than my mom ever did in 50years!
they are a family that expects people to want to help them.
Kate is a whiner and I have no sympathy for her and never will.

2040 days ago
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