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Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together

3/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "My husband ain't divorcin' me" like a dinner for two at Mr. Chow -- so amid rumors of a possible split, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple had a very public date night last night in Beverly Hills.

Jon & Kate: Click to watch
When asked about their relationship, Kate Gosselin told our camera "We're good."


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I love your show and your kids are adorable. Kate, you're sweet but take a chill pill. I'm sure your frustrated but give Jon a break. And you talk about Mady and how she is never happy - look in the mirror, she's just like you - lol! I hope things work out for you and Jon. Please seek help, counseling or whatever - those sweet kids need BOTH of you. Godd Bless you and your wonderful family!!

2003 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about these idiots already. GO AWAY!!!!!!

2003 days ago


What are they doing at Mr. Chow??? Hello??? Screaming for attention. Also, were they DRIVEN there...they didn't even drive themselves???

2003 days ago

Oh Fer Sure    

People...if you were true fans of the show you would know that there wasn't any rough spot in their relationship! The rough spot was Jon not handling the "fame aspect" of the show very well. Apparently he is thinking about not continuing the show, but personally I think it's all a ratings ploy by the producers. I still love the show anyway!

2003 days ago

Sue Wong    

What's wrong with regular people getting free handouts. They deserved it more than celebrities who get lots. I tried to watch this show for 5 mins and I had to change the channel. WHY WHY WHY WOULD YOU WATCH IT?

2003 days ago


I love them. They’re probably in Hollywood for business, you know they have interviews and other things to do with their show. And they’re not whoring out their kids, this was a great opportunity for them to be able to support the kids and themselves comfortably and they’re very successful with it. Good for them. They are great parents, I don’t know how they do it and keep they’re cool—cameras, crew & all. Such lovely children AND adorable too. I think it’s funny how Kate talks to Jon sometimes, reminds me of my boyfriend and I. Jon is used of it and gets it, it probably does get annoying, but I’m sure everyone who is posting nasty comments has completely perfect marriages.
I don’t like that they’re on TMZ though…that’s just asking for trouble.

2003 days ago

Oh Fer Sure    

What I don't understand is why all the reality TV loving people ask for all of these personal insights of people's lives again and again and then decide they don't like it and beg for it to be taken off. Reality is reality. You're never going to get along with everyone, nor will you like everyone's personality. Get over it! Go watch How I Met Your Mother or something.

2003 days ago


Financially struggling - my ass!!! Does Mr. Chow accept coupons because that's the only way Queen Katie Irene would eat there. These two are such grifters it makes my stomach turn.

2003 days ago


I stopped watching the show. Got tired of Kate bossing everybody around, especially Jon. Don't they live in PA anymore? Fame and big houses went to her head which wasn't screwed on right before - its worse now.

2003 days ago


Yay, I say cancel the show and let them step out of the spotlight and into reality. Give Jon what he wants for once. I'm sure Kate could line something up business wise to still exploit the family....more books, occasional talk show appearances, etc. However, I'm rather certain it's one of the highest rated shows on TLC, therefore, I doubt they'll willingly drop it, it'd have to be Jon's call. I agree...take a look in the mirror Kate, Maddy is just like you happiness wise, bossyness wise, etc. And I can't stand that you don't let them get dirty, good god, you're making them miss the joys of being a kid for pete's sake. I'm personally suprised you even let them have swimming lessons.

2003 days ago


Kate is a total bitchy snob .....
Jon is a wimp ....
End of story!

2003 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Jenny, you are the one here who is confused. If you thought that was just about the show, you are extremely simple-minded. Jon no longer lives in their Pennsylvania home, he has moved in with his mother a few hours away. He had already moved in with her during the last few episodes of this last season. And, I don't know if you didn't pick up on it by their comments, hon, but most, it not all, of the people here are certainly not "true fans" of the show and don't claim to be.

Kate likes the life they have now, with the cameras and the show and the perks. Jon is unhappy in the marriage and the show, which if you haven't noticed, is now one and the same. Therein lies the problem. I don't think you were paying attention in the last episode. They were very clear. Jon is not even sure if he will be living in the home next "season," much less be able to shoot another season. Kate made it clear she is happy and wants nothing to change. That is what we call an "impasse" and I suppose something this family is going to have to work on.

But, to bury your head in the sand and pretend Jon still lives there is not going to move him back in with her. He lives with his mother, Jenny. And clearly, no one goes to Mr. Chows who doesn't want to be seen. That is exactly where you go when you need to be seen. So, obviously, they have some reason to want to be seen together last night. TMZ has the picture, which means all the paps have it, so their mission was accomplished, for whatever purposes.

2003 days ago

that 'razzo is a RAT.    

I like the show, and I think many people have that sort of relationship. The wife wants everything done right away and properly, she wants her husband to be her partner and do things to help, the guy just wants to hang out and do as little as possible - and it becomes a relationship with this nagging woman and this henpecked man. She's right, but her approach is often ugly, he's lazy and he could do more and take the initiative and be a contributing partner instead of and erstwhile assistant to his wife. It's like "Everybody Loves Raymond" but it's real life, and they have more kids. The kids are adorable, particularly Alexis and Cara - they're sweeties. I wish them well.

2003 days ago


Well I faithfully watched the show for several seasons until Kate let the fame go to her head!! She is too controling.. and very verbal to Jon.. However he had to have know that when he married her.. Too much fame, too much fortune, they need to get back to their normal routine and just raise their family.. Kate Its probably to late to change but i couldnt stand watching you any longer. Please re watch your early shows then go and watch yourself in the later shows.. Get bakckto that wonderful early girrl!!!! you cant split.. for heaven sake all the time that you both have been trying to raise these kids in a family unit and then for them to look back and say if my parrents hadnt have been on that stupid tv show then we would still ba together as a family...

2003 days ago


I wanted to punch this bitch when, at nap time, one of the little guys HAD to sit on his little potty to pee and she shut off the light while he was still sitting there, shut the door and said "Do NOT GET UP UNTIL YOU GO PEE"!!!! WTF YOU BITCH.. WHAT IF HE DIDNT HAVE TO GO PEE FOR 5 MORE HOURS??????? I HATE HER

2003 days ago
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