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Kobe Calls Maid's Poop Claims "Outrageous"

3/25/2009 6:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are striking back at the maid who accused Vanessa of various abuse on the job -- including an alleged incident where the maid was forced to stick her hand into a bag of dog crap.

The Bryant's lawyers, Loeb & Loeb LLP, just released the following statement on behalf of the couple:

We have learned that a former employee of the Bryants, Maria Jimenez, has filed a complaint against our clients. Ms. Jimenez's outrageous allegations of improper conduct are totally unfounded and patently false. The Bryants intend to vigorously defend against these untruthful allegations and are confident that the baseless nature of the allegations will be proven.

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OC hottie    

Vanessa is just insecure.., she is a beautiful woman, ya ll know that! in the oc she is a 6...pretty every day look..
she is out of shape and chunky in the hips and booty..they way all mexican chicks look after they have even one baby, all ass and tummy with big cellulite flabby arms, if she wasnt so busy babysitting kobe maybe home girl could hire a personal trainer and get a tummy tuck, there are world famous drs in Newport...white girls in Newport are fit ..always jogging and hiiting the gym and tennis courts,..and kobe is always on the prowl...he hugs me everytime we run into each other, not flirty, just friends, anyhoo.......I live in Newport Coast, we only have one shopping center, Pavillions, they are always there, no body pays any attention to them, cuz newportes are snobs, LOL! he goes to world class pizza and eats in his RRover, while Vanessa gives all of the white girls her home girl stare down hard looks, with their little girls wearing everything they own on, sweating it up in their lil car seats,,She is still pissed over his cheating ways, she needs to get a life..she can frking shop 24/7 hit fashion island, kobeis going to bounce if she doesnt cut the ball and chain!

1986 days ago

Hey Hey    

What a load of crap. Mex on Mex crime, smh

2036 days ago


I wouldn't mind going deep into Vanessa's poop tank, thats for sho!

2036 days ago


That Vanessa must be a real pain. She probably thinks she deserves since her husband can not stay mongomous. I side with the house keeper.

2036 days ago


Of course that's how they answer the complaint...what are they going to say..."yes, Vanessa is a huge bitch and all must bow at her feet because her HUSBAND (not her) is famous!"

I'm sure the allegations are completely true!!

2036 days ago

Hey Hey    

Vanessa is such a hoe bag, everyone in LA knows about the real Vanessa, she has no need to be stuck up, if it weren't for Kobe she wouldn't be sh*t. She would bring pictures of her and Kobe to school in the clear pocket of her folder and ask classmates "Wanna see a picture of my boyfriend?" as if no one knew who Kobe was Pa-lease, such a gold digger!

2036 days ago


I believe the maid Kobe's wife Vanessa looks like she could and can be a TOTAL BITCH!!! If this did happen Kobe needs to address the situation in a professonial way and Vanessa to get off a high horse and clean up after herself and the children.I dont care how many millions Kobe is worth she has No LiFE of her own...SHE REALLY NEEDS TO STOP BEING A BITCH!!!!!!!!

2036 days ago


and Kobe didn't rape anyone.
who believes anything he says? It is unreal that Guitar Hero acted like this guy was a role model for kids.

2036 days ago

Hey Hey    

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Christina Monique Jackson! I know you hated Vanessa too! her mouth!

2036 days ago


Another example of BS lawsuits. The maid was so traumatized; that she went back to work there. Pleaseeeeeee! This lawsuit is crap, but it will give the Kobe haters a chance to vent. If Kobe is smart he won’t settle out of court. It just opens the door to more idiotic lawsuits.

2036 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Legal version of blah, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, I believe the maid.

2036 days ago


Pft... when someone says the claims are 'totally unfounded' you know there is a kernel of truth.

2036 days ago


Wasn't the rapist boinking vanesse while she was under 18? Why wasn't he charged with that? Oh I forgot he is a black athelete. Same reason for not getting charged with rape. These rich thugs think they can get away with anything. I hope they get to eat a poo sandwich when this goes to court.
Read the Smoking Gun's police deposition on what happened in the rape case and you will know the kind of people they are.

2036 days ago


News Flash..........

Lakers are NBA Champions 2009-2010
and Kobe Bryant MVP

You heard it here 1st on TMZ

Go Lakers!

2036 days ago

ex lax    

kobe just needs to do her an give her some diamonds to keep it quiet!

2036 days ago
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